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Bethenny Frankel

Skinnygirl in a Bikini

2/27/2012 4:30 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

"Bethenny Ever After" star Bethenny Frankel showed off her "Real Housewives" bikini body in a sexy two-piece in Miami on Monday.

The 41-year-old Skinnygirl cocktail mogul is intoxicating.


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Brenda Davis    

Why does black people jokes always come up in conversations on her show? Its not funny to me and I find it to be offending.

975 days ago

The Yankee Diddler    

If she's skinny, I need a new monitor.

975 days ago


The link title to this page from The Yardbarker is "From Skinny Girl to MILF". M.I.L.F.?

975 days ago


nasty, nasty!

975 days ago


wow...very bangable

974 days ago


Plastic surgery has done wonders for her body but she needs an auto body magician to fix her face!! She is by far one of the ugliest women on the internet

974 days ago

Allie Boy    

I love this woman! She is beautiful, smart and ambitious. I think she is funny, too. Sure, she is a real handful, but I like her. I am amused by all of the B 'haters' who cannot even post a coherent English sentence on the web. There is no doubt that the men haters who think she is unattractive are the biggest losers and jealous of her success. You wish you could be with someone like her.

974 days ago


Wow, she's hot

974 days ago


She looks like the Joker. She should sign up for the next batman installment.

Just nasty when skinny women get boob jobs. Looks so un-natural. Look like to cue balls covered in skin.

959 days ago


Agreed! lol I saw that tangled mess from the back of her head was atrocious ... not to mention the front ! I'm having the same feel about the web design team.. they seem like real wimps! I sometimes think B just likes people to adorn her and that she can feel authoritive... even tho its not her expertise.. she gets high on telling those sorta "wimps" what, when, how, why and where to begin and end. .. and they are so glad to be n tv for advertisement .. they just do it! Thats why she and Jason dont get along. Jason is finally gettin it!! Love Jason.. He has feelings too... Bethany kills me.. she berates Jason for disturbing her sleep by respecting his parents.. yet before the boat trip, she cant even wait to BERATE Jason for the birthday deal yet AGAIN.. DISTURBING the point of the trip and Jason (who didnt want to go in the first place) Oh Bethany, plz reaize youo have a wonderful man but you r pushing him over the edge Relize that you must understand HIS feelings to and try try to realate. He LOVES his parents and you have no idea what that is like. Not blaming you for that bur COMPROMISE and RESPECT his side of the matters too. Not many men who are worth anything will put up with you! He is everything you need regarding FAMILY LIFE! How much money is enuff for you.. Learn the spiritual lessons in life and it isnt MONEY> Try to be more LOVING to your HUSBAND ... Bryn will love and respect you for it . SHE does see it.. Did u see her little face, when her dad walked off from the helicopter... shes how old? She is GOING to resent you as much , if not more, than u do your own mother.. coz your mother didnt have the loving man that Jason is and father that he is to Bryn. TAKE TIME TO THINK IT THRU and get rid of that so called Psychiatrist.. He is a LOSER.! Jason senses that too.. or is the doc just one of the many fame whores you have on your team? WIMP!

958 days ago


The atrocious hair comment was regarding your hair stylist.. who or WTF was that? (from the most recent episode)

958 days ago


Bethenny's fake boobs make her body look skinny, but also she has reached the age where keeping a thin body makes a woman's face look older and uglier, and more wrinkly.

955 days ago


She looks great

676 days ago


is she older than Jason? I think he is nice and very patient with this whinning selfish woman. She seems to have many hang ups with her past and family. Jason is a nice looking and sweet man. He should be able to have much happiness in the future with some one that appreciates him and his nice loving family. Good luck Jason, enjoy yourself now that you are rid of that baggage.

661 days ago
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