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Whitney Houston

Family 'Disgusted'

by Casket Photo

2/25/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston's family had "their heart broken all over again" this week when they saw a photo of Whitney laying in her casket published on the cover of a magazine ... TMZ has learned. 

Sources close to the family tell TMZ the family is disgusted the photo was printed and they have no idea how security surrounding the casket was breached. We're told the family could tell from the photo that it was taken from inside the funeral home, but they have no idea who would have snapped the pic.

Our sources say Whitney's mother, Cissy, has taken the publication of the photo the hardest.

Despite their disgust and outrage, we're told the family will not investigate the matter further.  

The owner of the funeral home has denied any wrongdoing on the part of her or her staff.


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Bobby Brown or Clive Davis? both have reasons for that money, who did it surely will not have peace Which Diva Whitney rest in peace.

968 days ago

Foxy Lady    

Always some DRAMA surrounding black funerals. I'm surprised no one fell on the casket, screaming "Whitney" while either trying to climb in or pull the body out. LOL

967 days ago


im still shocked an mj casket pic didnt show up

967 days ago


Oh please ... the Houston family has their collective panties in a bunch over this when she was easily the most photographed ,while strung out on cocaine, celeb in the history of the world .Period ... Talk about trying to shut the barn door when the horse has already run to the glue factory ...

967 days ago


well let me say if this photo is the real thing GOD BLESS WHITNEY she looks finally at peace and with the lord which she so firmly believed was her home I should only hope to look so peaceful while im alive.

966 days ago


As broke as I am right now, I would have sold it! PERIOD!!!! Rest in Peace Whitney, life goes on and I have bills to pay....

966 days ago


To all u hater she was only human how dare you people speak of this lovely lady like this. It is because of judge mental people in the world that force people to use drugs. I luv you Whitney Houston u were an inspiration to me. See u in heaven i know u got ya bible. I got mine to.

966 days ago

Brenda Savu    

Harvey Levin your about as big of a s*** bag as anybody.....You remind me of a pervert!!!!!

965 days ago


I'm sooo tired of people BASHING, this family. LET THESE PEOPLE DEAL WITH THEIR OWN DEMONS! I'm sure if YOU LOOK OUT YOUR BACK WINDOW, YOU WILL BE FACED WITH YOURS. regardless, of how CISSY is freaking out... SHE lost her DAUGHTER, No parent should have to outlive their CHILD! and as for her daughter, GET away from the spotlight, and live ya life 4 you!!!!!

965 days ago


I'm AMAZED @ how disresptful people can be SMMFGDH!!!!!! where are your kids@ ????? maybe robbing the next door neighbor? SEXing a group in the back of ya car???

965 days ago

Sabine Mondestin    

It's probably someone who works there and doesn't have the chance to be rich like the Houston's family ...I know it's sad but it's the cost of being famous ...There share her with the world when she was alive they will have to share her when she 's dead ...We can't blame the person to for trying to have a better life by being opportunist .

965 days ago


What is so wrong about showing a picture of a deceased person in their coffin? That was a common occurrence in the "Old Days". There is no
disrespect in that.

964 days ago


If Whitney Hosuton's family know the name of the person who took the picture of Ms. Houston in her casket and sold it to the National Inquirer, the family should identify the person and pursue legal action against the person and the National Inquirer. The funeral home has been implicated and I am certain that the implication reflects negatively on Whigham's funeral home. The owner of the business said that she was spat on. Do the right thing and identify the culprit!

963 days ago


Celebrites profit off of their fans and make a buck wherever they can. This is the price of fame. We can't have it all. We have too give up something in this life, to have something else. When people see an opportunity to make money, they usually take it. Legal or not. I thought the picture was in good taste. She looked really pretty and was put way very elegantly. Too much jewelry. But she looked wonderful. HEr fans gort a chance to see her and to view the funeral, all over the world. THE fans made her who and what she was. Why not let them have that one last look and be a part of her final days. RIP Whitney. You deserve it. Good-bye. You did well, in spite of it all.

963 days ago


I don't understand why they just didn't have an open casket so everyone could view the body. The funeral home did a magnificent job on Whitney's remains. This way, no one could have profited from clandistine photos taken at the wake.

961 days ago
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