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Chris Brown

L.A. Prosecutor Keeping

Close Eye on Miami Case

2/23/2012 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown is being watched ... watched closely by the D.A. who prosecuted him for beating Rihanna ... because the latest incident in Miami could trigger a full court press in L.A. to send Brown to prison.

Sources tell us ... the L.A. District Attorney's Office is well aware of the robbery-by-snatching investigation of Brown in Florida ... and they're waiting for the L.A. County Probation Dept. to recommend what action, if any, should be taken.

In case you forgot ... and how could you forget? ... Brown was sentenced to 5 years probation for beating Rihanna in 2009 ... and one of the terms is that he obey all laws.

If officials determine the allegations against Brown are true -- that he "snatched" a cell phone from a woman in Florida -- his probation could be revoked and he could be thrown in prison for 4 years.

As TMZ first reported, an arrest warrant has not been issued in Florida ... at least not yet.


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How about this, Chris fights C.M.Punk and if Chris wins he doesn't have to go to prison, which is not going to happen. That way somebody can play his game and knock him the f**k out then after that the boys in the slammer can have whats rest of him.

971 days ago


Quick, Lock him up. Before he beats up on another woman. POND S***

971 days ago


Kinda stupid.. Stealing an iphone in this country, is like stealing a car.

971 days ago


OOps! I dit it again. What an idiot.

971 days ago


you can't get away Chris...your past will always come and bite you if you do not be careful. CONTROL YOUR ANGER ISSUES.

971 days ago


Does anyone else notice that he only seems to go off on WOMEN? Chris, go grow a pair and take on a man. Please, please, please lock this POS/turd up and toss the key!

971 days ago


Um, Keri, Hello? Maybe we are concerned because he beats women to a bloody pulp- a felony; throws chairs through windows at a TV station in a rage; goes on homophobic angry rants on his website.

Please stop with the holier than thou misdirected soapbox lecture. Just consider yourself you most likely never find yourself to be in the crosshairs of this thug. Mark my words, he's going to kill a woman one of these days.

971 days ago


Good, throw his @ss in jail, that's where he belongs anyway

971 days ago


Just a very stupid person.

971 days ago


What about people respecting celebrity's privacy? Why did she follow him to his car if he is that dangerous? Shouldn't she stay away? He should have called the police on her for harassment and before you all jump, wait for the results of the investigation. He was not alone remember?

971 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Oh this guy is a snatcher all right (I hope we start hearing that term a lot to describe him) ha ha ha. I hope he's ready to bust out the baby blue sweater and bow tie in order to make another phony tv apology. He's such a bad-ass thug...yeah, right.

971 days ago


We still don't know what really happened and until then people need to stop being so judgemental.

971 days ago


He'll pay her off and it'll all go away.

971 days ago

Jimmy jamz    

And the Karma train is a rolling.

971 days ago


Why does this stupid boy HATE women soooo much? Every time a woman does or says the slightest thing he doesn't like he loses it, and the women he dates are always androgynous looking as if that's the closest thing to female he can stomach. He is most likely gay as gay can be and not man enough to even admit it to himself so he takes it out on women. Loser.

971 days ago
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