Bruno Mars Prosecutor You're a Disgrace, Go to Jail

2/28/2012 3:05 AM PST

The cracked out Las Vegas District Attorney who prosecuted Bruno Mars and Paris Hilton for cocaine just got 9 months in jail and a public ASS-CHEWING from the judge in his own drug case.

Former Deputy District Attorney David Schubert struck a plea deal with prosecutors after cops say they found $40 worth of crack cocaine and an unregistered pistol in his car last March.

As Schubert hung his head in shame, the judge dished out the 9 month jail sentence ... and then trashed him as a "disgrace to his oath as a prosecutor and a lawyer."

Ironically, neither Hilton nor Mars got one single day in jail in their Vegas cocaine cases.

Schubert has until March 12 to turn himself in so he can begin his sentence.