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Bra-less Kate Upton

Will She Hold Up?

2/25/2012 12:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

S.I. Swimsuit covergirl Kate Upton's the biggest thing in modeling right now -- but some (possibly blind) haters think her clock is already ticking. Clearly, they didn't watch this video. You should.

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the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I guess if you don't get stupid over this chick, you're some kind of hater? Wow, she has boobs, big deal, I have boobs.

The reason people think she's a flash in the pan, the only thing that sets her apart from other models, is her boobs, I guess. Her face is ordinary and forgettable.

969 days ago


She's beautiful but a complete ditz. I've watched interviews from different outlets they seriously make me cringe. She did great in the MLB commercial but let's be realistic. She won't get smaller aka runway is out. She can't handle lines aka out. I hope age thing however common sense tells me shes going to fade faster than the kardashians. Again I hope I'm wrong but for some reason I think I'm right. Nice knockers though.

969 days ago


I DONT GET IT!!!!!! I find her attractive yet common looking....I am not one of these jealous chicks who picks apart pretty girls, I tell women they are pretty all the time when I see it, I appreciate beautiful women! BUT.... This girl doesnt do it for me. Her boobs look good though but when you are walking in Beverly Hills with them hanging and you CLEARLY need a bra.... to each their own but its a bit classless. I like the idea of throwing a girl with curves on the magazine cover but most of it is airbrushed and I do think that if you are going to be a MODEL, get that body flab OFF and be in top shape. Her interview with Ellen degenerate was like a total mess up. She is stupid beyond stupid, what kind of manager lets this twiddle-doo go on a interview where she ACTUALLY has to speak???????? Keep the mouth shut, gain a personality, dont let the girls hang out like that its classless unless you are at the beach or in a ****tail dress, keep the mouth shut, looose some weight. Face wise, you got a very pretty face so please never get bigger lips, seems like a thing to do these days. VERDICT: PRETTY DUMB

969 days ago


Give this poor 19 year old stupid girl with no education a break. What else does she have to get through life other than flopping down the street. Bet her Uncle is real proud of her now.

969 days ago


Her bags already sag. Fuggedaboudit!

969 days ago

Buddy Lee    

Kate has AMAZING milk wagons!
I wish i could touch them with my hands and mouth.

969 days ago


@medianewsnow iwanabee filter in Kate Upton BOOB$:or underwire in Herbra wan Herr ware Wonz --She Looking Preta Perf.Hold Up?: S.I.Swimsuit covergirl Kate Upton's the biggest thing in modeling right Now --...GITITz LOURVELEYE!

969 days ago


She's a pretty girl but looks fade, and then judging by her lack of intelligence she's got nothing to fall back on but plastic surgery to try and maintain a young look.

Not quite sure why people get so uppity over her though, i've seen women equally if not more attractive just walking around my city.

969 days ago


And this is why she's nothing special. A blond with big tits except unlike most big-titted blonde Hollywood bimbo's, her's sag...a lot.

969 days ago

Lexi Jordan    

Her boobs look like any other 19 year old not wearing a bra! They are large, real breasts so obviously they aren't going to sit right beneath her chin!

Honestly, she is a pretty girl but nothing to write home about. Sure, if I was a guy I wouldn't kick her out of bed lol but that Vic's Secret talent lady was right. Her 'look' is generic, while pretty she isn't a girl that you would remember if she was on a magazine fully clothed. She can't even be compared to the other bikini and underwear models like Gisele, Bar and Adrianna.

969 days ago


Lady Gaga = Trashy
Kate Upton = Classy

969 days ago


One can only assume that what Kelly meant by "flat" is that her personality is flat. Anybody who thinks her breasts are flat must consider Pamela Anderson to be normal.
As for her being fat, I would say no, although her waist is abnormally high. It starts right under her boigy boingies.

969 days ago


She makes her money as a model, not rocket scientist, not surgeon. A model. The better they look, the more money they make. She is the best thing to come from SI in a long time. There have been great ones, but right now she is the "It girl". All I can say is Bravo, Bravo, Author, Author...

969 days ago


She's cute,but any breast over an a cup needs support of some kind or they turn into Droobies.

969 days ago


Get some class, girl, and cover those puppies up when in public. Don't you know the biggest erogenous zone is in the imagination?

So leave something to the imagination instead showing us the reality of your saggy boobs.

969 days ago
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