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Angelina Jolie's Legs

The Morning After

2/27/2012 3:11 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

0227_angelina_jolie_x17One day after causing a sensation at the Oscars, Angelina Jolie's legs -- both of them -- were spotted fully clothed and getting coffee in L.A. on Monday.

Also covered up and along for the ride were Angie's very skinny arms.

No awkward stances or squats were used in the taking of this picture. 


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I am not kidding when I say this, the pitt/jolie two are saying the children want them married, (I find this horse poop) who cares and get married, no one cares!!! What the children are probably more bewildered by is 'why does mom look so weird?' I can not think of a word to use, but if they are old enough to wonder why they are not married, they must be wondering why she looks that way.

937 days ago


One of these days, someone is going to get it into the heads of these Hollywood actresses and models that looking like a super skinny concentration camp does NOT look good.

It looks kind of scary actually ... like a cancer patient who's lost a lot of weight.

Brad needs to be a good boyfriend and get Angelina into a rehab for anorexia/bulimia or whatever. He should start taking her out to "all you can eat" buffet restaurants like "Golden Corral". Those places will make you fat in a hurry if you go 3 or 4 times a week. Load up a few plates for her and a dessert and tell her she's not leaving until she cleans her plates.

937 days ago


she is perfect and you guys are just jealous
yah, riiiiight..I've always envied the figure of a laboratory skeleton.

937 days ago


I bet Angelina gets that skinny because it makes her face look less flabby or something. Guess what, Angie, everyone is looking at the rest of your body too ... especially us guys.

I know Angie is a Goodwill ambassador who helps out starving people in Africa and other places, but she doesn't have to starve herself and look like them!

Come on. It's gross. I'd rather go out with a slightly overweight woman than a skin and bones woman anyday. When a woman gets that skinny it reminds me of that character "Gollem" in "The Lord of the Rings" movie series.

937 days ago


You guys don't get it. She's doing heroin like Dr. Drew said. She used to use and she's back on it, if she ever quit. There are plenty of functioning addicts. Remember what Whitney looked like in the day when she was on her coke binges. They don't eat, they just smoke crack or shoot.

937 days ago


Okay, you guys are right, she's still too skinny. Does she have time to eat with all those children or does Brad only get to eat?

937 days ago

Tom Shoupe    

she has the ugliest legs in show biz. Keep them covered. If you have ever seen her in a bikini and no shoes. Not a pretty sight.

936 days ago

liquid kitty    

SusanCoyote: about a minute ago
Nasty, home-wrecking whore!
and SusanCoyote is Nasty piece of ****.

936 days ago

liquid kitty    

Angelina goes to show that YES, you can be too rich AND too skinny. When it looks like your body will topple over because of the weight of your head then you should rethink your idea of beauty. It had nothing to do with talent and everything to do with Angelina always going to the extreme. People die from hunger and anorexia should she die it would be from stupidity.

936 days ago


Team Angelina all the way.

936 days ago


Good grief leave the woman alone....

936 days ago


I hope she had the omelette. With a side of sausage and extra cheese.

936 days ago


Gawd, this woman is straight up wackadoodle. Didn't watch the Oscars but saw some clips of her posing to see what all the fuss was about. I had thought initially people were making a fuss over nothing, just a slightly slutty pose... but in motion her behavior was SO bizarre, it was right up there with the brother snogging episode. Aside from being emaciated she also sounded very strung out and when asked some simple questions like what her kids were up to that night she could not answer them. She needs to get help, or she's gonna end up like Sean Young.

936 days ago


Ok, her thigh is as wide around as her boot at the ankle.

If that isn't anorexia, then it's something else that needs taken care of.

She is a beauty, and intelligent, and probably has some genuine feelings behind her charity work, but she is too thin to the point of it being scary. And I'm surprised nothing worse than a few fainting spells has happened.

936 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

People who brush her weight off, say she looks fine, everybody is jealous, she is naturally thin, that's how people are "supposed" to look....just must be so accustomed
to seeing unnaturally skinny people.

I really enjoy classic television and movies, everybody was quite thin back then too, and for the most part, they don't look anorexic.

And please don't talk smack about my boyfriend, Brad Pitt.

936 days ago
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