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Subway Vigilante Bernie Goetz

Back on His Feet

2/28/2012 2:00 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Bernhard GoetzInfamously known as the NYC subway vigilante after shooting four men who tried to mug him back in 1984, Bernhard Goetz was spotted walking the streets of Manhattan armed with only a bag of groceries this weekend.

Goetz was eventually found guilty of criminal possession of a weapon and served eight months in jail.

While he did run for mayor of NYC in 2001 and even appeared in a few small films, the 64-year-old currently owns a store called Vigilante Electronics.

Fun fact: Goetz is mentioned in Billy Joel's hit song "We Didn't Start the Fire."



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I remember reading all about Goetz's story on Wikipedia. A fascinating read.

971 days ago


Bernie Goetz will always be a hero for standing up to those ghetto s***. They proved, by constantly committing crimes, that they should have never walked this earth. I always felt bad for Mr. Goetz.

971 days ago


So then we are all cool with kids shooting those who are to get them too or is that only something we agree to let adults do?

971 days ago


A typical NY POS!

971 days ago

Jay W.     

VIVA Bernhard ! !

971 days ago


I lived and worked in New York when this occurred, and this guy was a HERO! This was pre-OJ, and people were divided based on race. A white jury in the criminal trial found him not guilty of all of the serious charges (attempted murder), and found him guilty of illegal firearms possession. Then a black and hispanic jury in the civil trial found him liable, and ordered a $43 million dollar judgment against him, siding with the "poor criminals"! Luckily, Goetz filed for bankruptcy, and hasn't paid a penny on the judgment!

971 days ago


I don't call him a hero, but simply a man who stood up to the s*** and abusers who pick on the weak. Granted what he did was sort of heroic, but I'll save tha title hero for the soldiers, firemen, paramedics and most police officers.

971 days ago


i dont understand how this is news even for TMZ the guy was let out of jail like 30 years ago

971 days ago

BB not bb    

Blacks love to tell the innocent looking whites to give them their money. You can yell back at them or ignore them or shoot them. That is the question, did they just ask for the money like they said, or ask in a threatening way? They usually do ask in a threatening way, but if you yell back or refuse, the question is what will they do next. Did he really have to open fire or for that matter realize that maybe he could have just told them to get lost.

That is why there is a question in my mind about the whole thing.

971 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Bernie Goetz is still my hero. He was assaulted, and he defended himself. End of story. May he live the rest of his life in peace.

971 days ago


I believe the "politically correct" sheeple feel that the criminals deserve a chance while throwing the individual without a criminal background who is protecting himself in jail. This guy had been approached, mugged and beaten by a group of thugs on the subway not long before this took place. Those punks had it coming to them...too bad they weren't all blown away..maybe then the victims they terrorized after this incident would not have suffered. But Bernie in jail..he's a danger to society...B.S.

971 days ago


I wonder if the camerman had the guts to ask him for 5 bucks...

971 days ago


Generally, and that's very important if YOU were involved, NO ONE would come to your aid if a bunch of thugs started in with you. You'd be all on your own. That's how it was back then.

971 days ago


I'm proud of him

971 days ago


True American Hero

971 days ago
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