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Chris Brown's Alleged Victim

'He Snatched My Phone!' (VIDEO)

2/24/2012 10:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Christal Spann interviewed by police.
The woman who claims Chris Brown robbed her of her cell phone was captured on video obtained by TMZ, clearly agitated as she tells cops, "He snatched my phone."

Christal Spann and her 2 friends seem spontaneous and upset as she exclaims several times, "I just want my phone back." 

One of Spann's friends told police, Brown exclaimed, "Bitch, you not gonna put this up on no website."

Spann filed a police report, claiming she was attempting to take a picture of Brown early Sunday morning in Miami when he ripped her phone out of her hand and drove away.

Brown is being investigated  for the crime of "robbery by sudden snatching." If he's arrested, authorities in L.A. could move to violate his probation in the Rihanna beating case, and that could land him in California prison for 4 years.

The Miami Beach P.D. and the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office are aware of the video in this post and they will be evaluating it in deciding whether to charge Brown with a crime.


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Funny how black girls will defend famous, rich, black sc*mbags like him. They call the black women in their lives gold-digging hos, and most of them won't blame, for example, Deion Sanders for cheating on or Chris Brown for beating on their women. Even these girls were goo-goo eyed fans until Brown stole her phone. It's a paradox of self-loathing and racism idol worshiping.

940 days ago


Whether he did it man u know c brown aint doing no 4 years in the joint he'll probably do probation or community service thats how it rolls for celebrities...of course i wished that he did time it would be fair!!

940 days ago


Stop walking up 2 stars taking pics with out permission im not a CB fan, but she should have asked for a pic

940 days ago


It does make sense that he would rip the phone out of her hands if she had been taking pictures, or videoing him. Can def see him saying something like 'bitch you aren't going to be putting me on websites' Pretty stupid thing to do being on probation.

940 days ago


What do you want to bet that CB gets in touch with this woman and gives the phone back, pays her some cash and gives her some concert tickets, and this all goes away? Because, SHE JUST WANTS HER PHONE BACK......

940 days ago


MZReeses: Why in God's name would you find it hard to believe the woman? If you believe a thug who beats up women and chokes them and makes them bleed, and then tells them he's going to kill them; throws a chair through a window in a rage at a television show:posts homophobic rageful rants just a few days after this year's Grammy's, then there's something terribly wrong with you.

Why would you defend a wife beater with a rage problem? He's the next OJ Simpson, mark my words.

You might want to get counseling for that low self worth you have as well, MzReeses.

940 days ago

Drk Gntlmn    

Seriously, this crap happened on the 19th. If they haven't arrested him yet, I don't believe the 3 scallywags.

940 days ago


Thank you Grammy's for honoring this fool and making him think hes worth a damn. Any one who has to go over the top to prove how manly they are has issues they need to address. Overcompensating for some shameful feelings are we?????? Or he's just a misogynistic a**. Either way, hes an embarrassment!!

940 days ago


GossipExtra says Brown snatched the phone away because the woman took photos of him with two groupies- one of whom may be this blonde woman in the photo, and he didn't want Rihanna to see them:

940 days ago


CB is the next Ike Turner. Rhianna needs to make a call to Tina STAT!

940 days ago


Here we go again!! We'll be waiting for you in Cali Mr Coward Brown!!!

940 days ago


TMZ, when are you going to stop crying wolf about these 'potential' criminal consequences. It NEVER happens. If L Lohan had done 10% of the time you kept telling us she would do, she would have been in jail for the next 5 years. Admit it. Celebrity justice is basically non existent.

940 days ago


He'll beat the rap faster than he beat Rihanna.

940 days ago


Um, Drk Gentlman ? You do realize that it took the police MONTHS to arrest Scott Petersen for the arrest of his wife don't you? This is not a long period of time at all.

I personally know of a crime in California involving a pedophile where it took two years of investigations before they arrested the perp. You might want to read up on how a criminal investigation works.

940 days ago


he most likely didn't do it and everyone is still giving him a hard time for what he did years ago. do you really think he would risk going to jail over a phone when the paps are taking pics of him all of the time? he paid for his crime and rhianna doesn't seem to have a problem so no one else should either. it's funny how people weren't all up in arms when tommy lee and pam anderson had their domestic situation. get over it and move on.

940 days ago
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