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I Hate Drake's Voice, His Face

... I Even Hate His HAIRCUT

2/23/2012 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Somebody call the paramedics ... because Drake just got BURNED -- courtesy of rap legend DMX, who claims he can't stand ANYTHING about the young MC ... right down to the kid's haircut.

DMX stopped by Power 105.1 in New York today where he unloaded on the rapper -- claiming, "I don’t like anything about Drake. I don’t like his voice. I don’t like what he talks about. I don’t like his face. I don’t like the way he walks. I don’t like his haircut."

X doesn't elaborate on the source of his hatred -- but insists he's cool with Drake's mentor Lil Wayne ... whose Young Money label signed Drake in 2009.

DMX also bashes Rick Ross -- saying, "He just talks about eating too much. How much can a n**** eat?"

Thanks to our friends at Power 105.1 for the clip -- click here for the full interview.


No Avatar


I agree with him!

890 days ago


Ive been waiting for someone to go off on drake since I first saw his stupid smirking face. even his name is ****ing annoying.

890 days ago


I guess Drake doesnt look ass good as the boys in jail, huh DMX? Its ok, after your 17th arrest we kinda figured out you were on the down low.

890 days ago


You lost me with "rap" and "legend" in the same sentence!!!! No such thang!!!

890 days ago


hmmm...someone sounds a bit jealous...oh and btw to the person who said drake played a disabled kid on disney get your facts wasn't on disney it was a canadian tv show called degrassi shown on ctv...and he was disabled as a result of a school shooting. sounds like dmx can't take being a "has been" and has to go after someone like hes a grade schooler...

890 days ago


"I hate black pepper...i hate my gums cuz they black...I hate Whoopi Goldbergs lips! And worst of all, I hate that black ass Wesly Snipes!" -Bernie Mac


890 days ago


where is Drake right now? all over our radio, iPod, TV, LIVE SHOWS...and where is DMX right now?....uh....who's DMX again?

890 days ago


I have to admit, I'm not a fan of Drake's voice.

890 days ago


Every time I read these comments, it let's me know just how many ****heards are in the world. Were you born like this?

890 days ago

Destiny umeh    

I think DMX dosent have 2 judge Drake bcos people can't be force 2 buy wat they dont like.

890 days ago


Barely any of yall commenting on here grew up on Hip-Hop, nor listened to rap music growing up, so therefore know absolutely nothing about the culture, the rules, ethics and anything else at all. Do you know about the battle element in Hip-Hop and how fundamental it is and why it is that way? **** yall suckas. Peace

890 days ago

Koe D'man    

real legend, telling like it is! Fake Drake B******ch smell a rat.

890 days ago


I'm glad that finally somebody is calling Drake out for the fraud he is! He is a f**king poser, the dude is no rapper, he is an entertainer, just like Rihanna, Chris Brown, Tayo Cruz, Justin Bieber and all these pre-packaged, plastic talentless hacks! Drake, Lil' Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Whiz Khalifa and all these motherf**kers are the worst thing that's happened to hip-hop since 50 Cent and Eminem...You can fault DMX for many things, but one thing you can't deny are the man's skills as a true MC! DMX spits fire and a level Drake can only dream of...

890 days ago

Jorge Trujillo    

In general I would say everyone has there own style. Like for instance DMX is a hardcore rapper artist and Drake is a R&B artist.

890 days ago

shirley m. still    

who cares what dmx think about anybody , heck he is a drug addict a drunk and a loser , go back to jail and find yourself by making comments like this wont get no one to buy nothing that you will sell. bark bark

890 days ago
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