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Whitney Houston

Funeral Home Denies Leaking

Casket Photo

2/25/2012 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The funeral home where Whitney Houston's body was kept last week is denying that it played any role in leaking a photo of the pop legend inside her casket. 

Carolyn Whigham, owner of the Whigham Funeral Home in Newark, NJ, tells the Daily News she is devastated that the photo is out there and says her staff had nothing to do with it. 

She tells the paper, "We did not take that photo. We did not sell the photo. We would never do something like that."

Whigham says she has received numerous threats since the publication of the photo, but that Whitney's family has told her they do not blame the funeral home. 

FYI -- eight days ago, someone shopped that pic to TMZ ... we passed.


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If the photo was shopped to TMZ, why didn't they at least report this on their website like they've done before? Answer is that it's a bald-faced lie. TMZ was shocked like most people when the photo appeared.

910 days ago

Detective. LaToya    

How does she know her employees didn't do it? She checked all their phones? No one was around - standing around the casket so if it wasn't employees it had to have been family who there early or got there late. Either way the funeral home is still responsible.

910 days ago


Aretha did it.

910 days ago

Detective. LaToya    

And lol at tmz saying they were offered! Yeah right! You all mock Whitney daily on tmz-even after she was dead why would you pass on her death photo? Stop lying!

910 days ago


it had to be the daughter take the the pic you can elemate all the old people and the funeral home people they wount do this this fast its who ever needed money now had a friend sell the pic get a good pic like that .. if you guys at tmz have access to the pic look for a reflection in some of the objects in the room solve this for whitney ?

910 days ago


Oh come on now. You could at least tell us who the dirty rat was that was shopping the photo.

I am glad TMZ did not buy it. I have seen people who do take pictures of relatives in their casket, but for the life of me I do not understand why. I want to remember the deceased loved one alive and having fun not laying stone cold dead in their casket.

910 days ago

Cutie 57     

TMZ should have gotten the name of the persons who tried to sell them the photo. It is disgraceful and corrupt that some one invited as a close friend or family should profit from this dead woman body and receive over 500, 000 this person should be outed. There should be stones unturned as to who sold the Enquirer. Secondly the public should boycott the magazine and turn the tables on them. let them lose money. Since this is all about money . The public who care about Whitney should not take this lying down!

910 days ago

i no u    


910 days ago

Cutie 57     

TMZ should release the name or person/ persons who tried to sell them these pictures This would be in the public's interest. Since this photo was unauthorized it is not legitimate. it is really disgraceful and shameful that a close friend. funeral workers family member should benefit from 500,000. If not the public should boycott the National Enquirer. Since this is all about money, the public should teach them a lesson.

910 days ago


**** off TMZ with this "we passed bull****". You had no problems with showing photos of the coroner wheeling Whitney Houston out of her hotel room in a body bag.

Bunch of tards working for TMZ.

910 days ago


There's no doubt in my mind that the reason TMZ "passed" has NOTHING to do with morals. More than likely they were asking too much and TMZ couldn't afford it. It should speak volumes to the character of TMZ that someone would give them first crack at a pic like that.

910 days ago


Thanks for passing TMZ, we dont need to see that.

910 days ago


Family did it.

910 days ago


Definitely someone in Whitney's camp is cashing in on her death. The first pics in The Enquirer - the ones of "a model" posing as her in the tub and on the floor recreating the death scene..oh please! I would bet they are her..didn't they get Anna Nicole Smith's body bag pics and swear it was a model to only later confess it was the real deal. Now Whitney's coffin pics with details about the jewelry and her slippers. There will be more "spilled secrets" as the money dwindles and the mole gets away with it. And as long as some of the public is curious enough to want to see or hear all of this there will be cash value for it all no matter how immoral it is.

910 days ago


I had to laugh when tmz said someone shopped that pic of Whitney and they passed. Tmz you only passed cause you weren't willing to pay the top price so the person went else where. YOu guys are just as slimy as the rest of them. If the price was right you'd be airing it now on your sight. Don't come off all goodie too shoes. Your history shows other wise.

910 days ago
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