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Cissy Houston

Seeking 'Closure' by

Revisiting Whitney's Hotel Room

2/27/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston
's mother Cissy has unfinished business to attend to -- sources tell TMZ she's planning a pilgrimage BACK to the Beverly Hills hotel room where her daughter died ... all in an attempt to get some closure.

According to sources close to Cissy, she wants to go back to room 434 at the Beverly Hilton hotel and reestablish a spiritual connection with her daughter ... in order to come to terms with her sudden death.

We're told Cissy plans to pray while she's there -- and just spend quiet, contemplative time in the space.

As one source put it -- Cissy "won’t be at peace until she gets closure."

It's unclear when Cissy plans to return to the hotel room -- but we're told the visit will be soon ... she's currently planning out the logistics.



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Bless you Cissy. The world mourns with you.

976 days ago


I wonder if she'll have women dressed as Nurses handing her Kleenex while she's there!

976 days ago

Dr. Dre    

I usually don't say anything, but these rude comments about our beloved Whitney Houston need to stop. If your that ignorant to judge, then get judged!!! None of us know our final day on earth, my advice to the rude and ignorant don't let the sun set on you in foul state of mind. Watch your loose tongue, because all of us fall short of the glory!

976 days ago


Poor soul. This has to be absolutely horrible for Cissy to come to grips with. I pray her peace of mind is bestowed knowing Whitney is no longer suffering. I couldn't even imagine as a mother losing one of my children in any kind of way. Prayers to God to allow Cissy's golden years to regain peaceful times.

976 days ago


When are these gold digging family members going to start the law suits against the hotel, staff, paramedics, body guards, and anyone else they figure they can squeeze money off of? Are they related to the Jacksons or just sleazy like them?

976 days ago


Whitney was not a "crack hoe." You racist ass crackers, Lindsey Lohan and Demi More are crack hoes. Whitney has done alot for this industry, she deserves her respect in her rest. I bet most of you commenting are the real crack hoes

976 days ago


Enough already.

976 days ago


The woman is 80 years old. What do you look like? With you spending most of your time on the your arse talking trash about people you dont know, I know your face and body must suffer. Go to the gym!

976 days ago


Maybe she's looking to see if there's anything that was left behind to sell....
If she wants closure......visit the grave not the hotel room.

976 days ago


Why is she going to the room?

I thought they had the room gutted shortly afterwards to prevent stuff ending up for sale.

976 days ago


I pray that she does whatever she needs to do. As for the negetive comments i hope you never LOSE a child.

976 days ago


The death of Whitney is because of the Huston family, they are all blood suckers that are still feeding off her, as for the casket photo they are not going to have it investigated because it is the Hustons (FKing bottom feeders) that did it, they are all pill poppers and druggies and have a need for greed, they lived off of WH and used her and they are still doing it, and don't think for one moment that Whitney was buried with 500k that family stripped her down before she was buried, you know they did have her casket opened again after the service for that one more good bye, BS it was for them and there fking greed, so sick, I only feel sorry for Whitney and all the years she always felt she was never good enough and in reality she was wonderful but her low life family was s*** that used her and feed her drugs all her life, F*CK the whole Huston FKing family, your true colors are shining bit*hes, hell has your name plate waiting for each and every one of you...RIP Whitney I am sure God seen everything that happen to you and you are singing in Heaven....

976 days ago


I do think that Whitney's death was years in the making and I do think that Cissy probably tried to get Whitney off drugs but you can only do so much when Whitney is going back and forth betwee L.A. and Atlanta and Cissy is in New Jersey. In addition, someone who doesn't want to be helped isn't going to be helped.

Cissy did give Whitney a fabulous "going home" funeral and it did show the world how much she loved her, and probably gave Cissy some closure there, but I don't blame her for wanting to go to L.A. to get the closure she needs.

976 days ago


Too late, Cissy. Dionne already got everything ebay worthy.

976 days ago


I hope she does not go with a medium or anything. That is the wrong road to take.

976 days ago
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