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Chris Brown


After Alleged Phone-Snatching

2/25/2012 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown is not so camera shy after allChris Brown's not so camera shy after all -- just hours after he allegedly snatched a girl's phone for snapping a pic of him ... the singer posed for a photo with some female fans in Miami ... BEAMING HIS FACE OFF.

The pic was snapped outside the valet after the Heat/Magic game on Sunday -- and the lady on the right tells TMZ, CB was extremely nice during their brief interaction.

Chris had left American Airlines Arena early to beat the crowd -- but our source stopped him to say she's a big fan. When he heard this, they chatted briefly and Chris agreed to take the picture.

If you notice, CB's wearing the same chain he wore to Miami's Cameo nightclub the night before (below) -- when he allegedly snatched the girl's iPhone.



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Joan K    

Oh yeah what the heck are these old women doing chasing this POS around to get a stupid picture with him? They look old enough to be his Mother, wow!

941 days ago

Joan K    

Of course the woman beater is going to ham it up for the cameras now, he has to try to make up for what he did earlier. What is it with all of the necklaces, does he think he is the next Mr T. ? I am waiting to hear what crap he pulls next and then maybe some jail time will do this little punk some good but most likely not.

941 days ago


What a complete A HOLE remember the Tiger had the same stripes forty years ago

941 days ago


OMG yes those women need to grow up and get a life you're like 40 years old why are you fans of this spoilt LITTLE BOY.

941 days ago


He is such a sweetheart, I want to give him my youngest beautiful daughter as soon as it gets legal, I'm sure he will be a good man to her, because she is blond and white.
He as such a nice smile and good money too.
I love that man, I want him for my baby girl and I Will have him.
I know he looks for girls when concerts are over and I have the prettiest for him.
See you soon lover boy.

941 days ago


surprised he didn't steal their cell phones and beat the crap out of them....

941 days ago

Tony the Giant    

Them chains don't make him look like nothing. He's still dressed up like a tramp.

941 days ago


The gold chains are repulsive. Isn't anyone advising him about the image he needs to be portraying these days?

941 days ago


These are two older moms that want to have a "Can you believe we did this, moment". Something to tell their friends about and laugh about for years to come. "Remember when we got our pictures taken with that azz wipe Brown"? "Remember how we sold those photos to TMZ right after he stole that other girl's phone and said she wasn't going to put it on any site? Wasn't it funny how we did the same thing the next day, took a picture and made money? That is all this is. Can't you just read it in their faces?They are not saying cheese, they are saying TMZ or money!

941 days ago

I Was About To Say    


941 days ago

I Was About To Say    

Did he buy those chaines at Walmart?

941 days ago


As a women I can't understand why women take to men like him. I've heard many outrageous remarks with respects to Chris Brown, such as "he can beat me any day"! What kind of sick women do we have out there that think that taking a beating is worth what ever the hell he might have. I know first hand that effects of abuse. Chris Brown is a sick man who will never change who he is as he has way too much anger in him. Women glorify this "women beater", men look up to him and think he is all of that.

WOMEN take back your dignity, don't settle for anything but the best. That is not a materialistic gesture. Be self made.

Look to your future with out men in the world like Chris Brown. There are so many GREAT men that are kind, gentle and respectful to women. Not the gum on the bottom of your shoe dudes like the Chris Brown.

To all you REAL men out there that treat women with the respect and dignity you know they deserve (you know who you are) I want to thank you for the respect you give us!

941 days ago


He looks so lonely, it's tearing me apart.
Feel like crying :-((

941 days ago


Intelligent people call this "Thug suck-up time because I need to cover my ass for stealing a cell phone". TMZ, stop catering to this thug just because he won a Grammy. He is a proven thug over and over again. So what? He took some pics over the last few days with a bunch of brainless bimbo's. Doesn't make him any less culpable for the things he has done.

941 days ago


Not siding with the guy, but there's a difference with just snapping your picture (especially if you are tired, in no mood - even if you are a celebrity, I believe there is so much they can take of this), and being asked nicely if they could take your picture and also a picture with you.

941 days ago
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