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Rihanna & Chris Brown


To Stop Blossoming Relationship

2/23/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown and Rihanna are dangerously close to getting back together.
Chris Brown and Rihanna are dangerously close to getting back together, sources close to the ex-couple tell TMZ -- but the singers' friends are desperately trying to keep them apart ... for their own good.

According to sources, Rihanna is still head over heels for Chris -- despite that fateful night 3 years ago when he brutalized her -- and if it weren't for the media and her fans, she would already have taken him back.

We're told Chris also has extremely strong feelings for Rihanna -- current girlfriend be damned.

Now, sources tell us, Rihanna and Chris' friends are terrified they'll get back together -- and they're doing everything they can to prevent a possible reunion.

According to sources, friends on BOTH sides have expressed extremely strong reservations to Ri and CB about spending so much time together ... warning it's a terrible idea ... personally AND professionally.

But with Rihanna's birthday ... Chris and Rihanna's duets released this week ... friends fear they're fighting an uphill battle.

As one source put it, "You can't hold back love."



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Kathy Ramo    

I think CB learned his lesson and i believe he can be forgiven--and i also believe that RI really loves him as do he to her and you have to forgive in this world or you wont be able to move on

972 days ago


No one will be able to stop these 2 if they want to be together, god bless them! I agree they shouldn't , but again they are adults and will do as they wish, unfortunately. I guess we all can just hope one of them doesn't end up dead if they do!!!!!!!

972 days ago


Both worthless pieces of garbage, who cares they are meant for each other.

972 days ago


She certainly isn't the first woman to go back to an abusive spouse. Very sad.

972 days ago

Kathy Ramo    

I hope RI isnt making a mistake, and i hope CB learned his lesson, but one thing for sure TRUE lOVE can not be broken and maybe they really do love each other

972 days ago


The real quote to end this story should read, "You can't hold back stupid!" Both of these people are users. At this point they're using their combined celebrity to boost publicity. And I'm sure their handlers are in on this PR campaign. Rihanna has really taken a turn for the worst. Her tat addiction is getting really nasty (THUG LIFE on her fingers). And Chris Browns' tweet addiction is revealing what a real jerk, idiot he continues to be. So, now we're about to witness the third act with these immature, fading, selfish, irresponsible, mental cases. I'm glad to say I've never bought any of their music, so I haven't contributed to their stash. But, as soon as Rihanna receives a new beat down from this goon, I'll contribute to the Battered Woman Home she ends up at.

972 days ago


They're both trash. They deserve each other.

972 days ago

Joan K    

If they think by getting back together that their careers will soar they better think about it. I bet it will backfire right in their faces and they will deserve it. Like I said before what you have here is Dumb and Dumber. Once a woman beater, ALWAYS a woman beater, period.

972 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

They can always change their names to Ike and Tina.

972 days ago


Stupid people will do stupid things. How anybody holds these two people in any kind of regard other than contempt is beyond me.

972 days ago


Why do people keep bringing Charlie Sheen into this? Regular TMZ readers are already aware that Charlie is a piece of wife beating, entitled, drug deluded sh*t too. No need to compare rotten apples to other rotten apples.

972 days ago


and you can't hold back fists either apparently
If the Grammy producers saw fit to celebrate Brown's redemption with 2 featured performances, I don't see what the problem is.
I mean what does a guy have to do, besides nothing, to win the rest of America back?

972 days ago


"You can't hold back love."

No, but you can beat the crap out of it any time it steps out of line.

972 days ago


Can they taiser one or the other?

972 days ago


If she goes back with him she is stupid. I read the entire police report and saw the pics of what he did to her. Next time, he will kill her, I have no doubt. He didn't learn a thing as proven by his actions have shown. Kudo's to her friends for trying.

972 days ago
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