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Dr. Conrad Murray

Denied Freedom

During Manslaughter Appeal

2/24/2012 5:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray was just shot down by a judge, denying him bail while he appeals his manslaughter conviction in the death of Michael Jackson.

During today's hearing, Judge Michael Pastor found Murray is still a flight risk because he does not have significant property or family ties here in Los Angeles.

Judge Pastor also believes Murray is a danger to society -- citing the NBC documentary, in which Murray fails to show any remorse for MJ's death.

Pastor said "it scares me" that Murray believes it's okay to use Propofol in a home setting -- and insists he could pose a danger to the safety of other people if he were released.

Murray had previously filed a motion asking for bail so he could spend time with his family while he awaits the outcome of his appeal.

Murray is hoping to overturn his manslaughter conviction on grounds he never had a chance to prove Michael killed himself  due to stress ... among other reasons.

Murray's appellate attorney Valerie Wass says she believes Murray is a "scapegoat," who's being blamed for Michael's death because there's no one else to target.


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Dose Of Reality    

A lot of "people" here like to throw around the term "hater" but it seems that they are just as guilty of being "haters" if not more. The really odd part is that they try to portray themselves as being morally fit and devoutly religious which is in complete contradiction with their actions.

So keep spewing your own form of hate and corrupt morals. Keep your unwavering beliefs in what you were told to believe by people only serving themselves and the almighty dollar, in spite of any logic presented to you. Keep hypocritically labeling others while you claim to be the opposite. Realize that if you held yourselves up to moral standards you claim to represent you would not get it thrown back in your face quite as much. I will wear your term "hater" as a badge of honor because from you, it means I am the opposition of "people" like you.

934 days ago





934 days ago



934 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

HumanNature: about an hour ago
Absolutely. That does not give license to sin though, does it? Also not all sins are equal, are they? If you stole some food because you were hungry it is a sin, but is that sin the equal to murder?

HN, I was only guessing that your post was in reply to mine, it may not have been. If it was, I don't really think it relates well but I responded anyway.

933 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

OhWell: 41 minutes ago

, Deb somehow, gained some insight about MJ and became not so much a fan anymore
That Was Me.
So, what was the wake up call?

933 days ago


Hi Human Nature...

YES it was Deb who posted her own personal information on here...including her damn bra size! Then she posted Ohwells information on here including the hospital he was in along with the room number. This is when Katie10 called him at the hospital! I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!
Ohwell and Her were the ones who FIRST put all my personal information on here..My address and Phone number...then IN turn I put theirs on here!
In the process of DEB having a "light bulb Moment" she also threw EVERYONE she was friends with under the bus! There was a group of us who would chat other places and DEB choose to bring their personal things over here also...AGAIN...NOT ME..
Diluma is just an idiot posting things she knows NOTHING about Or maybe a stalker of Debs seeing she knows everything Deb posted for the last three years...It must keep a notebook..a little scary I might add....:((

933 days ago


- Would one of the supporters here please post this as a live link?

Tks in advance

933 days ago


* Sneddon’s case against Michael Jackson was bull**** : Matt Taibbi – Rolling stones.

Ostensibly a story about bringing a child molester to justice, the Michael Jackson trial would instead be a kind of homecoming parade of insipid American types grifters, suckers and no-talent schemers, mired in either outright unemployment… or the bogus non-careers of the information age, looking to cash in any way they can.The MC of the proceedings was District Attorney Tom Sneddon, whose metaphorical role in this American reality show was to represent the mean gray heart of the Nixonian Silent Majority – the bitter mediocrity itching to stick it to anyone who’d ever taken a vacation to Paris. The first month or so of the trial featured perhaps the most compromised collection of prosecution witnesses ever assembled in an American criminal case – almost to a man a group of convicted liars, paid gossip hawkers or worse. The early witnesses against Jackson included a bodyguard who missed court because he was in custody facing charges stemming from a series of armed robberies, including holding up a Jack in the Box at gunpoint; a former Neverland maid who’d stolen a sketch Jackson had made of Elvis Presley and sold it to the tabloids for thirty grand; another former employee who’d lost a wrongful-termination suit against Jackson and had to pay part of a $1.4 million settlement as a result.

And then there was the very key figure in the case, the accuser’s mother, who had to plead the Fifth Amendment on the first day of her testimony to avoid cross-examination on a welfare-fraud allegation – a witness so completely full of sh—t that Sneddon’s own assistants cringed openly throughout most of her five days of testimony. In the next six weeks, virtually every piece of his case imploded in open court, and the chief drama of the trial quickly turned into a race to see if the DA could manage to put all of his witnesses on the stand without getting any of them removed from the courthouse in manacles.

Sneddon’s hard-on for Jackson was a faith-based vengeance grab every bit as blind and desperate as George Bush’s “case” against Saddam Hussein. If Ahmad Chalabi had ever been to Neverland, Sneddon would have put him on the stand too.

His case was bullsh—t. California vs. Jackson turned out to be basically a tale of a family of low-rent grifters trying to lay a criminal-molestation charge on a rich celebrity as a prelude to a civil suit.

933 days ago


duilama: 10 hours ago

This is what happened too to Danger Baby and Mimimoomoo, that Mimimoomoo sent some private email to Danger Baby showing her not so pretty hypocritical other side, and things got boil over.


I sent an email? ROFL....

What a bunch of BS.

Just more proof that you are absolutely and completely out of your mind.

933 days ago


Well Duilama..You might want to go back and reread the posts and see exactly where it started!!! You are right day she would ask to be left alone and the next she would be posting stuff about our personal business! NOBODY prayed on her mental illness..she used her mental illness to be an azz to everyone!

933 days ago



Thanks Phantom, you post great videos.
….. You know, in the nineties I had no concept of what this video actually ment, I knew it was Michael's huge effort to save the planet.
When I see this video now, I see a Man that wanted to save humanity from itself.

933 days ago



Go dig all you want. Have at it. Was not me who sent any email. Not on Facebook either LoL, just in case you want to check there also.

Why don't you just shut your filthy trap you ignoramous fool.

933 days ago



933 days ago
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