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I Hate Drake's Voice, His Face

... I Even Hate His HAIRCUT

2/23/2012 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Somebody call the paramedics ... because Drake just got BURNED -- courtesy of rap legend DMX, who claims he can't stand ANYTHING about the young MC ... right down to the kid's haircut.

DMX stopped by Power 105.1 in New York today where he unloaded on the rapper -- claiming, "I don’t like anything about Drake. I don’t like his voice. I don’t like what he talks about. I don’t like his face. I don’t like the way he walks. I don’t like his haircut."

X doesn't elaborate on the source of his hatred -- but insists he's cool with Drake's mentor Lil Wayne ... whose Young Money label signed Drake in 2009.

DMX also bashes Rick Ross -- saying, "He just talks about eating too much. How much can a n**** eat?"

Thanks to our friends at Power 105.1 for the clip -- click here for the full interview.


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ROUND of applause to the rappers who now only get attention from hating on new fresh rappers....drakes MIXTAPE trums DMX career...somebody get this deadbeat.....go take care of your kids...make sure your wife stays off welfare as you build your rap career again......

975 days ago


Who cares about what DMX thinks, all he doesn't is rant, rave & scream on his songs anyway with his angry behind!! DMX is a has been and is hating cause Drake is making that paper!! Don't get me wrong, I don't care about Drake one way or the other but X really needs to get a life outside of prison!!

975 days ago


All Drake has to say is, "People, have you seen DMX's acting? I rest my case."

975 days ago


Drake is talented and i am sure all the 16 year olds will come to his defense but he doesnt have anything on X. Granted he has had his problems but in my mind has one of the top ten greatest hip hop albums of all time in "and then there was X" DMX was a story teller. Now adays all these rappers just rap about **** that rhymes. When you hear a song now adays if someone were to ask you what is the song about, you would be able to tell them. I support X and hope he able to get back on track.

975 days ago


As much I love DMX, he's the wrong person to talk about Drake. He hasn't made a hit song since the 90's. It's to the point every rapper is getting intimidated by Drake, so they have to diss him and then squash. If X truly doesn't like him, diss him. Good ol' fashioned rap battle.

975 days ago


Just listen to Kool Keith. EVERY track he made

975 days ago


So by all the other comments you need to have a rap sheet to be a rapper? Black people are so ignorant!!!! I used to like DMX before he fell off. You may not like Drake but what has DMX done since 1994 except be a drug addict and prison lifer? He will die how he lives in a ghetto where he belongs. Drake has had more hits in a year than DMX ever had. Let DMX hate all the way to the bank Drake.

975 days ago


I love when white folks complain about black folks saying *****. Once upon a time you guys used that word to degrade people, why should we let you now? Anyways, X is the man!

975 days ago


DMX has a sexy voice!!

975 days ago


DMX can suck it. Drake talks about real stuff though you cant be mad. Like he sings/raps and about different things and anyone can relate whether its women, or sex he's honest. and there's a special pain in his music that shows its sincere. sooo stfu hater

974 days ago


Did you half-wits actually call DMX a "rap legend?" How about "washed-up douche?"

974 days ago


bet $5. that there will be another rap based drive by in the near future, this is of course OK with me as long as they don't hit anyone else.

974 days ago


Wow TMZ you only put the negative the interview was 23 minutes long and that was the excerpt you wanted to highlight. Yeah Ok...... He is not feeling Drake but there are a lot of people who are so whats the point again of highlighting that one excerpt.

973 days ago


Drake is not a rapper, I'm actually not sure wtf he is but he's fugly as h3ll and sounds like a Canadian valley girl when he speaks...DMX is hilarious

973 days ago


DMX is a crackhead and long past his glory days. Jealous much?

973 days ago
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