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Rihanna & Chris Brown


To Stop Blossoming Relationship

2/23/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown and Rihanna are dangerously close to getting back together.
Chris Brown and Rihanna are dangerously close to getting back together, sources close to the ex-couple tell TMZ -- but the singers' friends are desperately trying to keep them apart ... for their own good.

According to sources, Rihanna is still head over heels for Chris -- despite that fateful night 3 years ago when he brutalized her -- and if it weren't for the media and her fans, she would already have taken him back.

We're told Chris also has extremely strong feelings for Rihanna -- current girlfriend be damned.

Now, sources tell us, Rihanna and Chris' friends are terrified they'll get back together -- and they're doing everything they can to prevent a possible reunion.

According to sources, friends on BOTH sides have expressed extremely strong reservations to Ri and CB about spending so much time together ... warning it's a terrible idea ... personally AND professionally.

But with Rihanna's birthday ... Chris and Rihanna's duets released this week ... friends fear they're fighting an uphill battle.

As one source put it, "You can't hold back love."



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First I would like to say I LOVE CHRIS BROWN!!!
And I really dont think that it was his fault at all that the whole situation happened to begin with. She was pushing his buttons! She hit him and was going off about his text message. Chris has said before he grew up getting beat...until ANY of you have had that life you cant judge him!!!! I understand he just snapped, its part of getting hurt as a child

BUT my point on why I stopped to write...tmz wanna stick to one story?!?!? U JUSt said like yesterday or so that Chris Has a girlfriend and NONE of this is true

942 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Good. I hope they get back together and their careers take a huge hit in that we don't ever hear from them again. Besides Rihanna's last album was a total flop, she could only co-write one song on it and now she has to stoop to publicity stunts like getting back with her abusive ex boyfriend. Really sad its come to this and I predict a total breakdown from her once she realizes all her fans are deserting her from this ridiculous I love the guy who punched my face in. Goodbye Rihanna, hope you saved enough money!!

942 days ago


Wow, she's an idiot. He beat the crap out of her once, he will do it again.

942 days ago


Don't you mean despite that fateful night 3 years ago when Chris finally SNAPPED after years of her beating on him?! Clearly they need to stay the hell away from each other. He did the time - rightfully so, got the counselling...I don't believe she got any counselling for her issues. I am 100% in agreement that a man should not put his hands on a woman BUT also believe that as a woman you should NEVER put your hands on a man unless you're prepared to get hit back. NO double standards. Chris Brown needs to leave that crazy twit alone!

942 days ago


Look she says herself that she loves and is into S & M.
She is a masochist + he is a sadist.
All her songs & videos are about S & M to the core.
She with Chris is just acting out her deepest fantasies.
Can't touch that!

942 days ago


This girl needs therapy.Rihanna,seriously this guy only wants to use you to make money,if you love your parents,just stay away from him!

942 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

what his supposedly long-term relationship with that other girl
this is all so fake and obviously to make $$$$$$$

942 days ago

The Real JJ    


942 days ago


Let them go kill each other. Both are despicable!

942 days ago


Well, now we're finally going to find out the real truth, - is she class or ghetto?

942 days ago


Hey Chris! If you do get back together with her give her a really good beating, she deserves it because she's a moron to think an abuser like yourself has changed...

942 days ago

Jill Conway    

I really hope they DO get back together and he subsequently beats her to death. Stupid b*tch. I now have no pity for her or care what happens to her. She deserves what she gets.

942 days ago


One can only hope these two RETARDS read all these comments! lol morons....

942 days ago



942 days ago


Who gives a rats ass. If she wants the crap beat out of her then she gets what she wants. NO WOMAN DESERVES TO BE BEAT ON. But if that is what she wants give it to her. I don't care. They deserve each other. And no he shouldn't go to jail for cracking her head open next time. She wanted it.

942 days ago
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