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Andre Agassi Prep School

Allegations of Racism

2/23/2012 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Andre Agassi College Prep Academy
The Nevada prep school named after and founded by Andre Agassi has been sued by a former biology teacher who claims he was treated like crap and FIRED because he's black.

TMZ has obtained the lawsuit filed by James Holmes Jr. -- who claims he was hired to teach 9th and 10th grade biology at Andre Agassi College Prep Academy in 2005.

According to his suit, things went smoothly for the next 3 years ... until the school hired a new principal in 2008 ... who allegedly favored white teachers.

James claims the principal refused to let him travel to a science conference ... blaming it on budget restraints. But James claims he later discovered the school head DID have funds reserved for other teachers who wanted to attend conferences ... and they all happened to be white.

James also claims the principal denied his request for new lab materials due to budget restraints ... only to find out the lab materials were ordered for two white teachers instead.

According to the suit, James says he filed a complaint with the school ... but officials retaliated by firing his ass and replacing him with a substitute elementary school teacher who wasn't certified to teach science courses.

James is demanding at least $75k in damages. Andre is not personally named in the suit.

A rep for the Academy tells us, "We will aggressively defend the suit because the case is baseless and without any merit."

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Vegas Libra    

This is just complete BS.....seriously. That school does wonderful things for the children in the community. Disadvantaged children. To make these false allegations just distracts from the great things they do. Does anyone know what percentage of the students at this school are minorities??? About 95%. So, these allegations are just BS.

882 days ago


Excuse me that was my teacher. Unfortuanley the new principal we have has been quite different. He had been there for a long time and my 8th grade year she came. Things changed, we recieved alot of stuck up teachers, almost all the original teachers stopped coming or were "fired". It's my senior year and most of our staff is white where it was alost even at first. So it's not a race card, i'm a student i have witnessed the actions.

882 days ago

Higher Education    

I can say that I know from a working relationship with this school that this is actually true. If you really want to know all of the fallout from this school - go to the web and see all the scandals that were involved. There's way more to this and I can't wait to see what comes of it. The principal named in this suit quit in 2010...That says enough!!! Not only that the Chancellor stepped down, the school has been through several different administrators, supplies are ordered and hidden from people. How would a school that raises millions of dollars a year not have a few hundred dollars to send a teacher to a conference... way more to the story folks - it will soon unfold.

878 days ago

karthik shivaji    

lol at the racists and ******* talking about hanky this and hanky that typing with 2 inch arms that would break in half if it swatted a mosquito, seriously a lot of you americans are NOT TOUGH, so don't lie about life or this economy for that matter. do you say that in between eating ice cream with french fries or inbetween drinking pop and watching american idol? how many of you even served in the military? i get offended by these wannabe internet tough people who couldn't do **** in real life crying and saying wah wah wah wah wah about a teacher they don't even know about or his story and projecting their insecurities, i'm sure some of you who actually have a family and are not jerking off to porn in your trailer park, have consoled your child or returning war veteran if they legit shed manly tears of their loved ones lost. the story says he complained not because he had a dispute, but of INTELLECTUAL REASONS, he wanted more lab materials, and wanted to go to conferences. what does that have to do with excuses? that sounds very legit to me. would you complain in the army, if your black NCO sergeant wanted good kevlar body armor for you before you went to the combat zone? i hope some of you do complain, you can make the world a better place by contributing your dead body as fossil fuel for gasoline. actually a lot of you online racists can.

836 days ago


White people never experience racism? Get real. I'm white and I work in a primarily hispanic and black school, students and staff. I experience it everyday. The other day the white teachers were the only ones who were not invited to help at Black History Month. I have a group of black students that go around and say that they hate white women and that they "can't be trusted." On top of that, do you know how many bad looks and rude treatment I get everyday from black women? There is reverse racism.

826 days ago
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