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Angelina Jolie's Legs

The Morning After

2/27/2012 3:11 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

0227_angelina_jolie_x17One day after causing a sensation at the Oscars, Angelina Jolie's legs -- both of them -- were spotted fully clothed and getting coffee in L.A. on Monday.

Also covered up and along for the ride were Angie's very skinny arms.

No awkward stances or squats were used in the taking of this picture. 


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its good to see that ang's arms and legs are still intact. no, no awkward stances or squats. just seriously expensive boots, bags and trucks. fml

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966 days ago


Angie is a multi millionare actress (higest paid ) one of the best actresses and now a write /director of a movie that is limited but when it comes to my city or even 2 hrs away i will be there. I want to see her film where there has been such fantastic critue about a true story about love and war . Can't wait. She has been in over a decade as a crusader for the UN and many yrs doing volenteer philantrophy work for which she loves so much...just loves it, a pilot with her own airplane mother of 6 , lover of Brad Pitt etc etc. Angie did the pose for fun b/c the paps were all yelling more leg Angie!! Show us more leg , there are many YouTubes videos showing this. So just for fun she played along. A few weeks ago when she presented at an award show when wearing the white creame colored dress with touches of red with her hair up high many said she looked smug , kind of snotty, so just for hoots she went with posing for fun to show ppl she still knows how to have fun Do you think for one min today as Angie and Brad prepare to get ready to leave within these next two weeks to go to Pakistan for the new film Brad will be doing called "Grey Suits" he or Angie care what enyone has to say about her weight / her leg posing she did for fun or anything else the haters have to say about her actually bothers her or him ? NOPE! absolutely not, they don't even read the gossip mags , they avoid them like the plaque., always have.
Angie knows she is underweight even tho she does eat . After he mom died and she continued to have her children she never did get her weight back no matter how hard she tried, all different approaches. Eating is not a problem.. The woman is 36 yrs old and teeny but as strong as an ox. Watch her recent action movies she loves to do her own stunts . She could never do or come close to doing any of that stuff if she wasn't strong. Angie is not starving herself but her metabolism burns off so quickly and she is constantly on the go with her 6 children she adores to the nines. She is a woman who has a man she adores and they both love to make the very best of their lives.
Angie has always been very open to the press and admitted at a time when no other women would that she had gotten into drugs when she was younger but was long out and away from that kind of world when she met Brad. Actually Once Maddox came into her life who is her eldest son (age 11). I believe Angie was 25 when she adopted Maddox, her life of drugs and oddities completely changed and she never went back. She planned on adopting more children as a single mother. But when the film Mr. and Mrs. Smith came out right at the end , for last retakes just before the film was released in June of 05 Brad Pitt was separated , he fell madly in love with this women whom he had been emotionally attracted to previous so when separarted on Jan 05 it didn't take long for Brad to chase her all the way to Africa . He was not letting what ended up being the best thing that ever happened to him get away, Today they are together going into their 8th yr. and plan on having another child are still in love like the day they met. So it was never what alot of jealous hateful women wanted Angie to be.. Angie has always told the world how she adored Brad and Brad has no problen telling the world how much he loves his Angie Anything else you read is gossip and means jealous women had hoped that it qould be a one mo. stand but was fate and together they ground each other and help each other rise to the top. Neither Brad or Angie are insecure with one another, that's a huge accomplisment in itself in anybodies relationship.

Bless them both and may they have those yrs they speak about being Grandparents one day. More little Jolie Pittsters:) How Wonderful!

965 days ago


Bottomline, there's a problem, whether it be her health or drugs, who knows.

965 days ago


Maybe she has cancer :(

965 days ago


pathetic.. she has never been known for being classy. Making out with her brother, vile of blood around her neck. Just goes to show you can polish a turd until it shines, but alas it is still a turd

960 days ago
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