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Lucy Lawless

Belting Out 'Xena' War Cries

During Oil Tanker Protest

2/23/2012 4:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lucy Lawless is currently strapped to the top of an oil tanker in New Zealand ... screaming "Xena" war cries from the top of her lungs in an effort to halt drilling plans in the Arctic ... and TMZ has it all on tape.

Lawless and six other members of Greenpeace snuck on to the ship today while it was docked in Port of Taranaki ... and now they're REFUSING to leave until the captain agrees to call off the mission.

But even rebels carry cell phones ... and TMZ just spoke with Lucy who tells us she's been unleashing "Xena" battle cries during her protest ... telling us, "I just can't help myself."

Lawless explains, "We know we're going to be arrested ... but ... this is a moral decision for us."

Lucy tells us she's very passionate about protecting the "fragile" ecosystem in the Arctic ... and hopes her efforts will pay off.

And if not ... at least she saw a seal.


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I agree with the sentiment, but the only way you can really change things is through political action. They need to lobby the NZ government to not allow these boats to dock in the country or to travel in their waters. There are only a handful of countries far enough south to efficiently stage these missions, so NZ saying no would have an impact.

938 days ago

Pudding Tang    

Well I have a 'drilling plan' for Xena's G-Piece and also a little something for her (dry mouth).

938 days ago


Oil is as addictive as heroin. We'll stop using oil when we run out...not before. The people that don't care about the environment far outweigh the people that do. The problem is those that don't care about the environment have the deciding vote. Be prepared for disappointment.

938 days ago



938 days ago


set sail & turn the firehoses on the protesters

938 days ago


what a ****

938 days ago



what caused the glaciers to melt 20 million years ago, car vehicle exhaust?

global warming & global cooling is a cyclical event.

938 days ago


Total wack-job.

938 days ago


Lucy and the others are nothing but criminals-- trespassing -arrest them--don't take a fall like kevin-what a loser she turn out to be -- stick to being the lousy actress you are.......what a mediawhore.......

938 days ago


Eric Cartman: "I'm working to clean up the world from parasites. Do you mind if I take a quick look around your boat? I'm afraid you may have hippies."

938 days ago

Ur Missing the Point    

I think a lot of you are missing the point. They aren't saying stop drilling for oil and to stop using gas. They are doing this to try to save one of the only untouched parts of the world that controls most of the way our Ecosystem works. We are ruining this place for children and our children's children. They are thinking about the lives of the little ones in the future. Not saying ban oil drilling forever and all over. They are just trying to save the one untouched part of the world. For goodness sakes, we're destroying ourselves. With the way some of you comment on here, I'm not entirely surprised this world is going to Hell in a hand basket.

938 days ago


WE love you Lucy!!! you are the best! Kick some ass XENA STYLE!!! you are an Eco Warrior!!! many famous dont care!! but you do...Battle on!

938 days ago


What environmentalist do is counterproductive and unrealistic. They go against any energy idea or production that is not "environmental friendly" enough. They go against using trash as gas, nuclear energy, and other things. Blocking advancement in these things (including advancements in oil) just leaves coal as our main power source. Coal is less good for the environment than oil. The things they want to push like ethanol, solar power, and electric cars are not good for the environment if they are rushed because of the means used to produce those things. They don't understand that technology works step-by-step.

When in comes to oil exploration they don't realize we need oil anyway. So where do you want to get the oil from? Some companies that care a little about the environment or from dictatorship countries that don't care at all.

938 days ago


Best use for this celebutard is shark bait just drag her on a rope

938 days ago


If only these freakish liberals would spend as much energy and money and time standing up for abused children, battered women, or something that really matters. I get it. It's exciting for her, makes HER feel good, but also has little true emotional involvement like a real cause would. Lump her in with the PETA freaks who will take days off work to protest outside a courthouse a guy who kicked an attacking dog yet NEVER show up outside to a child abuse case (and like the "occupy" protesters - DO they actually have jobs). I am sick of people thinking they are noble because they actually would not do it if it didn't have intrinsic , value to them, meaning, like I said earlier, i is exciting, makes them FEEL important, gives THEM a sense of importance, and so on. It's really ALL about her, not the cause, because like child abuse, which might actually make her sad or cause some emotional uncomfortableness, she doesn't do it. Really it's selfish. Not noble. Spend your time and effort helping those in the shrubbery around the Malibu Hills, living in cardboard. I bet she drives by people asking for money everyday saying and justfying NOT helping by saying "If I give they are just going to buy alcohol."

Sorry, it is what it is. Liberals, quit saving trees, dogs, and everything "green" - you know those things that ONLY appeal to your fun and outdoorsy side and add to your bloated importance of the self and help someone by actually giving something that DOESN'T make you feel so secure and important, like child abuse. Or Lucy, the money it took to get out there and travel and so on could have opened a women's shelter.

938 days ago
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