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Lucy Lawless

I'm Peeing All Over

the Arctic Oil Tanker

2/24/2012 9:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lucy Lawless is learning the hard way ... bathrooms are off limits when you've illegally boarded an oil tanker and refuse to leave in the hopes of preventing Arctic drilling.

Fortunately, the "Xena" actress has found another way to relieve herself during her freezing cold protest on the top of the tanker with the Greenpeace people ... in bottles ... they just have to be careful when they reach for the Gatorade.

Sources close to Lucy tell us ... she's still in good spirits after spending her first cold and windy night on the ship ... and doesn't plan to leave anytime soon.

As we previously reported, Lucy KNOWS she'll be arrested the second she sets foot from the ship ... but tells TMZ it's "worth it" to save the "delicate ecosystem" in the Arctic.


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Lucy needs to crawl back into the hole of "nobody cares".

917 days ago

who cares    

She wants to protect the eco system but yet uses and buys bottled water??? Doesn't she know that plastic like that bottle kills all kinds of marine life???? She is a d-bag and a consumer of the very samething she is against... We already know hollywood is full of hypocrites but come on it might as well be stamped on her head.

917 days ago


the captain needs to fire up that ship & leave port.
then turn the firehoses on the wingnuts & let them swim home

917 days ago


Go Lucy! At least she has the courage to fight for what she believes in, unlike other Celebs who just whine and complain. If everyone took direct action like this, we might actually make some progress. Instead of sitting here being a hater, why don't you trolls try to go do something productive. Like... SAVETHEARCTIC

917 days ago

Who Knew    

what do these liberal twits think powers that ship she is on? Hypocrates.

917 days ago


Another dumb celebrity who has a big house that consumes a lot energy, a nice gasoline driven car, and travels often on jets that use fuel. A typical elite liberal.

No one will hate her for burning fuel as long as she demonstrates against it.

917 days ago

Don Pedro    

I am forever impressed when a B- actress asks 50% or more of her potential viewers to drop her in favor of someone who acts without asking everyone to accept their political views.

Lucy...your getting long in the tooth...hang on to as many fans as you keeping your mouth shut!

917 days ago

Todd P    

WOW. I just lost so much respect for Lucy. I thought she was smarter than this...

917 days ago


ufos*mycow, V Kint, Love My Fans, i'm just gonna clear somethings up far y'all. first off, do y'all know what happens in oil drilling? or the after effects of it? or what happens if there's a spill? by your comments i'm going to assume you don't. please research it before hitting the comment button. second, we can get fuel from algae and other more green sources there are cars that run off vegetable oil. third, and this is for you Love My Fans, Lucy actually a very busy person, she just got done filming Spartacus and then flying around in the US to promote it and made a stop for her fans from Xena at their convention a few weeks ago. Also, she isn't an American. she's not from the US, she's from New Zealand. sorry, but that could have been found out in five seconds on wikipedia. so until you actually know what you're talking about, don't post things. it doesn't take that much time to get informed on things even such trivial things like whether a person is from one country or another.

917 days ago


I have yet to see an intelligent comment from anyone on this panel about why drilling in the Arctic is a good idea. So hey morons - let me ask you a few questions. Do you LIKE paying $4/gallon for gas? You must believe Arctic drilling will increase oil supply and therefore reduce price. So when a spill happens (and yes idiots, it will happen), how easy do you think it will be to clean up when the spill happens under feet and feet of solid ice, in a remote wilderness that makes Alaska look like Disneyland, where you have 6 months darkness each year? And who do you think will ultimately pay for that ? The oil companies? Or the consumer? Think that's going to reduce your price at the pump? Now... let's see those intelligent responses!! C'mon, I know you have it in you...

917 days ago


Give em hell Lucy and stand up for what you believe in!!

917 days ago

Bill C.    

Okay, she's trespassing on the ship and refuses to leave? Do I understand the situation? Why doesn't the crew just turn a hose on her? She'll leave that boat pretty quick if she's soaking wet in the arctic.

917 days ago


Everyone knows the person who could really make change was Hercules.

He'd have lifted that ship and thrown it on the docks. Too bad she was just the sidekick in bad spandex.

917 days ago


It seems TMZ has more haters per capita than any other site I visit.

917 days ago


Does anyone find it funny that they had disposable water bottles with them. Bottles that are mad of plastic...that don't break down in land fills? That's really eco friendly!

917 days ago
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