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Lucy Lawless

Belting Out 'Xena' War Cries

During Oil Tanker Protest

2/23/2012 4:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lucy Lawless is currently strapped to the top of an oil tanker in New Zealand ... screaming "Xena" war cries from the top of her lungs in an effort to halt drilling plans in the Arctic ... and TMZ has it all on tape.

Lawless and six other members of Greenpeace snuck on to the ship today while it was docked in Port of Taranaki ... and now they're REFUSING to leave until the captain agrees to call off the mission.

But even rebels carry cell phones ... and TMZ just spoke with Lucy who tells us she's been unleashing "Xena" battle cries during her protest ... telling us, "I just can't help myself."

Lawless explains, "We know we're going to be arrested ... but ... this is a moral decision for us."

Lucy tells us she's very passionate about protecting the "fragile" ecosystem in the Arctic ... and hopes her efforts will pay off.

And if not ... at least she saw a seal.


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Dan Frederiksen    

you go girl. too many mindless sheep in this world

973 days ago

Cognizant _illiberal    

you haters don't realize that there is A LOT of alternatives to petroleum that are far more efficient but the oil industry makes sure it is not made available until they are done making all the money they can off oil duh sheeple

973 days ago

Bill Leslie    

sigh - does she own a car, use electricity, fly on a plane, use the internet or cell phone, etc etc etc -- she's just a Hollywood hypocritical 0.0001%-er telling us to do without so she can extras.

973 days ago


If she's on a tanker in New Zealand, she's not connected to the Arctic -- she's in the Antarctic!

973 days ago


I don't think people realize how many things oil is used in. It's not just cars. If oil production suddenly ceased, things would be in chaos. It's so easy to remain oblivious and take things for granted without ever really thinking just how good we have it. Even that ship she took to get there uses oil. I recommend anyone that questions oil drilling to watch the movie SpOILed. It offers a lot of insight into how dependent we are on oil, but the misconceptions we have about it as well. Oh, PS...Greenpeace are a bunch of nutters. Yikes.

973 days ago


Unlike the pitiful people on here who has nothing better to do with their spare time than to mock someone who is solely concerned with the threat of doing further damage to the planet YOU'RE LIVING IN (Whom I'm certain will make a mockery of me as well by referring to me as a hypocrite, instead of actually probing my point; GROW UP!) At least she's making an effort in providing awareness of the
probable noxious and hazardous consequences of what Shell's intent in arctic drilling, risk doing to our planet! I understand why Lucy feels passionate about this, as she was
one, among countless of others, that has experienced mother nature's deadly wrath; Hurricane Katrina. Lucy Lawless had also witnessed the fatal results of oil spills and other chemical toxins, in other countries when she did a do***entary in Bangladesh. It is truly unfathomable how much damaged chemical polution can do to other countries that are living in poverty. There are so much deformity in children due to animal consumptions which had been eating and drinking from plants and water that's been contaminated. Where do you think those toxic chemicals came from? And due to our carelessness, you leave those people no choice here. Imagine if it were you and your family in that situation. She is doing what she can to help people being affected by pollution. "Shell's arctic drilling" can result in another oil spill.
"It's so nice and warm with your head in the sand." - Lucy Lawless

973 days ago


You're quotations around "fragile" are agitating, to say the least. Please educate your staff: ecosystems are fragile. It isn't an opinion. It's a clear and definitive fact. If you can't educate your staff with real information/facts, at least make them watch the Discovery channel, however polluted it may be I'm sure it will offer enough to educate the staff into understand that quotation marks are insulting in this particular situation. It's journalism, get your sh!t together. You influence the world.

973 days ago


oil is stoopid no one needs that yucky black **** ppl r just too lazy to replace those gay gas stations with electric ones.

973 days ago

Tony Martellini    

Flipping Libertards and ECO NUTS....HEY LUCY! The nylon vest you are wearing...OIL. The Nylon Gloves...OIL. The Wonderful helmet to protect your demented cranium...OIL. Stop being a HIPPO crat..and strip naked to protest....ALL of you,,have no concept of what you are protesting...none what so ever.

973 days ago


Imagine the Gulf of Mexico oil spill taking place in an inhospitable environment, where the waters over and near the leak have frozen over. You can't get to it to fix it, you can't boom the oil, you can only watch helplessly for 6-8 months before you can even START trying to fix it. Can you even begin to comprehend that? So what if she uses oil products - it is very hard in the modern world not to, but you CAN take steps to limit the damage being done and engage in good stewardship of natural resources. Oh, and those talking about her career? She has a big hit on HBO, and she is a major celebrity in New Zealand - America isn't the ****ing centre of the universe (a fact that the rest of us are bloody relieved about). So stop driving huge proxy-**** cars and think about the world you are leaving behind for future generations.

973 days ago


Using this for attention...some on, it is called Spartacus, and she is wicked and terrific in her role on it! Check it out, it is bloody awesome!!!

973 days ago

Lucie Z.    

The Shell company are known for their lack of concern for the environment and communities they destroy.
I've recently read an article on the expected negative impacts of drilling on the fragile eco system and the local community in Alaska. Something has got to be done to stop this and Shell won't listen so I'm all for raising awareness through doing something as crazy as this.

973 days ago


Green Peace is a SHAM!!! They're corporate liars and theives who get stupid people to do their bidding.

973 days ago


Lucy is a attention getting whore.She has two mansions and millions with her producer husband let she wants to tell everyone else how to live.She doesn't cre that she has indanger others, she doesn't care that the police have to spend time babysittting them instead of their real jobs, she doesn;t care that this will bring in jobs but then why should she--she doesn't have to pinch pennies, she doesn't have to worry about gas prices--- you are a hyprocrite Lucy--stick to your lousy acting on pornuscus....Loser come to Texas we will feed you to the fishes..........

973 days ago


****in hippies.they chop down marijuana trees all the dare they chop down a tree.stupid mother ****ing hypocrites.

973 days ago
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