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Driver's License SUSPENDED

2/28/2012 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0227_octomom_EX_01Someone has finally suspended Octomom's license to do something -- but unfortunately it isn't her license to procreate ... it's just her license to drive.

Octo got a ticket for driving the wrong way down a one-way street in Beverly Hills last September. She was supposed to either appear in court or pay the ticket by December 20, but she missed her court date ... resulting in her license getting suspended.

Now how will Nadya commute back and forth to her ... job?


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To the uninformed person who stated what person would want to have 8 children and the doctor is responsible?

Public reaction turned negative when it was discovered that the single mother already had six other young children and was unemployed and on public assistance programs. source wikipedia

She had 6 kids prior to being implanted and still went ahead knowing she could have multiple births. Does this sound like a sane person? the doctor didn't trick her she knew full well the risks and selfishly did it anyways. How was the doctor supposed to know how many kids she had total and if she could provide for them in the case of multiple births. shifting blame like OMG greedy doctor is retarded instead of blaming the moron who knew the risks and did so anyways

976 days ago


Yeah pass off blame to the doctor. It's not his responsibility to screen every wack job that comes in; no more than its realistic to expect the bartender to guess if someones sober or too drunk to drink. How was he supposed to know she didn't have a job or husband.

He did tell her the risks and she went ahead anyway! So shifting blame to the doctor and pretending she was fooled or didn't know is escapist mentality. She knew and the doctor legally told her the risks. She should stop playing dumb and naive she's an adult and knew the risks but went ahead anyways. Everyone knows when you implant that many the chances of having multiple births is greatly increased. Don't blame the doctor for her stupidity and selfishness.

Sucks because he got punished for her foolhearty insistence on getting the procedure done even knowing the risks.

976 days ago


oy. this woman has so many things wrong w her, its unreal. this should be the first case where childbearing is a criminal offense. the woman had NO money to begin with, and then she deliberately got preg w several children, and she wants more?! at what point does the govt get involved? i realized that this is not a fascist country. i'm grateful. but, honestly - if i had the type of disorder that endangered the lives of children, i'd be grateful if the government intervened. you can't drive a car until you're 17 (although i started when i was 3), you can't drink until u're 21, but, as SOON as u can start poppin put pups, you go right ahead! meh, i really dont know what the could do about something like that...but, i wish that there was SOMETHING that could be done.

976 days ago


Its a weird cycle of pity and loathing whereas one minute you feel sorry for her kids and the next minute you feel anger at her since she PURPOSELY did it to herself and her stupid judgement affected those poor kids and she too selfish to see the damage shes doing to them by trying to keep them.

Jesus says forgive mistakes but its not like she didn't purposely implant herself knowing full well she doesn't have a job or anyone to help support that liter. Really hard to forgive someone who's selfishness not only affected her but those poor kids. She's not even trying to redeem her monumental stupidity by i dunno giving them to a family who could actually properly take care of them.

Her also spending the money people selfishly give to HER KIDS on herself doesn't exactly make the sympathy meter ring high. She's on a slope going down and should just give those kids up already since its obvious she has no job and or education or no means to support them and people's patience with this broad are running real low. Heartless yeah maybe? But isn't she being heartless by bringing those amount of kids into the world knowing full well she can't support them?

She will probably say she's in beverly hills for her supposed work of being on talkshows,etc.

976 days ago


How can Octo mom afford anything in Beverly Hills, even 1 pr. of underwear!! why was she there?? Btw, I thought her house just got foreclosed on.Perhaps she was doing door-to-door begging..

976 days ago

There's a problem here    

Her face is staight up out of a nightmare. Considering that she "conceived" all of her offspring mechanically I think not only does she have some seriously serious issues, she is also seriously twisted some way. Run for your life with this one.

976 days ago


To the uninformed regarding Nadya not knowing about the embryo's. Please read the transcript from the court hearing. It was proved that there were 12 FRESH embryos implanted, and Nadya was well aware of this. She signed paperwork stating this. She also had to know they were fresh embryos because the preperation for harvesting fresh embryo's is different than using frozen embryos. She still has all 29 of her frozen embryos...which she is well aware of.

976 days ago


LOL It's like beating a dead horse. Dr. Kamrava is not a saint in this. It's because of Dr. K that Nadya had six kids before the eight. In fact, he help Nadya conceive all 14 kids so he knew she had six other kids and no known father for them, he also knew she was unemployed but was getting the money from somewhere, where? He didn't care just so long as his pocket got fat, he gave Nadya what she wanted... and remember after all was said and done, Dr. K ass was on the line, not Nadya. So it's natural to consider he would falsify doc-u-ments to save his own career. I know this may cut some of you like a knife, but technically Nadya did nothing wrong other then implant all her eggs at once (regardless of fresh/frozen) to avoid stores fees, bad judgment, bad mistake on her part but it's not a crime and um what's done is done. The kids are here now, she's not on any form of state or federal programs so not a cent is coming from taxpayers to support her kids as of date. So get over it! Who cares anymore beside the few that are stuck on this board full of hate and complaining about something that happened 3 long years ago on how the kids were conceived? LOL Nadya nor Dr. mad science Kamrava knew how many babies would grow or survive for that matter. It happened, it's done, it's over and the ending result--Dr. K loses his license to practice medicine and Nadya is stuck struggling to raise and support the large family she always wanted and love now have. End of story!

