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Lindsay Lohan

I'll Joke About ANYTHING

on 'Saturday Night Live'

2/27/2012 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has been the butt of jokes on "Saturday Night Live" for years, but TMZ has learned that this coming Saturday ... the LiLo jokes will be made by Lindsay herself. 

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay has been dying to do "SNL" as a way to re-establish her career and reached out to Lorne Michaels personally to make it happen.

According to our sources, Lindsay plans on using all the unpleasantness from the last few years as fodder for the show. We're told Lindsay has already told "SNL" that she is game for anything and nothing is off limits.

Our sources say Lindsay wants to show that she is "in on the joke" -- so expect to see references to any number of DUIs, alleged necklace thievery, jail stints, mug shots ... and on and on. 



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STDs and prostitution has always been hysterical..
Getting over on the court system is always good for a laugh..
Maybe judge Sautner will make a cameo..
If the audiance new how much she wanted to steal from them they would be elated

970 days ago


Aww I'm so sad to hear I am not in the "special category"

970 days ago


SNL the place criminals can come and make fun of their actions..
All in good humor and fun..
I am surprised they dont start bringing in hosts that went through a natural disaster..or crises
wait to you see the anthony skits..
and never forget the Katrina and tsunami skits..
do they have a skit about the Acid burned women yet..
or the slayings in ther middle east..

970 days ago


SNL, Matt Lauer, and Jimmy Fallon. That's 3 shows in one week. Not bad, I bet she makes at least one million by next Saturday. That's when the real work starts coming all the time - like it should be. Things are looking up!

970 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Have I ever told you all what kind of H8tars I like BEST????????????????????

970 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Smitty is not MIA, he is just real green these days and so unimaginative that he echos Rogue.

970 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

It's that time, when the likes of Green Al, Help, RC, and Agent Smith come out and finish nailing down this thread with some Factoids!!!!

The ONLY lives the H8tars have is H8tang on Lilo. Many are afraid to leave their homes they're so paranoid.....

I'm about to kick it with my couch and watch some Daytona 500. If you've gotti something to say to ME, call someone who gives a fvk..........................

970 days ago


Ruge waror ruge waror
If u go 2 bed nowe
I giv u a ambeun or 2
I go doo som coak
And when u awoak
Than maebe I giv sume 2 u

970 days ago


I live 45 min. from Daytona..and refuse to go watch the race...I like Bike week not Race week

970 days ago


Another of the world's mysteries has been solved:

Rouge Wearer is Cody?Krissy. Notice how animated his raging gets when he's gacked on coke? He's at the Chateau with Linds and DUIna..... coke ahoy!

970 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Rogie doesnt have a brain disease, me and him are just enjoying our mid life crises right here at Tmz. There is no cure for it btw, no medication, and no hope, unless the Skeptic knows how to turn back time.

970 days ago


heres a new twitter pic just taken..not looking so good
Jessica Sancho‏@_Jessx33Reply

· Open

Lindsey Lohan!!! Her face looks nasty tho.

View photo

970 days ago

Ghost Rider    

I remember when I worked as a manager at Spencers and I got to talking to this lady who was buying one of those messed up birthday cards for her Ex husbands birthday. She said that he had a mid life crises in his early to mid thirties, and divorced her for no good reason other than he started flipping out about the aging thing. I asked her if he ever got better, and she said no, but she still cared about him even though he started acting crazy and saying really messed up stuff all the time. The woman kinda looked like one of those dance moms RW was describing, so maybe he had good reason to start flipping out, idk...

970 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Maddy, BRW calls Smitty AL and that is where all of the AL characters have come from. He made them for her.

970 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Unfortunately, I think old Smitty bit off way more than he could chew when he bought that surfboard. He had to start working out just to be able to start swimming! Then he needed to work out some more to be able to get the board to the water. My guess, he's taking a sand nap at the bottom of the Pacific hoping to reunite with a few H8Tars soon......

970 days ago
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