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'Biggest Loser '

The Show Must Go On ...


2/23/2012 12:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The "Biggest Loser" has trimmed some serious fat ... TMZ has learned TWO of the contestants who walked off the set this week have been cut loose for good ... and the show will continue without them.

TMZ has obtained photos taken today at the "Loser" ranch ... where production has resumed following a mass mutiny this week. TMZ broke the story ... several competitors stormed off the show in protest after getting word about a possible game "twist" that would give previously eliminated losers a shot at the $250k prize.

Sources connected to the show tell us ... producers are considering using the mutiny as a story point.

NBC is still refusing to comment on the situation.


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Embarrassing for these two who got kicked off the show. They will forever be remembered as the bullies/whiners on Biggest Loser. Not a label they should be proud of.

981 days ago

lisa rooney    

The producers have the right to do whatever they please on the show. You (the contestants) are very lucky to have been chosen amongst the many who would do anything to be on that ranch. You do not make the rules and if you don't like them ....go home. The show could change your life. Keep your eye on the prize!! Lose weight, get healthy, and get on living a productive life!! If you win some money..It's a bonus!!!

981 days ago


I used to love this show. This is the worst season ever. I was disgusted on how they treated Adrian and his sister. I really hope they cut Conda from the show. She is a bully and that should not be tolerated at all. We are trying to teach our kids not to bully, yet here we are condoning it on tv. Booooooo...this season sucks!!

981 days ago


I am so dissappointed in the show. The drama of it really sucks. I think they are making fools out of the trainers. Poor Bob. I started watching to get dieting tips and tricks and look what has happened. Mr. Reality TV guy stepped in and now it is exactly like every other reality show on. All drama. Makes me want to watch some infomercials. At least they give you dieting and exercising tips. Go home Conda and Kim. You two are the worst. No wonder you are single. No men could stand your mouth's.

980 days ago


I hope it's Condaminium and her brother. My kids and I have watched TBL to root for people and to see some inspirational stories. Last year started the "big baby" trend with that "Olympian" quitter Rulon. This year has been the worst season EVER. I really dislike most of the contestants, and I find myself rooting for them to GAIN weight.

The producers better fix this show. Maybe it's just time for it to go away.

980 days ago

Canada Guy    

Looks like everyone, myself included has a hate on for Conda. Obviously she is gonna be one of those that are gone, but in this world of ratings at all cost, her punishment will probably be her getting her own "reality" show.

980 days ago


I surely hope one of the two that are out is that conda b#tch

980 days ago


I've been watching the "biggest loser" for a while... And I've never seen sooo much hate like this season. Adrian and Daphne earned their way back on the ranch. ... and since then. They've been hated and threaten since then. It's horrible. I have to tell you, by far this the worst season ever.. If the remaining contestant wanna walk of the show, so what... I guess they don't realize how many people out there are more than happy to fill their spot. " the biggest loser" doesn't need you. You came to them......btw the way , Conda and Kim and I'm pretty sure who ever has watch this season will Agee with me... They have so much to say that, that if I was Bob or Dovett , id be worried about their job. Those two have even questioned (bob &dovett) way...meanwhile they are the fat asses!! I have to say, people like them, will make anyone and everyone... Not watch this show!!!

Btw ... I think you should bring Jillian back and add more contestants to the show... I'm just saying...

980 days ago


PLEASE let it been congo or whatever her name is. She's such a cry baby. I hope she cries wee wee wee all the way home.

980 days ago


Seriously!!! Who do these contestants think they are?!?! HELLO twists have always been apart of the game. I am really disappointed with this season. I don't mind some drama because it keeps things interesting but these people are taking it to a new level. A level that I think even Allison and Bob are annoyed by. I watched this weeks episode last night and I was sad for the black team who have been great but they let Conda come in and change the team morality. I hope they do bring back two contestants to replace the ones that walked off!! Infact maybe they should bring back Daphine and her brother!! ha ha

980 days ago


While I'd love to see Daphne and Adrian brought back, the show would have to give them some kind of immunity because they would just be voted off again. What a bunch of bullies this season !!

980 days ago


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.... I hope it's Conda and Kim. The only thing that would make this news better would be that it was 3 people who walked off and Mark would be the third!

Worst season of the BL ever! For the theme of "No Excuses", these people are full of excuses and the nastiest bunch of whinning big babies. If they walk out, please don't let them back!

This season's group of people are truly living up to the show's name, because for the most part, they are truly a bunch of Big Losers, and not in a good way.

980 days ago


Everyone seems to be forgetting something: contestants also get a weekly stipend to "play" -- about $750, I think, so to walk off is like quitting your job! Maybe why only two and not all of them? Maybe when reality set in, Conda couldn't convince all of them to continue to strike and the remaining 8 or so came to their senses? I'm guessing the producers ARE reading the boards (or at lease the see the ratings dropping) and are in panic mode and are hoping to pique my curiosity and lure the likes of ME back over the next couple of weeks. Maybe... Hopefully, they can fix this train wreck. If and only if they get rid of the two biggest trouble makers and send a message to the rest to straighten up and fly right, bring back and give a second chance to the those who were wronged (Adrian, Santa, Daphne), maybe they can repair the relationship with their loyal fan base.

980 days ago


By reading all of these comments, I have to say I am glad that I am not the only one to see the bullying going on this season. Conda, Kim and Mark should be shame of themselves for the way they conduct themselves. I hope Adrian and Daphne are given a chance to come back. If Conda and Kim are still on the show, I will no longer watch. I cannot stomach their holier than though attitudes, and Mark's "I am the king, shut up and listen to me" mentality.

980 days ago


This is such a NON-story. First of all, except for the finale, the Biggest Loser is filmed several months in advance, so that when one season is airing, what is being filmed on the ranch is actually for the following season. If TMZ hadn't just NOW started following The Biggest Loser, perhaps they would know this.
As well, people have "walked off" the show before--this is NOT newsworthy. Remember Rulan Gardner? He's probably the most notable walk-off because he was poised to win the whole thing before walking off the show. THAT was news--what apparently happened this past week, not really news.

980 days ago
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