976 days ago


Regardless of how a child(ren) is conceived, it takes two people to create another life. In this case, it was Octoscrub and Kamrava that concocted this grand scheme that ended up back firing for the pair. Who ends up paying for this shenan*gans?

1) Both CA state and Federal taxpayers
2) Kamrava lost his career (haha)
3) And the so-called caregiver (her words, not mine!) of the 14 IVF victims

I LOL'd hard when @TeamArsehole claims that Natalie "did nothing wrong" and then procedes to list off the many things that she did wrong. "...Other than implant all her eggs at once (regardless of fresh/frozen) to avoid stores [sic] fees, bad judgment, bad mistake on her part..." And then concludes her argument with the ever boring reiteration of "...and um what's done is done. The kids are here now."

Natalie IS collecting some form of Government assistance. And she will continue to collect as long as she continues to refuse to find employment to become self rsufficient and support her children and not rely so much on handouts from gullible people. It will never happen. She has proven to all of us exactly what she wants in life no matter how much she has denied it so. And that is to be some sort of "celebrity".

97% of her life has been spent being supported by someone else. She will continue to expect others to support her for the rest of her life, draining them of their own finances and emotional and mental well being. She has 14 victims to look forward to helping her live the life she will never be able to attain unless of course these sad children decide to bandy together and overthrow their dictator in a solidarity mutiny and leave her defenceless and alone to support herself.

She has not a single likable quality within her. Nor does she have a single talent nor life/work skills to use towards gaining employment. Who will hire someone whom only has worked a bit over 2 years of their entire adult life? Natalie hasn't had a proper job since 1999. No way will a prospective employer (even at a fast food establishment) will ever consider hiring someone who has been unemployed for 13 years with zero skills to bring. When all of her financial venues dry up completely within the next year or two, she will DEFINITELY be 100% on State and Federal assistance for the rest of HER life.

I have nothing but apathy for anyone whom deliberately calculated to bring financial hardship for herself and her children.

I have a hard time reconciling with the idea of any sympathy for someone who continues to LIE-TELL week after week and at every interview she has given. It makes it that much easier to ridicule her and she deserves every ounce of derision, disdain and animosity.

976 days ago


TeemingNematodes never answers me. Too much logic paralyzes her little brainwashed brain cell. She called Nutjob a "good person". Every good person that I know recklessly endangered eight babies so their mother could be rich and famous. Reckless endangerment is a crime by the way. What mother does that to her own children. Then she wants some sort of credit because they are supposedly advanced (they are clearly behind in development) despite the condition she put them in. It's because of her that they were born at super low weights with their entire life endangered. She meant for it to happen. Most mothers are avoiding coffee,aspirin, and alcohol for their babies to grow safely. Nadya Suleman purposely and intentionally recklessly endangered eight babies at once just so she could profit from their misfortunate condition of being her children. Sick, twisted, evil woman. Shame on you for defending her. If she is a "good person" in your brain cell, what is an "evil person"? In any case I thank you for standing up for her and her evilness, because every time you do I will stand up for the children with the truth.

976 days ago


LOL yeah, yeah, yeah... but the thing I can't get pass is no criminal charges were ever filed against Nadya Suleman for giving birth to octuplets. She won every family court case and law suits brought against her and she still ended up with all 14 of her kids she love and wanted. IT'S BEEN THREE YEARS and she hasn't off herself or any of her youngum's, she still in this fight for survival right along with her kids every step of the way. She's dirt poor and struggling to make ends meat in spite of her so called "Fame and money" that you morons claimed without proof she was after in giving birth to these high multiples.

Now if having babies in America when you can't afford them or not married is a crime, tell me... where would they house all you mother's stuck on here bitching about Nadya and what would become of the dead beat and MIA father's, hun?

Again, I don't condone what Nadya and Dr. Quack has done, but after all is said and done... all is well with me and God obviously. Nadya having six kids and being on food stamps and disability is not a crime nor did it break this country. Y'all must be out of your damn minds to blame Nadya for America economy being in the toilet. I say blame your govt after all she wouldn't have gotten or spent a cent if wasn't for them. HA! Now that's one to grow on...

975 days ago


Edward: 6 hours ago

First of all Edwardthefool! You don't give a **** about Nadya kids so stop pretending you do. None of you haters do... If you care you wouldn't be spreading your lies and hate on the internet about their mother for them to one day read. You think Nadya kids are stupid, slow and don't know what's going on? Think again, her kids are very smart and well educated for their ages. One need only watch her Ustream videos on You tube to see this. And you don't know if her kids are behind in development, that's more of your unproven BS I say...

