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Lindsay Lohan

I'll Joke About ANYTHING

on 'Saturday Night Live'

2/27/2012 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has been the butt of jokes on "Saturday Night Live" for years, but TMZ has learned that this coming Saturday ... the LiLo jokes will be made by Lindsay herself. 

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay has been dying to do "SNL" as a way to re-establish her career and reached out to Lorne Michaels personally to make it happen.

According to our sources, Lindsay plans on using all the unpleasantness from the last few years as fodder for the show. We're told Lindsay has already told "SNL" that she is game for anything and nothing is off limits.

Our sources say Lindsay wants to show that she is "in on the joke" -- so expect to see references to any number of DUIs, alleged necklace thievery, jail stints, mug shots ... and on and on. 



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When is this new trend of talking to YOURSELF gonna stop? It irritating at the very least and beyond idiotic at best. It also fools NO ONE! Geez Louise, make it STOP!

939 days ago


doesnt superduper MEGA talented monster Model Ali get her "NEXT" gig?
someone has to payoff all the people lindsay defrauded...Elite limo..moving company...IRS..

939 days ago


I know the Today Show doesn't pay for interviews USUALLY, but do the LATE LATE shows pay like Fallon & company? What, she couldn't score Letterman? Please tell me NO!

939 days ago


Great "comments" section. Doctor Wu rocks!

939 days ago

terry j vey    

I generaly don't watch SNL anymore!Just because she is on it I will if I am not out.
Lindsey's career has been written off many times yet she always comes back to her silence her critics.The fact that she is getting the Liz Taylor role has to have some people just going bonkers.
People just remember no one in life is perfect!

939 days ago


Duh, of course she'll be "in on the joke" now! Anything to get back on the public's good side.

She's still a putz!

939 days ago


who will lindsay screw over
A: Matt Laurer
B: Fallon
D: All of them for showing up

939 days ago


They are setting up for One hell of a fall...............................................................unless they bound and gag her in the bedroom at her hotel and only let her out to work she will emplode..sooner or later....too much press....!!!

Like a student who came into my studio classroom and sat on his ass the whole semester, came in late or not at all, turn in half finished or sloppy horribly done work and failed every test...and the end to the term realizes he ass may be in trouble so on the last project he does a brilliant job best in the class and makes a A on his paper......and was shock to his core when I failed his ass and told him not to come back....He's screams to the Dean "I'm the best you every seen look at my project " ...and my answer is the same as now....If you were that talented and sat on your ass for the whole semester turning in crap because you didn't feel like it don't expect me to reward you when you decide that you might be in trouble and finely do something...To little to late.......
You will fail my class everytime........

939 days ago

Ghost Rider    

I cant understand how Lindsay still even has a fan base. She has lost her looks entirely, she hasnt done anything accept for Playboy recently, and she is a cracked out mean girl that doesnt care about anyone including herself. What kind of spell does she have on some of these people?

939 days ago


'"Surfing" was just the excuse to install Cody?Krissy in Los Angeles. Now that the youngest Gypsy Grifter is old enough to market and do cocaine, L.A. is mandatory. Sure is getting crowded in that little guest room.'

LOL at the ^ comments....but did they leave poor Nana behind in Long Island?

939 days ago


Did Alec Baldwin respond yet to BloHo's tweet begging him to do a walk-on on "her" SNL show? Or any other of her A-list pals?

939 days ago


We know SNL is going to make light of her long string of arrests but what does SNL do with all their other hosts who don't have multiple arrests and probation violations?

939 days ago


From Crushable:
Lindsay Lohan Might Want To Reconsider Her SNL Hosting Plan

Lindsay Lohan’s attempting an acting comeback this weekend by hosting Saturday Night Live. The starlet, best known at this point for being unlucky enough to be born to the worst parents alive, wants to reestablish herself as a serious thespian and thinks making fun of herself on SNL’s the best way to do it.

According to TMZ, “Lindsay plans on using all the unpleasantness from the last few years as fodder for the show. We’re told Lindsay has already told ‘SNL’ that she is game for anything and nothing is off limits. Our sources says Lindsay wants to show that she is ‘in on the joke.’”

Unfortunately for Lindsay, her unpleasantness was a little more than unpleasant. Unless of course your definition of unpleasant includes: court cases, lawsuits, accusations of theft, meth addiction rumors and rehab. I would describe it more as tragic, depressing and disturbing. So I’m not sure an entire show making fun of LiLo’s “shortcomings” would be as funny as she thinks. The in joke would very quickly turn into an uncomfortable PSA for why Hollywood should ban child actors.

I think Zooey Deschanel making fun of herself for being a quirky pot of glitter works. I don’t think LiLo making fun of herself for being a broke drug addict who had to pose for Playboy this year to pay her bills works in quite the same way. You just know that scene where she plays herself and confronts her mother, “Dina Lohan,” will be incredibly uncomfortable. Like some kind of therapy role play come to life in our living rooms.

So if I were LiLo and someone magically gave me a chance to show everyone that I’m still a talented actress, I would probably opt for sketches that didn’t remind everyone what I’ve been doing for the past few years. I would stick to fun sketches that show my silly side and my ability to play off of other actors.

And if I did anything about myself at all, anything, it would be a Parent Trap 2 sequel sketch. Because I’m dying to know how that transcontinental marriage worked out for everyone.

939 days ago


This takes a major commitment from SNL, as they have to bring in special cameras that don't pick up the crap fumes rising off of her head.

939 days ago

Ghost Rider    

@RW, just to let you know its OK to not have been out on a date with a woman other than Lindsay for the last year or so. I myself have been out of the loop for quite a bit because I decided some time ago that I dont like dating. Its understandable that women dont want to be looked upon or treated as sex objects, but unfortunately its OK for them to look at us in that manner as well as seeing us as a walking piggy bank. Back in the sixties I think people used to go out for fun, and to see if they liked each other, now some of these ladies only go out with you because you qualify as someone thats good enough to knock them up, move in with, and can provide enough money so they dont have to work, which is why so many people have already had sex before there first date I think. I dont think this mid life crisis we have been going through helps either, but it could be worse. We could be unhappily married with children.

939 days ago
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