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Jim Jones

Maced and Arrested by Police

After Casino Brawl

2/25/2012 1:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jim Jones was arrested last night in Connecticut.
Jim Jones was involved in a CRAZY brawl last night in Connecticut which resulted in him getting arrested, but not before it took five cops and a little bit of mace to subdue him ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ has obtained insane video (see above) of the fight going down inside the casino after a party hosted by Diddy at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods.

Our sources say a guy, who seemed intoxicated, came up to Jones and started talking smack to him, which Jones tried to ignore.

According to our sources, the guy then started getting physical and throwing punches and Jones fought back in self defense. Then the guy's friends jumped in ... then Jim's people jumped in ... and IT WAS ON!!!

We're told Jones had no idea who the guy was or what triggered his beef with Jones. 

Sources close to Jones say he was arrested and it took the aforementioned cops and mace to bring him in. We're told he has since bonded out and is headed back home soon. 

Jones had no comment. The hotel had no comment as well, and referred us to the Connecticut State Police ... who said Jones was charged with assault on a police officer and breach of peace.

Jim Jones was maced.


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I'm sure the drunk guy just wanted to tell Jim Jones what we've all been wanting to tell him which is that he sucks and that he needs to just go away.

917 days ago


s*** is s*** and when s*** gets rich and famous it shows off even more what s*** it is! This piece of s##t is s*** with a s*** core and coated in s*** icing...

917 days ago


I don't see how he could get arrested since Foxwoods and the MGM are a sovereign nation, this the laws of the great state of Connecticut do not apply. Nothing will come of this.

917 days ago


If you try to avert me to twitter or Facebook I'll stop watchin or carin...What is going on here?! I WILL NEVER be apart of those sights...I'm not happy!

917 days ago


Jim jones never was maced... And in this picture that is only one trooper and one sercurity guard..Real tough guy...

917 days ago


Don't know who this dude is but don't you have a right to defend yourself, rapper or not??

917 days ago



917 days ago

Cognizant _illiberal    

i read the article, thought jim jones did good, then i watched the video and saw jim jones being calmly talked to and was yelling and taunting and running around trying to get everyone riled up because dumb black people "NOT ALL BLACK PEOPLE" have a natural instinct create ruckus as a distraction so they can looter one of the differences in impulse control among races one of the many differences between us so black people quit acting like jim jones did nothing wrong he acted uncivilized and should be treated as such bill cosby would not have acted that way because he is not an idiot like you black people who have a grudge and about something you were not even around to experience and you watch roots and think it was white people that captured you when it was black muslims that caught and sold black non believer kuffars so you sre ignorant for not knowing what you are talking about.

917 days ago


is this a commercial for VH1 love and hip reality tv show?

917 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Just some drunken idiot who's trying to get him to hit him so he can cash in and not have to work for a living. the new American ghetto pasttime.

917 days ago


I'm black and I'm even scared to be around a crowd of black people like this because it's predictable, you know what's going to happen it never fails. You can take the N*gger out the ghetto but you can't the ghetto out of the N*gger..Fame and money won't change anything but make them even more ghetto..It's sad but true..

917 days ago


Wish these douchebags would go to their own rat hole clubs and beat the hell out of each other (or worse) there, and leave places where civilized people go alone. They always have to drag the 'hood with them and make a spectacle every where they go. Ugh. Money sure doesn't buy class.

917 days ago

Brent Jorgensen    

The thing about our society is that if he doesn't act like a thug, get maced and arrested, there is NO press on him. The more he acts gangsta & ghetto, the more press & the more money he makes. Our country's standards have gone straight out the window. And no, I'm not blaming our liberal President, OK?

917 days ago


The policemen were clearly trying to avoid violence, and when these subhumans tried to intimidate them, they beat the crap out of the idiots. I fully support the actions fot he police force to keep peace and safety. Good job, brave men!

917 days ago


I thought I was pretty up on celebrity stuff, but I have no stinking idea who Jim Jones is, other than the evil, mass murdering cult leader. Thought he'd been dead for almost 40 years.

917 days ago
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