Secondly, What is this BS?---> "Every good person that I know recklessly endangered eight babies so their mother could be rich and famous. Reckless endangerment is a crime by the way. I can't believe you said this. LOL *******, please by all means explain to us all why Nadya isn't in jail? Nadya loves her kids and your hate and lies can't take that away or having you figure that out yet? Don't you get it, having 14 kids isn't about money or fame, she doesn't have either and she's still with her kids. Nadya love for her kids runs deeper then that, it was to strong for Gloria Allred, AIW, Carol Leiberman, Judge Judy, Bill O'Reilly and even for jealous haters, like you. She'll beat you ever time, why? Girl got ANGELS or something strong and powerful sent from heaven watching over her and her kids. Oh don't you get it Edward, your arms is to short to box with God! So you can sit here and spread your hate and dislikes about Suleman until you are blue in the face, and I will defend Nadya as long as she is in this fight. Why? Oh you're going to love this one... BECAUSE SHE'S FRICKING HUMAN and human make mistakes and the part I like about Nadya is she's not running away from hers. Brave woman, agree?! ;)

Endangerment? Please, Nadya kids are healthy, strong and striving every day. She feeds them healthy food, keeping a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs and showing them nothing but LOVE every day of their young lives. Their not abused, neglected, mistreated, abandon, starve and they sure as hell not in any life threatening danger. She's a good mother to her kids and that's not just me saying that, that's a judge in family court as well as CPS saying so, gonna argue with those logics?

975 days ago


Combichrist are you perfect? Ever made bad decisions, mistakes in your life you regretted? if so, be glad it never leaked or went nationwide for the world to read/know about. Unfortunatedly, not the case for Nadya Suleman who made bad choices implanting all her eggs at once, something she totally regrets and had apologized to the public for repeatedly. I don't know what y'all want her to do, she can't send the kids back to where they came from and refused to give up her rights to her own children just because it's what haters wants. Knowing what she knows now but didn't back then, her choices might have been different. However, that's over and done with-- Nadya doesn't regret giving her octuplets a fighting chance at life, she's pro-life and wasn't about to kill not one unborn child growing inside of her at that time either, don't you get that? She do regret the choices she made in the past but she do not regret having giving life to her precious children. She loves them, without them she's nothing. They are her world, her life and she would fight tooth and nails to keep them until God calls them home. It's just a case of a mother undying selfish love for her offsprings. :) So don't judge Nadya unless you walked a mile in her shoes which you can't, so you have no idea... BTW Nadya said she's not on any form of Govt State or Federal programs that's supporting her kids, even Harvey apologized to her on the phone for accusing her of that and admitted to the fact she haven't been on them for 2-1/2yrs. Do you have some proof Harvey/Nadya's lying? By all means, prove Nadya wrong or shut up. Far as I know, Nadya is not accepting handouts from anybody, every honest cent she earned came from doing various and odd jobs in the media here and there which includes boxing etc. She works for her money and every cent goes to the raising and supporting of her family. She's a mother first! I'm proud she's 3 yrs in, seriously raising 14 kids alone without a father in the picture isn't easy. I know I couldn't have done it, could you? She's has the strength and love of 4 parents raising 14 kids. Amazing!

Oh and Combichrist, you are even a bigger azz-hole then you accuse me of being just because I see good in Suleman. Get rid of the HATE, it's making you miserable. Trust me!

975 days ago


TeamNadya: 16 minutes ago
No, that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying there were and still is gov't programs out there that helped low income or poor families until they are able to get back on their feet. As an American, Nadya took full advantage of those programs as she had every right to keep her children from going hungry and being homeless. That is not a crime, realist.

No, perhaps not a crime, but to the extent that she "took advantage" (your words) it's still called "gaming the system".


Having one more child shouldn't have been an option even Nadya agree to that now, seeing how she was already destitute. Being pro-life, it's understandable how she would want to save her unborn child(rens) that are now her octuplets.

You are forgetting something here. In January 2008, 8 fresh embryos were implanted, none survived. So in July, 2008, she has 12 fresh embryos implanted. Does it not penetrate your defense mechanism that this was something she "planned" to do, TWICE? Once is a mistake, but not TWICE.

975 days ago


Please everyone...get it through your head, she did not SAVE anything. She had FRESH embryos implanted. Read the court do***ents. It's right there for everyone to see. Nadya SIGNED the paperwork that states it, and besides that, she knew it because they had to be harvested first!

She STILL to this day has 29 frozen embryos that she is paying for in storage. She didn't save anything. There is no pro-life choices here that she made. If she were so pro-life, then there's a chance for her to have 29 more babies! LOL!!!!

975 days ago
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