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Lindsay Lohan

Social Life Is Back on Track Too

2/23/2012 4:30 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Lindsay Lohan was back in black on the red carpet.Just hours after getting a glowing review from Judge Sautner at her probation progress report hearing, Lindsay Lohan was back in black on the red carpet at an Oscars art event in Beverly Hills on Wednesday.

If Linds passes her last progress hearing on March 29th by completing 14 days of community service and 5 therapy sessions, she'll be able to once again party responsibly in peace ... if she obeys all laws.

Hopefully, her Linsanity days are over.


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Looking extra HOT Lindsay, love you, girl!

938 days ago


It's just a matter of time before she is dragging her old sloppy ass out of the clubs at 2AM with her mother in tow. What a trashy family!

938 days ago


I see she's still on drugs and looking more and more like Courtney Love.

938 days ago


that picture looks nothing like her

938 days ago


Lohan needs to complete this court order (screw jail everyone knows that's a joke, only took over 3 years) Lohan needs to be able to use her passport to travel overseas.

Yes, the same passport that was never lost or stolen. Only reason why she's complying.

Please again, JUST A FEW SHORT MONTHS AGO, Hefner/Playboy took a chance and gave her the best gig she's had in years. Lohan used the Playboy shoot as 'work' for court and got herself an extra week before she had to turn herself in for her 7th mugshot. Ok. Lohan also used the shoot to go to Hawaii.

Wow, what a surprise. Lohan in Hawaii, Lohan had no intention of doing the Ellen show to promote her Playboy shoot. Never mattered if the photos were leaked or not. Lindsay Lohan pulls the lost passport ID's again. None of which was ever true. Not in France and not in Hawaii. She was too busy partying in France and Hawaii. "Travel conflict". Not even close. Of course Playboy won't say a word other then the token hey great shoot.

Never mattered if the pics were 'leaked'. Bottom line is still, current, Lindsay Lohan had 1 obligation to promote the shoot. The Ellen DeGeneres show all set up and Lohan was fully aware of the taping date. Amazingly, Lohan had no problem using the Playboy shoot to her advantage (she was already paid) so basically F'em, I got my money.

Bottom line, Lindsay Lohan is still prooving why her reputation she burned herself is still so bad.

938 days ago


Please get a stylist! I'm sooo sick of porn star extensions on everyone! She would look great with a hair style a la Miley Cyrus. And a more natural color. The lips are strange also.

938 days ago


GOOD. here's hopin! ...first task for your return - get rid of the garish blonde. thanks!

938 days ago


No one cares about this washed-up waste of talent druggie/alchi. Please stop posting about her!!

938 days ago

delusional much LL?    

i saw a clip where a judge was telling a 25 yr. old,who by no means is overweight,with a bloated face and glassy eyes that she was glad this person was getting their life back on track.
was this a rehearsal for snl? nobody can be that oblivious.

after seeing this and lowhan's arrogant smirk,tend to side with ketjo,that the fix is in.

there's no bigger attention wh*re this side of kim kardashian than lowhan.all of a sudden she's not having herself papped everyday,seems like someone was told to lay low so as to not raise any suspicion that she's really not going to her cs.
like bob dylan once sang:
"money doesn't talk,it swears"

938 days ago


Why does Lindsay look like a 50 year old woman that's had 20 years of terrible plastic surgery? I wouldn't have known that was her if asked. She doesn't look like herself. Its amazing she has the money to destroy her looks by plastic surgery, but she can only pay $400 of her court fines.

938 days ago


Will someone please tell DUIna that lip liner went out in the 80's.

938 days ago


You mean "Lindsanity" (with the "d") I know - who cares?!! :)

938 days ago


Was Lohan's art on display at this event? Is that how she got in?

938 days ago


@UPYOURS - She only looks beautiful on the red carpet face down with a sandbag on the back of her head.

Ha! What a perfect picture.

938 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Vinsetta, this art party Oscar thingy was put on by Domingo Zappata, the same guy that is fronting the bill at the Chateau by letting Lindsay stay in his "art studio". That's how she got in. And, what is up with the huge handbag? Don't women carry evening bags at these artsy fartsy events? What is in that huge purse that could not fit in an evening bag?

938 days ago
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