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'Biggest Loser '

The Show Must Go On ...


2/23/2012 12:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The "Biggest Loser" has trimmed some serious fat ... TMZ has learned TWO of the contestants who walked off the set this week have been cut loose for good ... and the show will continue without them.

TMZ has obtained photos taken today at the "Loser" ranch ... where production has resumed following a mass mutiny this week. TMZ broke the story ... several competitors stormed off the show in protest after getting word about a possible game "twist" that would give previously eliminated losers a shot at the $250k prize.

Sources connected to the show tell us ... producers are considering using the mutiny as a story point.

NBC is still refusing to comment on the situation.


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I think these contestants have lost sight of the reason they are there. To lose weight and get healthy. I feel sorry for other people who would love to be on the show for that reason, but are not chosen. The ones that were chosen this season seem to be mostly whiners who don't want to work at getting slim and healthy.

942 days ago


this is so press because their ratings are in the pooper...give it up.. how about trying to give people who want to loose weight information instead of reasons to spend money on "the biggest looser" everything... its all marketing folks...

942 days ago


To me the show is wanting to keep the drama going by continuing to bring back people.This has been done already and they need to move on now!! With that said,the contestants are there to get healthy not keep drama going,

942 days ago


conda isnt the one who left.they would make sure to keep her.havnt any of you learned from watching these so called reality shows.that for some reason the douche bags always manage to never get voted off no matter how hateful they are.its all for ratings and ratings only.

942 days ago


Nah, I think NBC is watching the boards on the net and seeing how hated Condo is. It will make for great ratings when she walks off the show! I'm sure they are editing the commericals for the show as I type this. I just hope she's not allowed to go to the reunion. I'm not sure who the 2nd person is going to be though. Hopefully Kimmy, but maybe her brother.

942 days ago


Bye Bye Conda and Kim......Good riddance!!!

942 days ago


I have a feeling it's not the group currently being broadcast --- it's probably for an upcoming season. But the fact that the producers are thinking of using the protest as a plot point is exactly the reason I don't like this show. It's supposed to be about weight loss, but they want drama queens, conflict, and silly gameplay.

942 days ago


Please let it be Kim... And just because the rest of the remaining contestants have been behaving like A Holes too, let them have a major disadvantage this episode. Or something like...The contestants brought back get a head start if it's a race challenge.

942 days ago


Their show, their rules. Don't like it, then die a fat death!

To me it's a shame that these people are all about the money instead of thinking about bettering their health and lives.

While I do not watch the show, I for one am glad to see them go.

942 days ago

Fat Mike    

All fat people are self-absorbed. This doesn't exactly come as a surprise.

942 days ago


I don't understand the people who are saying that the producers had no right to bring back old contestants. 1) It's their show and they can do whatever they want with it. 2) It's been done time and time again, happens almost every season - why is this such a big deal now?
I say let the contestants walk. They're on reality tv for goodness sake, who do they think they are? How entitled can some people possibly be? Like the show won't go on!
Maybe next season they could take away the monetary prize for the winner and get people on the show who want to be there for the right reasons. Give the winner something else - like gym memberships, healthy groceries for a year or two, active hoidays for the family... something other than money. Everybody can see that the prize money is turning the show into a big joke - throwing weigh ins, walk offs... time to change the format.

942 days ago


I don't want the money, I just want to lose weight. Can I replace the people who walked off the show?

942 days ago


Pleeeeeezzzzzzzzz let it be that good for nothing trouble makers, Conda & her dumb ass brother. They make everyone sick and nothing but a bunch of bullies!

942 days ago


sooooooo the "loser" contestants thought they could throw their weight around...but, they found out that they dont carry much weight w the show, eh? HAAAAAAAAA cmon that was funny.

942 days ago

Conda Needs to GO!    

Conda is a despicable human being, borderline personality disorder and, despite her babies daddy, a ragging racist by appearances, please if there is a god, let he be some of the fat trimmed off.

942 days ago
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