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Banned From Jersey Wine Shop

2/23/2012 10:30 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

0223_snooki_WENN2In an unwise financial move, the wine shop next to Snooki's new Jersey City home wants nothing to do with the little booze guzzlin' blast in a glass ... and even posted a sign on the door to keep her the hell out.

We're told Jwoww ain't welcome in the store either, so the ladies will have to schlepp their bronzed behinds a little further than next door when they want to binge drink for the cameras of their new reality show.

TMZ spoke to the GM at the wine shop ... who tells us, "Even if Jwoww shows up at our front door she will not be let in."

He adds, "The only thing they are good for is ridicule and amusement. There is no upside business wise, and the potential downside is God knows what. Why feed the embarrassment?”


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who cares    

It is illegal to sell Alcohol to anyone who is already intoxicated, another words if someone like snookie who is always drunk comes in stumbling to buy more alcohol it is illegal to sell her it. SO if She comes stumbling in drunk already to buy more and he allows her he then becomes liable in civil court and criminal court if he sold her the Alcohol.

871 days ago


If they were black everyone would be crying racism. There would be lawsuits and a ton for press about how it is profiling and how horrible this is. I think it is amazing the double standards we have in this country.

870 days ago


racist! italian americans should shun this business- this outrage makes all italian americans look like guidos. where is tony bruno- this is an outrage!

870 days ago

Eve Ellis    

I would kick her out too!!!

870 days ago

Get back to work!    

My TV needs a No Snooki sign.

870 days ago

Tom Cruise    

Good to know there are still some people out there with good common sense and standards.

870 days ago


That wine shop is 2 blocks down and around the corner. It's probably gonna make more money now with the publicity you gave it by not allowing Snooki. It's not even close to "next door".

870 days ago


Very smart shop owner. The ONLY things this garden gnome/troll doll is famous for is getting blackout drunk, then doing the nasty (and I mean NASTY), with some guy she may or may not know. Snooki has "class" written all over her, don't you think? Her parents must be SO proud.....I really wish all of these two-bit, sleazy, sloppy, drunken skanks would just GO AWAY, AND STAY AWAY! I don't watch the show, and never will. The commercials are enough for me

870 days ago


Nobody in Jersey City wants those skanks here at all. At least four other places - the best bars in the area - have banned them also - Skinner's Loft, Barcade, Beechwood Cafe, and LITM. The residents here in JC are super angry that a film permit was granted at all and we hope they don't film anywhere at all - Hoboken, Jersey City, and Newark don't want them around. We are lobbying the places close to our apartment to ban them also, we don't need or want that train wreck mess near our homes.

869 days ago


Has it even been taped yet? How the hell can snooki the slut drink if she's preggers? What will the show be about. Snooki at the OB/GYN office getting off on the vaginal sonogram exam?

865 days ago
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