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Amber Portwood

STRICT Home Detention Rules

2/26/2012 11:47 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Amber Portwood's home detention rules are so strict -- HOW STRICT ARE THEY??? -- not only is she barred from drinking alcohol ... but she can't even use mouthwash that contains alcohol or eat foods containing alcohol. Kiss that rum cake goodbye!

As TMZ first reported, the "Teen Mom" star was denied entry into a halfway house because they thought she'd be a bad influence on the other residents. So now Amber is on home detention with her grandparents until a new drug treatment program accepts her.

But this isn't your typical trip to grandma's house. According to the rules laid out by the Madison County courts ... Amber, since she is without a job, must remain inside the home at ALL TIMES unless she gets prior authorization (even then it has to be for things like AA meetings or attorney appointments).

The rules dictate she can't consume alcohol or illicit drugs, but the no-no list also includes non-alcoholic beer, any medications containing alcohol (R.I.P. NyQuil) and the aforementioned mouthwash or foods that contain alcohol.

Amber also has to have a working phone at all times and she has to be the one who answers, should the home detention people come calling. 

If she violates any of the rules ... it's back to jail for her.



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Wow, how embarrassing for her, not even a half way house wants her around others. That says volumes about her personality and issues yet.

970 days ago


I am glad the judge set strict rules, I wish they did the same to all defendents who have charges like her, including Lindsay Lohan. But, I think it is illegal to not let someone outdoorsby making them remain in the house 24-7. She may not be able to leave the property, but I am quite sure they have to let her have outdoor time.

Some of the comments on these pages are so ignorant, that I have to wonder if the people making them are not also on home detention probation.

970 days ago


I'm sure MTV sleeps well at night.

The execs at MTV should admit their culpability in all of this. They are the ones who created this mess. They should be made to pay too.

970 days ago


Why the hell are this idiot's day-to-day problems fodder for TMZ?!! She's nothing more than a violent, drug-addicted "Teen Mom" from Bumfark who knew a little minor fame on MTV. Time to give it a rest, guys!

970 days ago


She will be in jail in no time.

970 days ago


I thought she was Leanne Rimes

970 days ago


Sitting in the hosue, eating, watching tv, surfing the net, sleeping seems way too cushy. They should have assigned her community service 8 housr a day everyday and made it something extremely physical. Why should she get to jsut sit around on her fat ass?

970 days ago


Can they make her put a sack over her head too? - at least until tmz loses interest in this ugly, trashy pig and moves on to the next loser.

970 days ago

Cognizant _illiberal    

well i am 14 if i get pregnant mtv will put me on tv. jk i seriously hope this immoral girl gets raped dry and murdered to show young impressionable kids that her lifestyle is not the ticket to 6 figure paychecks and pictures in magazines.

970 days ago


wtf why is she even on tmz? who gives a ****?
Mtv lame ass show about kids who are too thoughtless to use birth control and they are put in the media and get some sort of fame. TMZ should not buy into the crap but they will..

969 days ago


This person is a waste of air

969 days ago


This person is a waste of air

969 days ago


grow the **** up, you have a child.
i don't even know why your in celebrity news. your not a celebrity your a pile of ****.

969 days ago


grow the **** up, you have a child.
i don't even know why your in celebrity news. your not a celebrity your a pile of ****.

969 days ago


i cant believe this pos was paid 280,000 last year and still lives like a piece of trash. you can take the girl out of the trailer park....

969 days ago
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