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Whitney Houston

Funeral Home Denies Leaking

Casket Photo

2/25/2012 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The funeral home where Whitney Houston's body was kept last week is denying that it played any role in leaking a photo of the pop legend inside her casket. 

Carolyn Whigham, owner of the Whigham Funeral Home in Newark, NJ, tells the Daily News she is devastated that the photo is out there and says her staff had nothing to do with it. 

She tells the paper, "We did not take that photo. We did not sell the photo. We would never do something like that."

Whigham says she has received numerous threats since the publication of the photo, but that Whitney's family has told her they do not blame the funeral home. 

FYI -- eight days ago, someone shopped that pic to TMZ ... we passed.


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thats twice now TMZ claims something shocking that was released was shopped to them. I think it is the lowest form of journalism, and to be honest, it pisses me off when TMZ claims to have the exclusive when it's painfully obvious multiple media outlets report these stories hours earlier., it almost seems like children are working at TMZ and the adults are away

974 days ago


Let her go.

974 days ago


FYI -- eight days ago, someone shopped that pic to TMZ ... we passed.

If this is true then you know who took it and should tell the family. Why did you decide to show Michael Jackson and not Whitney Houston. I for one didn't want to see either!

974 days ago


IF someone showed you the photo, then you know who it is. I think you should let the family know who did it

974 days ago

Christina G.    

The nine bodyguards come to mind.

974 days ago


Gained more respect for TMZ for passing on buying the photo. After the bath tub pic, I thought you would buy anything. Thanks for not stooping that low.

974 days ago


So TMZ tells us who try to sell it to you

974 days ago


It had to be a family member. It usually is a close confident or family member. (did the funeral home have surveil cameras; how do they know it wasn't the janitor?) Whitney had a large entourage on payroll and now that the money has stopped, those folks are out of work. I hope nobody told Cissy, who likes she's ready for the grave by the photos I've seen. Very frail looking.
The person probably had an intermediary, an attorney do the deal.
Thanks TMZ, I knew you wouldn't do something like that.

974 days ago


Right..Publish a picture of the tub she had the event in (not even cleaned) and you passed on the Whitney coffin picture out of the strength of your good character.

974 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

If it wasn't the funeral maybe RayJ did it. If he sold his own Amature porn video with Kim he'll do anything. When Ray J and Kim sold that sex video showed how they didn't have respect for themselves. Someone needs to pay the enquirer and find out who was the back stabbing friend. I sure would not be surprised if it was Ray J. Maybe the same person sold that video tape of Whitney 5 days before her death watching Madonna at half time was the person.

974 days ago


Too bad TMZ didn't pass when offered staged photos of a certain acquitted baby killer.

974 days ago


The people at national enquirer needs to die and shut down.They do too many rude things that should be illegal.

974 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

I'm sure if Bobbi brown was there he'd be blamed for this, when indeed people in her circle were the ones that did it. If you saw the pic the funeral home was empty when the pic was taken. So maybe the funeral home people aren't telling the truth and obviously someone at the funeral took the pic.

974 days ago


Pretty ironic that TMZ would pass but had no problem showing Michael Jackson's autospy and death photos. Why the double standard? It's obvious TMZ hates MJ and the Jackson family. Too bad you don't show the Jackson family the same compassion!

974 days ago


Who sold the picture? Don't even think Bobby Brown, yeah, don't even think Bobby Brown.

974 days ago
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