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Lucy Lawless

I'm Peeing All Over

the Arctic Oil Tanker

2/24/2012 9:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lucy Lawless is learning the hard way ... bathrooms are off limits when you've illegally boarded an oil tanker and refuse to leave in the hopes of preventing Arctic drilling.

Fortunately, the "Xena" actress has found another way to relieve herself during her freezing cold protest on the top of the tanker with the Greenpeace people ... in bottles ... they just have to be careful when they reach for the Gatorade.

Sources close to Lucy tell us ... she's still in good spirits after spending her first cold and windy night on the ship ... and doesn't plan to leave anytime soon.

As we previously reported, Lucy KNOWS she'll be arrested the second she sets foot from the ship ... but tells TMZ it's "worth it" to save the "delicate ecosystem" in the Arctic.


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People on here are saying her 15 minutes are up, who remembers her, all you realize she has an awesome starring role on Spartacus, all 3 seasons and has gotten tons of fan adoration and critics applause? I think her career is as good as ever.

979 days ago


This woman is bat**** insane. As someone mentioned earlier the Captain should set sail.

979 days ago


Nice...go girl..!

979 days ago


What Lucy is doing is using her status as a celeb to bring attention to the world that we need to stop drilling for oil and destroying our planet. Yes we are all in need of affordable fuel, but the costs of those *affordable* fuels are rising all the time. We need to look to cleaner energy use now, not wait until the last minute when every drop has been drained from the planet, then running around like headless chickens wondering how the hell we are going to run our transport etc.
Mother Nature has been giving us fair warning of what will happen if we continue to ignore those warnings, and if we don't stop now what kind of a future are we leaving our children too.
Lucy is thinking of her children, and she does not think she is above the law. She know's the consequences’ of her actions. Yet she still decides to stand up for what she believes in. maybe instead of criticizing from our armchairs we should join in and help, after all climate change is going to affect us all, and not all of it in a good way. The movie 2012 comes into mind while writing this, some of you may laugh at this. But I also remember thinking years ago about a self driving car, and bionic limbs. But they are out there now aren't they.
I am behind Lucy 100%, good on her.

979 days ago


Lucy, Lucy, Lucy, please dont mix up the bottles!!!!
I am so proud of you and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be your fan and I admire your strenth and wisdom to stand up for what you believe. Thank you for your courage and I am praying extra hard that this will be a batle won!...........God Bless You and your teammates!....A fan from St Louis Mo. USA

979 days ago


For all you US commenters, do y'all remember a small incident two years ago around this time? it was a nice oil rig explosion, just so y'all know that oil is still there poisoning the water, beaches and marine animals, which affects the economy for the entire gulf coast. so, what Lucy is doing actually a good thing. we don't need fossil fuel not oil, cause there's oil in other things, to get on with our lives, we seem to have survived a few hundred years without the stuff, just saying.

979 days ago


GreenPeace & the like are hypocritical idiots fighting a war they can't win, because they add to the problem & don't even recognize it. Looking at the picture above, what is wrong with it? Do you see it? Okay, I will make it easy for you - they are so concerned about the ecosystem that (1.) they bring a crap-load of small non-biodegradable water bottles with them for water & (2.) fill them with urine. (3.) Now let's just look forward to their eventual departure from the ship after they decide the protest is done. Do you think they will transport their trash & waste off the ship? No, they will not - they will do what all miss-directed protesters do - leave their crap behind for some one else to clean up, dispose of, & pay for. It happens over & over again. If I were the captain of this ship, I would throw them off my ship & let nature(that they protect) take care of them.

979 days ago


so, for all you people who are against the not drilling issue, have y'all found a new planet and not told the rest of us about it?

979 days ago


I support her.

979 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Stupid bitch.

979 days ago


She must have a penis to get that in there. How does a woman achieve that ?

979 days ago


Do y'all really not give a **** about the planet? all y'all seem to be focused on is that she's a woman and that she can pee in a bottle. its not nearly as hard as y'all are making it out to be.
now let me say something, last year at this time i would have been bundled up in about three layers of clothes because it was soo cold, yet this year i'm able to walk around in a t-shirt and shorts. the world is changing, as Lucy mentioned in other videos on this site, climate change is only one of the things that would be affected by the the drilling in the arctic. But honestly at this point, y'all don't give a ****. do y'all not want to have a planet? do y'all not want y'alls kids to have a planet? or their kids? how can you hate the planet soo much that you're willing to do that? i'm talking as a left-wing or right-wing anything, i'm not some damn bird. this isn't a political thing, this is a ****ing human thing. we need the planet to be healthy, no amount of technology will change that. if the earth fails, we die. we're done. finito. so how is she stupid for trying to prolong the earth?
and if this was some actress you liked would you be saying, "Kill them" "hose them down" "tie them to an anchor". thats just sick. what has she done that has pissed you off so much? get on a ship? how does this hurt you? if you don't like it, go to another page, don't spit out anger and hatred.cause it reflects back on you and it really makes you look bad. so what if you dislike my comment, this is tmz, not a face to face thing. it doesn't hurt me. just like "liking" my comment doesn't affect me. i don't post this stuff for the likes or dislikes, i post so you can see the truth. i not putting any spin on this, i'm simply commenting on the stuff y'all are posting.

979 days ago


Lucy is a nut job-- what she needs to do is save herself.She is a rich spoiled sheep---do the world a favor-- you and your greenpeace criminals take a leap.You don't like the world i am sure a few people would love to give you a big shove....... what a moron and sheep fellowing fans would fall off with her--- idiots...Starz can suck it.Warrior nutcase.........

979 days ago

Castor Troy    

LOL I thought I was the only one who pee'd in those exact water bottles.

Must be a NZ thing. XD

979 days ago


So she's fighting to save the planet from the evils of drilling. Admirable, I suppose. One would think, though, that she'd find something other than PLASTIC BOTTLES in which to pee. You know, the things that are taking over landfills at an alarming rate. Way to go, Captain Planet (killer).

979 days ago
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