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Lucy Lawless

Belting Out 'Xena' War Cries

During Oil Tanker Protest

2/23/2012 4:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lucy Lawless is currently strapped to the top of an oil tanker in New Zealand ... screaming "Xena" war cries from the top of her lungs in an effort to halt drilling plans in the Arctic ... and TMZ has it all on tape.

Lawless and six other members of Greenpeace snuck on to the ship today while it was docked in Port of Taranaki ... and now they're REFUSING to leave until the captain agrees to call off the mission.

But even rebels carry cell phones ... and TMZ just spoke with Lucy who tells us she's been unleashing "Xena" battle cries during her protest ... telling us, "I just can't help myself."

Lawless explains, "We know we're going to be arrested ... but ... this is a moral decision for us."

Lucy tells us she's very passionate about protecting the "fragile" ecosystem in the Arctic ... and hopes her efforts will pay off.

And if not ... at least she saw a seal.


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Fat Mike    

How cringeworthy!

980 days ago


Does she drive a car? Or use oil and gas in any way? I find this hypocritical. I agree with conserving the ecosystem, but give me a break. A faltering career and anything for attention. Don't see Angelina Jolie on that boat.

980 days ago

who cares    

I betcha in another breath she complains about high oil prices, and if she has a car or uses anything that burns fossil fuels to get her from point a to point b then she is a consumer of the very same thing she is against. Stick to saving the whales greenpeace which was a nobel cause. Because with those ice melting and waterways opening up their will also be illegal poaching going on in those seas.

980 days ago


Shoot them off their perch.

980 days ago

Rat Boy    

I hope she used a row boat to get to New Zealand. And that her hard hat, saftey vest and gloves are made of hemp. Looser

980 days ago


what a worthless organization.

980 days ago

Hernan N.    

Wonderful action. Lucy Lawless is an inspiration for all the good people of the world who wants to save the arctic for the future, for our kids.!

980 days ago


Celebs are the last people that should be protesting. They travel more than most, own more properties and vehicles which mean they have a much higher impact on the world. To me, this is just something they do to try and justify there excesive lifestyles.

980 days ago

Oil Can Man    

I support protecting the eco-system. But these idiots are a bigger danger than any shop out there. And every one of these clowns is nothing more than a limousine liberal. They talk a good talk, but at the end of the day, they are just like the rest of us. They use gas, electricity, and other forms of energy.

980 days ago


From the article:

'Lucy tells us she's very passionate about protecting the "fragile" ecosystem in the Arctic'

Let's drop Lucy on a random ice floe in the Arctic see who is really fragile.

980 days ago


She isn't saying that we should stop using oil or that the entire industry is bunk. She seems mostly concerned with trashing an ecosystem for only a three years supply of the stuff. Not saying she is going about making her statement in the right way, but perhaps something else can be done to get us our oil not in the Arctic (or at least not in this spot with very little yield/man power, money, and effort ratio) or perhaps Shell can compromise. Shrug. Whatever, at least she did get to see a seal, indeed.

980 days ago


The word is SNEAKED. Not snuck. This website has a bad habit of using the term incorrectly.

980 days ago


Oh my gosh! Lucy is AMAZING! You go girl :)

980 days ago


damn hippies.

980 days ago


I am all for pollution control and natural conservation within reason, however... man caused global warming is a lie and and nothing more than another political power grab. Climates change and they have so ever since there has been a weather system on this planet. It has been much hotter and much colder than now. It has also changed VERY rapidly in the past, well before man even walked the earth let alone started using fossil fuels.

I hate these soapbox libtards and their cause of the week mentality. Want to help the planet? Put that money into the development of clean and safe ways of extracting the fossil fuels we need right now until alternate energies become viable in 50 or 60 years instead of wasting everyone's time with these lame greenpeace protests.

980 days ago
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