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Lucy Lawless

Arrested in New Zealand

2/26/2012 3:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lucy Lawless and a few of her Greenpeace pals were arrested after they had spent four days protesting aboard an oil-drilling ship docked in New Zealand today (well, it's Monday there).

The group had snuck aboard the ship a few days back in an effort to keep it from going out on a drilling expedition.

Lawless spoke to TMZ earlier this week and told us, "We know we're going to be arrested ... but ... this is a moral decision for us."



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Some of yall are just dumb. She doesn't want to completely move away from the use of oil, she wants Shell to spend the $25+ million it costs to drill once in the Arctic on other ways to find natural energy sources. She wants them to do this because one day, oil will run out and then what? People will be left clueless as to what to do, hence why she wants awareness brought now. The Arctic is also a sensitive ecosystem so it's a win-win situation. She hasn't said a word about stopping the oil drills on land and other parts of the world, just the Arctic.

It's smart to want major companies like that to invest in finding other ways for energy since you know, the population only gets bigger and the amount of oil only gets smaller.

915 days ago

Throw her UNDER the jail

915 days ago


As my pal always said, go to Greenpeace, they have the best broads.

915 days ago


Have any of you heard of the sinking of the "rainbow warrior" (google search it) or nuclear free New Zealand. Lucy Lawless aka Xena, grew up in New Zealand, a country that cares about the enviornment and whether right or wrong she excercised her democratic right to protest against spoilage

915 days ago


They should have dumped her dumb ass in the ocean.

915 days ago


I talk to a lady who husband is legally on that ship working- Lucy and terrorist pals used fake do***ents to get into the shipyard- Shell should sue the hell out of Lawless and her fellow criminal pals. She has broke several laws.She is now on the eco terrorist list.Trespassing, resisting arrest,unlawful intreat,damanaging private property,etc.You are no role model Lucy you are a common criminal who deserves to have the book thrown at you and greenpeace should hve to pay for even day it cost shell to just sit there. I think i'll buy some gas at the local shell station tomorrow nad i;ll cancel starz....

915 days ago


Message from New Zeland: For Sale 1x haggard dried up tv star who now has to get her shot of fame by climbing up a ship!.....actually not for to a good home. Note to Reed: nz police couldnt be bothered so left the silly tatrt up their hoping the seagulls would carry her off!

915 days ago



The New Zealand Fishing Company is one of the main exploiters of the seas, you dumb ass. The Kiwis are therefore jointly responsible for one of the biggest environment disasters and crimes on the planet! Start thinking, now!

915 days ago


The ship should have just set sail. When she got cold, tired, wet, hungry, or sick, hand her a satellite phone and let her make her own arrangements to get back to land. People do stuff like this because they believe it works. If the ship remained on schedule and the only person inconvenienced was her, she and people like her will be less inclined to pull shena****ns like this.

I love her work and respect that she has strong opinions on issues, but if she puts herself in harms way, she will likely get hurt.

915 days ago


Who is she and why do we even care. Greenpeace is a bunch of whiny liberal idiots.

915 days ago


Ship should have sailed! frozen bodies? burial at sea, problem solved!*

907 days ago
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