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'Bev Hills Housewives' Doctor

My Nose Job Patient is Threatening Me!

2/23/2012 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Snot your typical restraining order ... "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Dr. Paul Nassif claims a dissatisfied nose job patient has been harassing and threatening him to the point the cops are now involved and Nassif is asking for court protection.

Nassif -- a cosmetic surgeon who is married to "Housewives" star Adrienne Maloof -- performed all sorts of schnoz work on Roman Melikov. Mr. Melikov didn't like the results, to say the least.

According to the police report, Nassif claims Melikov incessantly called his office, demanding to speak with him and threatening, "If I don't get to f**king talk to Dr. Nassif, I will just show up and f**king wait for him to talk to me because he needs to f**king pay for this!"

And Melikov left voicemails for Nassif, referring to himself as a "psycho." Melikov also said he would come to Bev Hills to "have Nassif's wife help him out of pity."

Nassif's employees fear Melikov is mentally unstable and could come to the office "and do something crazy."

Nassif wants a restraining order, keeping Melikov away from him and his family. As for Melikov, he wants a $26,000 refund.

We spoke with Melikov, who told us Nassif screwed up his nose. The swelling didn't go down for 2 years. And the 25-year-old businessman tells us his nose is now bigger and ugly.

8:13 AM PST -- Melikov, a portfolio manager, tells TMZ Nassif has taken his "psycho" comment totally out of context ... explaining, "I told him I had to be a psycho to invest in this market, because it has been so volatile. "


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Have their been a significant amount of complaints about this doctor? And is there a chance that we can see before, and after pictures of the complaining gentleman? Thanks Folks:)

972 days ago


He should do something with his own snout. It's so distracting.

972 days ago


TMZ-- Let's see the nose job and we'll be the judge!!

972 days ago


sounds to me like pinoccio wants some free work/press, or Mr. Beverly Hills Housewife doctored up somebody's sniffer. Moral of the story be happy with yourself and stop trying to be perfect. hence my accidental non capitalization of the "P" in Pinoccio

972 days ago


"I told him I had to be a psycho to invest in this market, because it has been so volatile." ...that doesn't even make sense, at all. the doc would have to be really dense to mix that up...and i would hope that the DOCTOR isn't that dense.

972 days ago


who the f--- cares!
adrien needs some more shots of botox take care of it

972 days ago


Anytime you go under the knife you risk serious consequences...heart surgery or nose surgery. If one volunteers for such an endeavor, he/she would become a Vegas wet dream.

972 days ago


Anytime you go under the knife you risk serious consequences...heart surgery or nose surgery. If one volunteers for such an endeavor he or she would beoome a Vegas wet dream.

972 days ago


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972 days ago


Yahh, sounds like the doc is greedy and un- concerenrned.,
and now making a bigger issue out of it than normal just beaucse the reality show cameras are rolling.
BTW Adrien has the uglyest stripper shoe line.
It looks like shoes bulit on cinder blocks.
with sparkel of course. Adrien and paul have changed sense the show. They have reality show disease where they cant tell reality from real life. Its a disastifed custormer who
has been treated proorly by his office > so what!
But sens the careras are rolling its suddely a big deal>
Sounds like the guy is due a REFUND!!
with all paul;s millions hes too cheap to be fiar.
He better not stiff his sugar babys or they well come out nexted.

972 days ago


and the moral of this story is: kids, leave your f*king face alone. the end.

972 days ago


Most people don't do the research before they have plastic surgery. If people would take the time to look in to rhinoplasty they would see that it can take 2-3 years before the swelling completely heals. Swelling is normal you idiots. As for him not being completely happy well that's the risk you take. You aren't guaranteed to come out looking like Brad Pitt. You can't fix ugly. And besides anyone that would pay that much for rhinoplasty is a moron! Even that is way over priced for a Beverly Hills surgeon. Instead of seeing a plastic surgeon, he should have visited a psychiatrist.

972 days ago

Beverly Hills    

Adrienne Maloof looks like she used to be a man....was she a man before?

972 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

I totally agree with the posters who surmise that Nassif is only trying to make the man look unreasonable so Nassif gets the sympathy vote from the court.

$26K for a rhinoplasty is outrageous in ANY city, and if it doesn't look good, the doctor should at the very least offer to perform revisions for little or nothing.

Typical Beverly Hills M.D. attitude and arrogance. Hope he gets his.

972 days ago


Why is he freaking out now it's been atleast over 2 years. If the swelling didn't go down after the appropriate time he should of took it up with him then and if he wasn't happy with it he shouldn't of waited 2 years to deal with it.

972 days ago
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