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Angelina Jolie's Legs

The Morning After

2/27/2012 3:11 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

0227_angelina_jolie_x17One day after causing a sensation at the Oscars, Angelina Jolie's legs -- both of them -- were spotted fully clothed and getting coffee in L.A. on Monday.

Also covered up and along for the ride were Angie's very skinny arms.

No awkward stances or squats were used in the taking of this picture. 


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The Love Sponge    

Somebody buy her a stack of pancakes.

937 days ago

Ms Fun Loving    

Didn't she use to be a lesbian?

937 days ago


I'm sure she feels like a fool today! Still cannot believe a grown-up would act that way, but well....anyway.

937 days ago

Umm ok...    

She looked so stupid, it was hilarious. Forget planking, owling or tebowing...I want to see everybody Jolie-ing!

937 days ago


What is up with her? She, and the press, have defined her as the "royalty" of American women! She strikes a pose which was so incredibly obvious; not once but numerous times in numerous situations! Is she beginning to think she's fading in the "goddess" category? Angolina, Brad and your family were supposed to bring an end to your "wierdness"! Brad: PULL HER BACK!!!!!

937 days ago


THIS is what a healthy looking, attractive woman looks like .... Katy Perry at Elton John's party yesterday.

Katy looks like she's been eating right and doing aerobic exercise AND weight training. She has some good muscle tone and a normal body fat percentage. She's not too skinny and not too fat ... she's "just right" like Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.

If Katy has a personal trainer, I hope he highly encourages her to eat more if she's getting too skinny and unhealthy looking. Katy and Angelina both can afford to buy a nice home gym so they don't have the usual excuses about not being able to go work out.

They should make a habit of it. Schedule it every week. No exceptions. If a Hollywood star or musician wants to look good they have get in the gym, get sweaty and eat the right kinds of food. No pain, no gain ... just like with pro athletes.

937 days ago


I didn't watch the Oscars last night but if all they have to talk about the next day is Angelina Jolies skinny legs, Billy Crystals botoxed face and that Cohen freak throwing dust on Ryan Seacrest it doesn't sound like I missed too much. lol

937 days ago


wow she must be so sad why starv yourself hunn you're rich you're white and you're old Geeeez it's not that seriously it's not a silly

937 days ago


Didn't Neil Fifer go down on her chopsticks before Brad?

937 days ago


Rock that Frock Angie.

937 days ago


Oh, look how friggen skinny her legs are. You cant even see that she has 2. She's one of those stick figure people you draw as a child with a big round head on top of a stick neck.

Now do all the nay'sayers belive TMZ when they say, she needs a cheeseburger !

FFS woman, eat something !!!

937 days ago


Where did her butt go??

937 days ago


i love her, she's so beautiful... so compassionate... and owns her past. But... dang. Honey, you need to put some meat on you. Really. This is not from a hater, this is from someone who LIKES you.

937 days ago


Wow, she's so tiny. She looked healthier before she hooked up with Brad. Maybe she feels the pressure to stay thin? Not a good example to set for her daughters. :(

937 days ago


Angelina has always been on the skinny side, but there have been times when she was at a healthier looking weight. Even when she was with Billy Bob Thorton I think she was at a healthier weight.

She's a grown woman now, it doeant do her any good to have the body of a 12 yr old boy. And if Brad is pounding that every night, I dunno how he does it. And to another poster who said her lips are more than likely her best assest in bed, because of her disgustingly skinny body. I've thought that for quite some time now.

If Angelina isnt using again (which I really dont think she is)... then she is super depressed or something. She has a history of drug use for many years, cutting herself, etc, etc. She's never been a mentally stable person. All of her past relationships had said when her and Brad got together, that there was no way she was the woman Brad perceived her to be, and it would come out one day, cause that's just who Angelina is, and it wasnt going to last. Never once thought kids would change her to that degree. I still believe she sought Brad Pitt out, when she auditioned for the part in Mr & Mrs. Smith.

She was looking for someone who wanted many kids, which is something Brad had made public in many an interview while with Jennifer Aniston, Angelina wanted kids, and who better to hook up with, than another man who also wants lots of kids, right ? I still think she knew what she was doing, when she auditioned for that part with Brad.

I think she was also looking for a father figure. Im guessing Brad filled that void for a while. Maybe she forgot to take her meds before the Oscars. Cause Im sure she's been medicated for quite some time.

I think Brad is infatuated with her, just like her past relationships, with the exception of Johnny Miller. I think he's the only one who's not spoken out about her.

Welp, Brad Pitt... how did it feel to go from a Lambergini to a Hearse ! Zoinks !!

937 days ago
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