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Andre Agassi Prep School

Allegations of Racism

2/23/2012 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Andre Agassi College Prep Academy
The Nevada prep school named after and founded by Andre Agassi has been sued by a former biology teacher who claims he was treated like crap and FIRED because he's black.

TMZ has obtained the lawsuit filed by James Holmes Jr. -- who claims he was hired to teach 9th and 10th grade biology at Andre Agassi College Prep Academy in 2005.

According to his suit, things went smoothly for the next 3 years ... until the school hired a new principal in 2008 ... who allegedly favored white teachers.

James claims the principal refused to let him travel to a science conference ... blaming it on budget restraints. But James claims he later discovered the school head DID have funds reserved for other teachers who wanted to attend conferences ... and they all happened to be white.

James also claims the principal denied his request for new lab materials due to budget restraints ... only to find out the lab materials were ordered for two white teachers instead.

According to the suit, James says he filed a complaint with the school ... but officials retaliated by firing his ass and replacing him with a substitute elementary school teacher who wasn't certified to teach science courses.

James is demanding at least $75k in damages. Andre is not personally named in the suit.

A rep for the Academy tells us, "We will aggressively defend the suit because the case is baseless and without any merit."

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Once again every black person is being generalized. To the idiots who use this forum to spout their hatred of black people and the President you should know the President is biracial which means you get to take credit for him also but since the U.S insist on placing everyone who has a touch of black in them as black your ignorance will continue. If you dislike blacks so much why don't you move to the moon. We are not going anywhere and contrary to popular believe a great deal of us are educated and like you we are different from one another just like you are, so stop generalizing it only shows what you already know about yourself and that is you are jealous, ignorant and angry about your life. You are looking to blame a black. By the way idiot, you are proof that racism is alive and well in the U.S, it has not ended and it will not end. This of course is thanks to people like you who think we are all the same and that we are all ignorant, stop buying into the media nonsense. We are not all the same I am an American who happens to be black and I love my country, its too bad you don't why don't you go where you think others are like you and get a new life because you can't have the one you want here since blacks are ruining your all but pitiful life as you claim.

981 days ago


There more white people on welfare than blacks , get your facts straight. Majority of drug users are white but for what ever reason more blacks are in jail,you all complaining about to much black men with a lot of babies, well white women are one of the major reason why this is happening, too much white women looking for a well packed brother. Take that to your grave.

981 days ago


When all else fails. Blame da white man.

981 days ago


Treated like crap & fired because you’re black? This is 2012 & schools/companies are overly sensitive to race, gender, & orientation due to lame-ass lawsuits filed & won. What is the most likely reason (as a teacher) to be treated like crap & fired from your teaching job? Maybe you suck as a teacher & being black is the best thing you have going for you. Andre Agassi College Prep Academy isn't the LA Unified School District who has to keep bad teachers (black, white, or gay) in fear of being sued for letting them go cause they are lame. GIVE ME A BREAK!

981 days ago


Wow! I sure hope you guys saying that racism claims are b*llsh*t and that Black folk are always acting victimized never end up sitting on any juries...
Have you read the comments here?? If you think Black people are trash, own it.
But if you think racism isn't real, you must have some kind intellectual disability.

981 days ago


Wow I didn't realize there were so many white trailer trash racists visiting the tmz site. Maybe you guys need a history lesson, oh wait all the evil stuff white people have done in history isn't taught in school anymore. Everywhere white people have gone in history they have raped, pillaged, killed, and just took the F over. Remember the Native Americans? Do you think the black people asked to come over here and build American for the fat lazy white people? No they were forced! Anyone who says racism doesn't exist today is a Racist and your a shining example of that with your racist comments! Don't judge anyone until you have walked in their shoes.

981 days ago


Racism will never go away because if it did, the blacks wouldn't have anything to cry about when things don't go their way. I'm sure there is still racism, blacks as well as whites, but it isn't as wide spread as it appears. A good business man wants the best person for the job and it doesn't matter what colour they are. Just because you don't get a job or get fired from your job don't cry that it's racism.

981 days ago


"White people in america never experience racism"

"everytime a black person sues for racism you dumb whites always say its teh race card"

Oh.. the irony.. haha..

981 days ago


"baseless and without any merit"? This from an educator.

981 days ago


Bottomline, discrimination is WRONG! PERIOD! In the end, it doesn’t matter what Race, Religion, Creed, Color, Size, Shape or Gender, because when one sits on a toilet every ******* looks the same.

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and if the Plaintiff has concrete evidence, then let justice be served.

981 days ago


Blacks get into Harvard with lower SAT scores than Asians or Whites "because they're black"

981 days ago


it's a shame blacks are always playing the race card. maybe you're a bad teacher, maybe you are an a**hole to your students, their parents, and your fellow teachers. Every time a black plays the racism card, they are hurting the ground gained over the last 50+ years. You also saying it's racism only makes you look like a degenerate and you are the one being racist. Blacks are far more racist than whites any day of the week. They feel entitled to stuff only because they are black and their ancestors were slaves...guess what there are a sh*t ton of peoples ancestors who were slaves...Jews were enslaved, Chinese were enslaved, Europeans way back in the day were enslaved during wars. Every culture, every race, every creed has been a victim of slavery. The only difference is everyone else can get over it. It's time for blacks to get over it too. It was 150 years people...grow up and move on with your lives! Work hard and keep your nose to the grindstone. Don't rely on the "racist" whites to help you with your welfare, get up off your a** and WORK! You'll feel a sense of pride when you accomplish something on your own instead of waiting for a government hand out. Every black that plays the racist card is themselves a racist.

981 days ago


Before anyone berates the folks that call BS on his story, let me remind you of this.....Do you see ANY white people on television talking about their race? Do you hear white people in conversation saying something about white this or that? NOPE! Now, do you hear black people saying black this, black that? YEP! It's become sickening to listen to black people, especially those who have a public forum speak about their race. THEY have kept racism alive by being racist! That's a fact. Bill Cosby said it best when he said, "Grow up, act and dress like an adult if you want to be treated as an equal." There isn't anyone more racist than a black person in this country these days. I could go on and on, but the point wouldn't be received by people any more than what I just said.

This guy just needs to move on with life. Let's hear the other side of the story. Maybe he asks for unreasonable things. Maybe he asks every other day for something, but as soon as he doesn't get what he wants, BOOM....the racism card gets played. My guess......that's the story.

981 days ago


If this man was doing the job he was hired to do, his color wouldn't have held him back in any way, shape or form. He claims he was denied funds for conference trips and lab supplies but "knows" they were given to white teachers instead. Does he do the bookkeeping at the school as well? How would he know how funds were disbursed, other than not to him? Wish there was a teacher who could teach a class on NOT throwing down the race card every time you don't get your way and happen to be black. We have a black man sitting in the White House, there are NO LAWS holding black people down or behind. Blacks can go to college just like anyone else and there's plenty of federal funding to do it. Obviously this man managed to get an education despite being black. His quarrel seems to be he saw "free money" for trips and things and felt he wasn't getting his share. What were his employee evaluations like? Was he doing a good job? Seems if he was the parents of his students would be rallying around him. Or is he claiming everyone connected with the school are racist -- except him, of course. Could we all chip in and buy him a hanky so he can blow his nose and get on with his life without the "they hate me 'cause I'm black" monkey off his back.

981 days ago


And black people wonder why no one wants to hire them. The second they don't get what they want they whine, cry racism and file a lawsuit. The Agassi school gives FREE education to mostly minority kids, I hardly believe they would be racist towards their teachers.

981 days ago
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