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Chris Brown


After Alleged Phone-Snatching

2/25/2012 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown is not so camera shy after allChris Brown's not so camera shy after all -- just hours after he allegedly snatched a girl's phone for snapping a pic of him ... the singer posed for a photo with some female fans in Miami ... BEAMING HIS FACE OFF.

The pic was snapped outside the valet after the Heat/Magic game on Sunday -- and the lady on the right tells TMZ, CB was extremely nice during their brief interaction.

Chris had left American Airlines Arena early to beat the crowd -- but our source stopped him to say she's a big fan. When he heard this, they chatted briefly and Chris agreed to take the picture.

If you notice, CB's wearing the same chain he wore to Miami's Cameo nightclub the night before (below) -- when he allegedly snatched the girl's iPhone.



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See I was right in that last article about the phone snatching. B*tches on here gave me dislikes and tried to argue. I said all it took was to ASK the guy for a pic and he'd probably say yes. Not invade his privacy snapping pics of him and trailing him like a stalker. But hey common sense is a rarity around here. Rihanna is over it and forgave him. She was the one to take the a$$ kicking not any of you.

Why don't you people demonize Mel Gibson, Sean Penn, Sean Connery, Tommy Lee and the other wife beaters? Cause they're white? Probably. Yea I pulled the race card. You people demonize Chris Brown and Michael Vick. Then you applaud idiots like Charlie Sheen who's a deadbeat cheater cause "He's winning!?!?" Ignore Ben Roethlisberger raping two women.

968 days ago

Tony the Giant    

What kind of demonstration is Chris putting on here? What is he doing showing his true colors against the black woman? I can't tell. The first thing he did was pose for a couple of white women, right after snatching the cellphone out of the hands of a black woman. Like what? So you going like that he? Him and Terrence loves showing their true colors against the black woman. I bet you a white woman wouldn't marry his stupid a--!! Women are women, and they are gonna stick together no matter what race they are. They don't "F" with misogynistic men. Go marry your dog Chris,

968 days ago


I'm inclined to agree with charlenem u people mske me so sick of you, several years ago u ***'s sent a man to jail because u lovvvvvvvv ur dog, yet here in the burg a huskie just killed a three[3] day old baby and it was no big deal, and as for u carleman how u kno about cb's penis u been there for the lollipop or wish u could be ???????

968 days ago


Good gosh what are those two OLD HAGS smiling about?


In some ways those old hags are just as disgusting as that coward Brown.


968 days ago

who cares    

You know what as a white person it p-sses me off that Chris stole a white 4 S iPhone. Had it been a black 4 S iPhone I would forgive him.

968 days ago

who cares    

Used White 4 S iPhone for sale, it has a black eye and some swelling around the face but the body is in perfect condition. Contact Chrissy Brown for Info! #Chris Brown

968 days ago


Look at the two old wh0res taking the picture with that woman beater. Pathetic they would want to do that. Must be awhile since they have gotten laid.

968 days ago


why do people still support him by buying his albums and allowing him to attend events. He is filth, trash-s*** and should be in jail for beating a woman. Any man that lays a hand on a woman should be shot. Hes a little boy and karmas a bi$%h!

968 days ago


MAYBE he's BIPOLAR?????? OR...just plain NUTS!

968 days ago


The women in this photo should be ashamed of themselves. Obviously famewhoring outweighs their integrity.

968 days ago


And these two antique women are all excited to be photgraphed with a child, why?

968 days ago

Jonas Grumby    

LOL. "and the lady on the right tells TMZ, CB was extremely nice during their brief interaction." Yeah "He didn't punch me in my face like he did his girlfriend. Sweet guy! I can't wait to take another picture with him!"

968 days ago


That's a hideous fake looking chain.

968 days ago


You people are ****ing sick. Hateful, spiteful, and vindictive indicators of humanity... The comments here are way worse than anything Chris Brown may have done

968 days ago


- all that gold jewelry is so tacky!!

968 days ago
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