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Angelina Jolie

Needs a Cheeseburger

2/27/2012 5:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina Jolie looked INCREDIBLY skinny at the Oscars last night.Angelina Jolie looked INCREDIBLY skinny at the Oscars last night ... too skinny ... alarmingly skinny.


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Those arms are horrifying! Angie, get help, you look like an anorexic. NOT a fashionable look!

948 days ago


photoshop. She didn't look THAT skinny to me.

948 days ago


She is trying to save the economy. Her fans and followers are gonna get as skinny as her. Less food consumption is gonna save the economy? Maybe she knows better? More models = Better economy perhaps! And fight obesity! Go Angelina Jolie!

948 days ago

BB not bb    

Yeah she has skinny arms but they are her arms. Nobody is perfect. People don't need to get scared over looking at someone else's arms. If they are comfortable like that it is on them, just like some people like to be fat or obese.

Maybe she is just run ragged looking after so many kids. She is like an Octomom of six that all appeared quite suddenly and partially grown up. She is probably half nuts from dealing with all of them. Look at what a freak she makes of pretty little Shiloh. That pretty much makes me sick.

948 days ago


She'll probably announce tomorrow that she's refusing to eat until the world's hunger is resolved, just like she refuses to get married until everyone can.

948 days ago


That's all we talked about at work when discussing the Oscars. This reminds me of how thin Demi Moore got befor her hospitalization and Lindsay lohan got years ago. Not a good look but she
Seemed to be floating on air.

948 days ago


OMG!! You can see the tendons from her fingers running halfway up her arms!!! And people think this is sexy?!?! Our children (teens, young adults) see actresses like her and become enamoured with all of the glitz and glam! Then they imitate it!! Whether it was her illicite affair with Brad Pitt prior to his divorcing Jennifer Aniston, or her skeletal figure, our children see this and it's frightening!! So sad on so many levels!

948 days ago


Angelina's presentation was off. The kicking of her leg out of the opening was just plain weird. What the hell was she showing us, her stick pin leg. ? why? Is she delusional? Dear God she looks emaciated. Something is terribly wrong. I love her as a human being.How can she achieve all she does when she is so undernourished. Is she a living thing? She haD the flu so she went upstairs and wrote a screenplay, cast it, produced it, scored it, directed it, when the hell does she eat,sleep, taKe care of her children, how can a women with her body perform the stunts in her action movies, Is she even a person? is she superhuman. ? Does she sleep, does she require it? I think she is a phenominan. Is she real? She can do anything. how??

948 days ago


Telling someone who appears "too slender" to eat a cheeseburger is just as hurtful as telling someone who appears overweight to lay off the McDonalds. It appears Angelina is the type to fluctuate in her weight for whatever reason, as do MOST women in general. At the end of the day she's an accomplished actress who although is in the public eye doesn't deserve to be made fun of for "not having enough curves" Who are we to put our opinions on anyone's physicality..big or too small!

948 days ago


The Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston debate should now be completely over.One Hot,One not......

948 days ago


she is not going up and down in size she is going --000. Whomever said shes skinny naturally hasnt seen her when she was a normal skinny size 4. She is def on something or has a disorder that is just GROSS and sick looking.

948 days ago


and a pizza, brownie, hotdog, or three, a couple of bags of chips, poutine and onion rings. That's just for f'g starters. Angie darlin'... EAT SOMETHING!

948 days ago


She looks so sick. I am not sure why she was sticking her leg out like that. She has walked the "red carpet" so often you'd think she would know what to do. She looks like a drug addict. I couldn't believe that no one has commented on her esp. after the Demi incident. Angelina looks a lot worse than she does. She is also tall. To me she seemed high, she acted weird even for her. Saint Angelina,,, I liked her better as the wild child with Billy Bob. How did her and Brad become the it couple, they both are stoners. He cheated on his wife and she has always gone after married men. I wonder what a day in their life is like!!!

948 days ago

BB not bb    

This begs the question, what are people, livestock? Why should anyone else care what someone's weight is? It is just good for gossip, it really doesn't mean anything. If you cna't judge a book by its cover, why do people think that they can judge others by their weight. You can't make fun of fat people now so people are going to make fun of the skinny instead? Neither one is very nice, especially when people are not joking but are serious about trashing them.

948 days ago

Karen Collins    

Looks like her hair is thinning too.

948 days ago
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