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'Bev Hills Housewives' Doctor

My Nose Job Patient is Threatening Me!

2/23/2012 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Snot your typical restraining order ... "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Dr. Paul Nassif claims a dissatisfied nose job patient has been harassing and threatening him to the point the cops are now involved and Nassif is asking for court protection.

Nassif -- a cosmetic surgeon who is married to "Housewives" star Adrienne Maloof -- performed all sorts of schnoz work on Roman Melikov. Mr. Melikov didn't like the results, to say the least.

According to the police report, Nassif claims Melikov incessantly called his office, demanding to speak with him and threatening, "If I don't get to f**king talk to Dr. Nassif, I will just show up and f**king wait for him to talk to me because he needs to f**king pay for this!"

And Melikov left voicemails for Nassif, referring to himself as a "psycho." Melikov also said he would come to Bev Hills to "have Nassif's wife help him out of pity."

Nassif's employees fear Melikov is mentally unstable and could come to the office "and do something crazy."

Nassif wants a restraining order, keeping Melikov away from him and his family. As for Melikov, he wants a $26,000 refund.

We spoke with Melikov, who told us Nassif screwed up his nose. The swelling didn't go down for 2 years. And the 25-year-old businessman tells us his nose is now bigger and ugly.

8:13 AM PST -- Melikov, a portfolio manager, tells TMZ Nassif has taken his "psycho" comment totally out of context ... explaining, "I told him I had to be a psycho to invest in this market, because it has been so volatile. "


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She should sell her maloof hoofs in Lebanon, or wherever it is she came from.

937 days ago


Dr. Paul Nassif certainly is more famous than you; millions watch #RHOBH so quit hating.

Hope Paul doesn't worry too much about this guy, who from the sound of it, probably disregarded doctor's orders following the surgery. That's not the doctor's fault. Hope the cops curtail the psycho pronto.

937 days ago


Nachomama, two mean posts directed at Adrienne? Your green eyes are showing. I have met both Adrienne and Paul (a little over a year ago) and both a kind, classy people.

937 days ago


ARE kind, classy people.

937 days ago


yay, its not really fun to be harrassed at work....ask any person who works at a woman's GYN clinic.

937 days ago


I love this couple on the show and really think they are both very attractive and kind. But whoever is doing what they are doing to Adrienne face needs to stop. She would be beautiful natural without all the fake ugly hair and the botox. Shes going to look like the cat lady soon.

937 days ago


I had my nose done a couple of years ago and used to frequent a plastic surgery forum for rhinoplasty to get advice on healing and what to expect after surgery. Finally had to stop reading because of all the hysterical people complaining about their nose job. Most of them would refuse to post a picture. If any one of them actually did post a picture, I'd look at it and couldn't see anything wrong with the new nose. They were all totally within the norm for noses. The catastrophic words they used made it sound like they were monsters that could never leave the house again. Because of this, I don't believe anyone's horror story until I see an actual picture to judge for myself. Many people who get plastic surgery aren't actually prepared for ANY sort of change. Even I had a period of time where I wasn't sure how much I liked the change but now I think it's great. And swelling does normally take a long time to completely go away. Even now, years later, I have a larger nose in the morning than at night.

937 days ago


Show pictures as proof. I'm sure Michael Jackson wasn't happy when his nose eventually fell off.

937 days ago


I would love to see a before and after picture? Wow! $26,000 for a nose job? Seems high? Maybe Roman got other work done?

937 days ago


The guy sounds crazy haha when he said the psycho" comment totally out of context ... explaining, "I told him I had to be a psycho to invest in this market, because it has been so volatile. " Im sure he said that in the middle of cussing at the doctor about his nose. We dont know the whole story and we dont know how his nose looks. It's funny people love to hate. I doubt paul is making all this stuff up he doesn't seem to be a media whore.

937 days ago


and he's not going to make this stuff up and take a story public which could def hurt his business big time if he wasn't worried about this guy.

937 days ago


Dude isn't going to get a refund. Before surgery the patient has to sign a release of liability that states there aren't any guarantees as to the surgery's outcome.

937 days ago


Most startling thing about that report was the guy paid $26K for a nose job! REALLY!? Is that what Dr. Nassif is charging? I think that's the part the patient should be most bent out shape over. But then again, he paid it! Sounds like they're partners in a travesty. The patient may suffer from scar tissue. Unless he had previous instances when he learned that about himself then the Dr could not have warned him of that % likelihood.

937 days ago


The patient's name became public record when the police became involved--there is no HIPPA violation.

Swelling is normal with any facial surgery and 2 years is not unusual healing time for these types of surgeries. People have unrealistic expectations when they have cosmetic surgeries. While a doctor may be able to change your looks he can't change the way you look at yourself.

936 days ago
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