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Angelina Jolie's Legs

The Morning After

2/27/2012 3:11 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

0227_angelina_jolie_x17One day after causing a sensation at the Oscars, Angelina Jolie's legs -- both of them -- were spotted fully clothed and getting coffee in L.A. on Monday.

Also covered up and along for the ride were Angie's very skinny arms.

No awkward stances or squats were used in the taking of this picture. 


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Joan K    

She looks scary, she is going to keel over and die one day if she doesn't eat something and I am surprised Brad isn't making her do something about it, who knows maybe he has tried and she just won't eat. To the person who said we are just jealous, get a figging life, jealous of what looking like walking death?

934 days ago


I'm going to call BS on the camera positioning. It was obviously taken from a squatting position OR a midget.

934 days ago


OH MY GOD!! that woman is anorexic and don't tell she has gotten so thin because of all those kids she has,because that's bull**** . She is all cover up in sunny L.A. ???? she must be freezing because she has not fat in her body .

934 days ago


She is drop dead gorgeous,we are just used to looking at huge fat people. She looks healthy.

934 days ago

Wow ...    

As someone pointed out, her legs and the table pole are similiar in size. I am not hating, I use to think the woman was beautiful. And yes, naturally skinny, but she currently appears unhealthy. It is easy to take care of though...may she find health and happiness. Before saving the world...she must save herself. Charity starts at home.

934 days ago


Wow, let's just tear apart one of the most beautiful women in the world by judging her by photo's and camera angles..... a woman and her husband who write checks for more than a million dollars every year for charities. Since people of this category are far and few inbetween, let's besure to insult them to the maximum in order to have the funniest comment on TMZ today.

934 days ago


Thumb Up if:

Stacy Keibler is a gorgeous woman with a great pair legs and a great smile, plus she also happens to be a very nice person, AND Angie is just terminally jealous of Stacy Keibler.

934 days ago


First, why does Jolie feel the need to wear dresses like aniston? Am I the only one who finds this strange, and please do not tell me it is not so.....I saw Aniston wearing a much nicer version where they honored Chelsea H. Second, I had just one child but thought I could do everything.....soon people looked at me strange and my clothes were falling off, in my defense I lost my Mom, Dad and a sister within 3 years, I looked anorexic and people thought I was. I looked horrible also, I would eat one thing a day if I remembered. After seeing some pics of myself and finally a weigh in at 98lbs.I made myself eat, it was just a matter of not rushing around FOR ME. Okay,almost done, am I the only one who thought Jolie hunched down and stuck her leg out resulting in a very unbecoming look? And my last comment, I do not understand why the Pitt/Jolie bunch attack Aniston allot, and to be clear, I have never heard her start anything, let me say this, Pitt gives an interview and tells us his marriage was boring and so on , well the problem with that is she was working on Friends, she was not sitting on a couch smoking pot, she was working.So how is she responsible for entertaining him? she is not his Mom and she never said anything back, those two just keep jabbing after all these years and I do not know why.And as for people who include Aniston, she is not the one talking ....check your facts.You can at least do that much, I did. LOL those pics, jolie

934 days ago


The dress was amazing. She has really great taste in clothes. However, she really needs to bulk up. She is painfully thin and unhealthy looking. She needs not only to gain weight, but some muscle.

934 days ago


Another aging Hollyweird actress starving herself as if freakishly thin looks good.

934 days ago


Angelina Jolie's Leg!!! Goodness! I hope not! She may well have the ugliest set of legs in the U.S. She looks much better in boots!

934 days ago


I just kept saying how skinny her arms are, never mind her leg sticking out. Pretty funny jokes and the photo shop pictures about it! I hope she can gain a little weight. I don't really like her, but she has children. As for Hollywood in general, for the most part, they are all weird! There are a few, Meryl Streep and Sissy Spacek are two pretty normal people.

934 days ago


Remember when Dr. Drew called her out for doing heroin. I think that's exactly what it is, maybe him do. You can function and use.

934 days ago


Before Oscar, nobody was talking about this lollipop head, then she sticks her leg out from under her dress and suddenly she's getting press. Angelina must be feeling very smug today.

934 days ago


omg...that lady needs to eat...that is just to damn skinny...GROSS..

934 days ago
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