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Lindsay Lohan

Social Life Is Back on Track Too

2/23/2012 4:30 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Lindsay Lohan was back in black on the red carpet.Just hours after getting a glowing review from Judge Sautner at her probation progress report hearing, Lindsay Lohan was back in black on the red carpet at an Oscars art event in Beverly Hills on Wednesday.

If Linds passes her last progress hearing on March 29th by completing 14 days of community service and 5 therapy sessions, she'll be able to once again party responsibly in peace ... if she obeys all laws.

Hopefully, her Linsanity days are over.


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Grandma Cracker    

Oh my, what happened?

937 days ago


Good to see her getting back out there again. Please Linds go back to your red hair!

937 days ago


Lindsay please surround yourself with good people and lead a clean life. You're a good actress and we're pulling for ya!

937 days ago


Janet's right. Looks aside ( and that really is a problem for someone her age) she's burned everyone she has worked with for the past half dozen years.

She's not worth the risk.

937 days ago

Grandma Cracker

Oh my, check out these pictures and see what Dina Lohan wore to this event last night. Both of them look bazaar. The Event was put on by Zapatta, he is the guy that is letting Lindsay and the Lohan clan live for free in his hotel room at the Chateau. I wonder what other people were thinking when they saw these two coming......

937 days ago


LINsanity is the basketball player, linDsanity is Blohan. C'mon tmz get your facts right. Geesh!

937 days ago


You would have thought Lohan Inc would have tried to bring her down a little I wouldn't have even know it was her she looks so horrible..thought it ws cortney love or someone like that.......

937 days ago


She's been crashing events for years, this means nothing. I don't see how anyone could think she looks good. Her face is all messed up and odd looking, like a 50 year old woman who had plastic surgery. There are talented actresses (something Lindsay is not) who are in their 40's, look a lot younger than she does, and are bigger celebrities than she is and they have problems finding work, there's no way she will ever be in a major film again. She looks older and worse than her mom does.

937 days ago


Gee Whiz, she really looks old for her age.

937 days ago


Why do you hate her so much?! Her hair may not look good blonde but she said she's going red again soon!! She's an amazing person no matter the ups and downs in her life. ♥

937 days ago


Who in the hell keeps telling these pea brains actresses that they would look better with a little plastic surgery? It starts out just a little tweak then they see something else they want and add that too. The face is no longer in proportion from what it was intended. So they keep changing and adding and taking out and putting in and all of a sudden you have a Frankenstein walking around thinking they look normal. LOOK IN THE MIRROR you idiots! It is not pretty! If you make the nose smaller and then plump up lips that shouldn't be then you have totally thrown off the harmonious package that once flowed but is now flawed. Why get rid of character lines? Are they afraid that the lines will tell more about their character then they want revealed? Why become a mannequin with a face that doesn't move or show emotions. Actresses have to use their facial features to project different feeling and get those feeling across to the audience. How can you do that when your face doesn't move.
And one more thing that REALLY bugs me is the fingers in the mouth pictures that Lindsay loves to do. Does she think that it looks sexy? All I think about when I see that is the dirty fingernail pictures I saw not too long ago. I can't help but think that with those dirty fingers she's going to get worms.

937 days ago


I'm sure Lindsay will be getting plenty of roles that call for a 45 year old woman.

937 days ago


Any human who wears fur (and in this skanks case she wears these beautiful animals continuously)deserves nothing but misery.
She's also a demented fake phony fraud who just pretends to be "rehabbed". She'll be arrested and up to her old tricks in no time. I hope she gets attacked by a mob of minks.
And THAT inflated lipped/cheek boned freak faced hair weaved skank is playing Taylor?
I'll believe it when I see it.

937 days ago


Dina looks like a fool in that mini dress. Nothing worse than a middle aged woman trying to look "hot".

937 days ago


All Dina needs is a Court Jester hat and her costume would have been complete.

937 days ago
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