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Lucy Lawless

I'm Peeing All Over

the Arctic Oil Tanker

2/24/2012 9:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lucy Lawless is learning the hard way ... bathrooms are off limits when you've illegally boarded an oil tanker and refuse to leave in the hopes of preventing Arctic drilling.

Fortunately, the "Xena" actress has found another way to relieve herself during her freezing cold protest on the top of the tanker with the Greenpeace people ... in bottles ... they just have to be careful when they reach for the Gatorade.

Sources close to Lucy tell us ... she's still in good spirits after spending her first cold and windy night on the ship ... and doesn't plan to leave anytime soon.

As we previously reported, Lucy KNOWS she'll be arrested the second she sets foot from the ship ... but tells TMZ it's "worth it" to save the "delicate ecosystem" in the Arctic.


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910 days ago


Go Lucy! Thankfully we not ALL narcissists intent on using up every resource because, hey, no worries, we're all waiting for the rapture anyway!!!

910 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

This is really just a secret sweatshop producing urine to be poured on Kim Kartrashian.

910 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

Nuke the gay unborn baby whales.

910 days ago


can this woman prove anymore how amazing she is? She's one of the funniest people ever. she just keeps making me love her more. Inspirational... I am going to do something good tomorrow. Thanks Lucy! Save the artic!

910 days ago


Things wont go bad, they are still in port in New Zealand. Might want to get facts first before commenting and @Love My Fans, .... Lucy is a New Zealander doing something as she states "for her children and grand children" and is doing it in her country. Its not up to her to save the starving children of USA..... Have you helped them recently???

910 days ago


I'm from the US and I say GO LUCY! This affects the world and she's standing up for something and not many do! Before talking **** about selfish needs instead and supporting destroy the world... and use starving children as an excuse, before you comment talking ish then check your self first. Please be able to tell your self that you have actually done something to help and then you qualify to comment. Is she supposed to be okay with the oil drilling cause people are complaining they need help in other places around the world?? STFU! This is here and now, she needs to do something about this now.. while she still can before its too late and thats what her and her team are doing. Don't act like its publicity... she doesn't need any, she has the most loyal fans in the world, don't act like she hasn't raised money for charities before, don't act like she don't care.. at least she's doing something and I bet more than most of you hypocrites have done. and then you complain about plastic bottles? Of all things to worry about... when the time comes and it needs to be dealt with then you should worry about the plastic bottles, right now its the least of anyones concern. its not a dam protest for plastic bottles but it surely will become one with people like lucy taking the first step.. its too bad in order to take this step for her... she still has to use those bottles. Don't try and turn it into something else and give her some credit for all the good she works so hard to do. All the money she raises and charities she participates in. Even if you think its all fake and for publicity.. do you not care about the good health of the children. Isn't that what's more important. Give the woman credit. She is amazing. Lucy forget these people.. I know your not the kind of person to let anyone especially people like them bring you down. Thats why we love you and appreciate you.

910 days ago


Lucky she's got those bottles... made from petroleum products! Stupid hypocrite.

910 days ago


wonder if she drives a car, and puys gas in it, if she heatr and cools her home and if she cooks food on a stove. a stupid attention seeker, stop doing stories about her and she will go away. and what is she doing crapping in pants up there

910 days ago


Wow..reading the responses on this board, it's no wonder we live in a world where police think it's okay to teargas and beat peaceful protesters. There are just so many violent-minded people trolling this board and it's sick. A lot of people are so quick to judge Lucy and call her things like "crazy" "b****" etc- but seriously, why are you SO furious that you have to take out your anger on a message board? Why not spend that same energy trying to make things in this world a little better? People who want to create awareness about the damage we're doing to our own world are "hippie tree huggers"? what does that make the rest of you? Idiot zombies that are wasting away in their own ignorance and filth, angry without even knowing why-- typing up hate messages and bringing up points that make absolutely no sense.

there've been so many comments saying "hypocrite- she's using a water bottle- blah blah blah- do you know where that bottle comes from?" the whole point is not that she's against the use of oil; the idea is that she's against companies squeezing out every last inch of nature while simultaneously posing a huge threat to the world population. Stop being so lame, people- please- it's just sad.

910 days ago


I would hate to see an oil spill in the Arctic,...What a disaster that will be.How about a lil experiment at home for everyone.
Scrape off some ice flakes from your freezer,squeeze em in a ball and pour crude oil on it what you about to see will make you understand why drilling in the arctic is a BAD idea.
Think better of those hippies when the arctic ice turn black,raise your fists and curse from behind your T.V sets watch the majestic ice bear along with everything else die.Then its BlOODY too late.

910 days ago


i'm curious, how old you retards are? she's over 40, she knows more then you morons do,she's from New Zealand, search that, on the planet's map, it's not for away from Antarctica, but it's so typical for you u.s.a. people to say ****, about people you don't know, it's in your garbage blood, I still regret, that my late european Columb, had to discover your continent, full of retards & fat ass losers :)!

910 days ago


Lucy welcome to the International Terrorist List-hope you never wanted to live in USA again-Eco terrorists are nothing but criminals- you, dumbass just joined the club-your nightmare LL has just begun............

910 days ago


Lucy will come down tomorrow she got an acting gig with jane campion that one series i will NOT be watching--- She is mother --yep a mother teaching her children to break the law--lousy actress-- lousier mother.Shell is just deleting anything you send them..idiots..Why should Shell bow down to criminal--the Green peace are terrorists and they use blackmail,not to mention nz police are wimps.. do you job arrest them .Police should have done it the first day.didn't even take their phones or laptop.pathetic country,pathetic police,pathetic actress.......Sheel is laughing at you losers......Shell should throw the book at them.

910 days ago


Another treehugger, who perhaps prefers buying her oil from the muslim terrorists.

910 days ago
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