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Bobby Brown

Mum's the Word

on Whitney Casket Photos

2/26/2012 8:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The photo of Whitney Houston lying in her casket should disgust her ex-husband Bobby Brown, but if it does ... he wasn't saying so last night in Hollywood.

Our photog spotted Bobby B leaving Hemingway's Lounge with his fiancée, Alicia Etheridge. He had nothing to say about the Whitney photo, but he was quite playful once he got inside his ride ... making all sorts of crazy faces for the camera.

As TMZ first reported, the casket photo of Whitney isn't sitting well with her family, who are "disgusted" and outraged by its publication.

And as we told you yesterday ... someone shopped the same photo to us 9 days ago ... but we passed.


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Why don't people just put a bullet in his head already?

938 days ago


I would stay quiet also--the press is unrelentless, and what he thinks of the photo is his business.

938 days ago

Some people think Whitney was great; most people think Brown is a circus side show. We get it. Now let's move on.

938 days ago


Look at Bobby is looks like a dirt bag! He is so getto! He destroyes whitney...Bobby family lived off Whitney for more than 20 yrs when she had enogh..Tina- crack Head Tina sold pictures to the NE.... Whintey had class and grace...Bobby Brown is broke..He never paid child support- He owers thousands of dallars...He concerts are the worse- Getto all the way..He can sing and he cant dance anymore!

938 days ago


TMZ doesn't want to tattle on the person selling those photos. They just want everyone to know they know who has them but they don't care.

938 days ago


Come on TMZ, stop your repeated postings about this and all your bragging that you passed on purchasing the photo. You support Casey Anthony so that makes you the lowest of the low anyways, so you might as well have bought Whitney's pic.

938 days ago


R.I.P the iconic pop diva, well i just can't believe why there are people who can just upload some freaking pic's and doesn't really give any respect to the family .

938 days ago

Gsharon 710    

EXACTLY WHAT TIME was Bobby allowed to visit Whitney's body?
I don't understand some people. BOBBY was a 20 year old hot head when he and eight years older Whitney met. He has now changed his life and you still dog him, AND blame him because Whitney never really got her life together and continued to party with her troubled daughter and abused her body.

Have you EVER seen in print, or heard Bobbi say she did not want to be around her father?

I really do not think Cissy is behind any of this but someone who has stayed close with the initials of D.W. If they don't tell who took the picture, that same person can stick himself into Bobbi's life, feed her drugs and take all her mother left for her, as Cissy is not looking well. I thought Bobbi was going to stay with Cissy and they were to put her in rehab....then she went to Atlanta?

The family or anyone else has NO right to keep kicking Bobby in the butt. He did what he did but it was apparent how Whitney loved him. SHE is the one who chose not to keep her life drug free, it was HER, who chose to wig out in public, it was Her who chose to date a man younger than Bobby was. One reason people do not clean themselves up is because people will always find someone to blame when the blame should be on that person, and that person alone. If you want to blame BOBBY, who supplied her with drugs when he was in prison or on the road? Apparently she knew where to get them and remember cousin Dionne was caught with drugs, but again, if Bobby's name continue to rise, her bad deeds will stay hidden, thus you have TRUE enablers. The ones who did not force Whitney to get better because that was their paycheck are the enablers who are yelling BOBBY.
Being around Bobby may be the best thing for Bobbi. I love Whitney's music, don't like Bobby's, but there is more than music and that is called....human decency and respect. Respect was lost when the family did not supply seats for Whitney's stepchildren and brother in law who were constant visitors at the home. Chances are, the negative family member behind all this was looking for donations from the wealthy that was invited. The fact that they said they were raising money for Bobbi is telling, and probably a lie.

I think the family should stop trying to poison our minds with Bobby talk, and concentrate on making sure a very young, lovely daughter who just lost her mother has her last parent in her life, and do what is possible to assure she does not join her mother from a bad social life, grief, hurt and the strain of knowing exactly why her maternal family does not want Bobby in her life.

Bobby was married to Whitney over ten years so he is probably entitled to funds from Whitney that has nothing to do with the estate, but law. I don't think Bobby is after his daughter's money, but I do believe her FAMILY is. When money is behind problems, then promote itself to the lead, we are seeing a common but heartbreaking society.

938 days ago


Ugh, celeb corpse photos. Just tabs using shock value to shift copies without a thought to the person's friends and family who are feeling real grief.

938 days ago

Oh well    

Hate on BB all you want, but hes the only one who acted classy thru this mess...

938 days ago


Bobby didn't give a sh* about Whitney when she was alive, what make you think he gives one now. He was a Ex for a reason. It is a reason that his daughter is somewhere alone doing only God know's what and he is not by her side at this time. It is business as usual for this A-hole. If anything he is using this publicity to get back in the media. Get it right he don't care. That's why he has a complete family outside of Whitney and Bobbi Kristina. He never regretted anything that he ever did wrong. He stand by all his ignorance. It's a reason his daughter wants nothing to do with him.

938 days ago


Whitney was somebody, this new chick is a nobody. She should get used to them asking Bobby about Whitney.

938 days ago


Tmz,how come you just don't report the person to the cops?If they supposedly tried to sell it to y'all.I think it was the funeral home people or probably the same person who took that video.

938 days ago


He bloody well probably took the photo.

938 days ago


Classy? After that foolishness at the funeral about the seating arrangements? Whitney certainly engaged in some regrettable behavior, but he definitely contributed to her troubles in a major way by being envious, enable, embarrassing, disrespectful and abusive.

938 days ago
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