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I Hate Drake's Voice, His Face

... I Even Hate His HAIRCUT

2/23/2012 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Somebody call the paramedics ... because Drake just got BURNED -- courtesy of rap legend DMX, who claims he can't stand ANYTHING about the young MC ... right down to the kid's haircut.

DMX stopped by Power 105.1 in New York today where he unloaded on the rapper -- claiming, "I don’t like anything about Drake. I don’t like his voice. I don’t like what he talks about. I don’t like his face. I don’t like the way he walks. I don’t like his haircut."

X doesn't elaborate on the source of his hatred -- but insists he's cool with Drake's mentor Lil Wayne ... whose Young Money label signed Drake in 2009.

DMX also bashes Rick Ross -- saying, "He just talks about eating too much. How much can a n**** eat?"

Thanks to our friends at Power 105.1 for the clip -- click here for the full interview.


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Mumra the Ever Living    

Yeah, well how many psychotic chicks have tattooed "DMX" on their forehead?
BTW, I was under the impression that DMX was a has been, crack addled Rap "star".

940 days ago


DMX.. you wish you were as dope as DRAKE..Hey.. DMX your sounding real, really thursting right now.. your letting your true colors show.. DMZ is joke, a crackhead and a jailbird.. and I don't like your raps, you can't understand what the hell your saying cause your full of BS.. i don't like your face, i dont like you teeth and yea go take a bath it looks like you have not had one a minute.

940 days ago


But at least Drake doesnt have a rap sheet a mile long and didnt abuse dogs by fighting them. DMX needs to just go somewhere so we dont have to look at his stupid face or haircut.

940 days ago


Agreed 100%! I don't like his name either. "Drake" stupid.

940 days ago


wow, i really expected to see a bunch of hatred towards dmx and not drake. i always just assumed it was nothing but teeny bopper punks on tmz but it's nice to see that the majority of the commenters know real rap, which is dmx. all i can say about drake is that dude has madd sick street cred from his mickey mouse club days.

940 days ago


OMG! We haven't heard anything aboout DMX except when he is being arrested. Who is he to talk? I mean look at him, he looks like he's been living on the streets in this photo. DMX is a "has been" and doesn't neet to talk about anyone making more money then him. When he comes back and starts making money, then he can talk about someone. What a joke!

940 days ago


Honestly it feels like DMX sold out. When in the past did you every think DMX would be hanging out with a white boy (MGK) or kissing Birdman's boyfriend's (Lil Wayne) ass? I dont know about you, but as a guy I dont worry about what another male looks like. Hmmm, maybe DMX has spend too many lonely nights in jail.

940 days ago


Well said dmx! Drakes smug face makes me throw up in my mouth.

940 days ago


So many guys now, Common and DMX are trying to work their way back into the game by taking shots at Drake. Heres the thing, Drake's not a gangsta rapper. Its unecessary to do that **** these days. And it pissed the hell of these guys who put their neck on the line trying to provoke people at the risk of getting shot just to sell records that Drake can rap about getting his heart broken and make money off of it. Also, DMX wasnt the kind of guy to talk about another mans looks. Looks like someone made some intimate friends in jail.

940 days ago


Wow, DMX got off the PIPE just long enough to hate an Ross and Drake. DMX, I never thought you of all people would be a hater. Quit talking smack and try to take Rick Ross or Drake off the charts. Until then...Stop Hatin'!

940 days ago


Okay. til now I had an ounce of RESPECT 4 this low life convict DMX. As OLD as he is he should know better period. It's CLEAR to see DMX you CONVICT, druggy is JEALOUS of DRAKE from his looks, his style, his voice, his haircut. You DMX should be ashamed of yourself talking about DRAKE like this. people let me tell you JEALOUSY is a terrible thing... DMX you need to take notes from DRAKE.

940 days ago


DMX you need a REHAB your old as pepper, and trying and pretend your a child of GOD. Don't hate on DRAKE cause he's doing well with his career. Your the one that dressed in a cops uniform to still a pinto right, no i think it was a dodge neon and got caught. So DMX your a convict and jealous of DRAKE. cause he has so much class compare to you, look at your track record. Convict, druggy, loser. idk

940 days ago


Wah Wah Wah. Is this a Chuckles-like rant or just a ploy to sell some music?? Either way, dissin' a n*****, as he calls him, brotha - isn't that treason among the rap crowd??

940 days ago


1st, DMX hit the nail on the head regarding Ross. When the presenter said "Ross iss like Biggie, he got lyricss" DMX just shookk this head because we all know Ross and Biggie don't belong in the same sentence.

Point two, when asked about Lil Wayne, he just said "We cool". The presenter then says "Everything you said about Ross" (only raps about eating and cars) "I say about Lil Wayne" and DMX replys "All I said was we call"

Point three again DMX is on point with everything he says lol

940 days ago

Kelly Kelly    

Sniff, sniff, I smell a hater. You know what I hate DMX, I hate that you had a promising rap career and even more promising acting career, but you threw it all away because you wanted to be a faux gangster, like impersonating a cop at an airport. Instead of hating on the future of the genre, maybe you should encourage it, because God only knows when was the last time you had a single out.

940 days ago
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