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Subway Vigilante Bernie Goetz

Back on His Feet

2/28/2012 2:00 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Bernhard GoetzInfamously known as the NYC subway vigilante after shooting four men who tried to mug him back in 1984, Bernhard Goetz was spotted walking the streets of Manhattan armed with only a bag of groceries this weekend.

Goetz was eventually found guilty of criminal possession of a weapon and served eight months in jail.

While he did run for mayor of NYC in 2001 and even appeared in a few small films, the 64-year-old currently owns a store called Vigilante Electronics.

Fun fact: Goetz is mentioned in Billy Joel's hit song "We Didn't Start the Fire."



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The Neko Nation    

The man is a true American and a hero. The only thing he did was rid the world of some piece of garbage ghetto criminals.

906 days ago

The Neko Nation    

The man is a true American and a hero. The only thing he did was rid the world of some piece of garbage ghetto criminals.

906 days ago


His name was also mentioned by the Beastie Boys!

906 days ago

BB not bb    

@ 37, R, it still is that way. No one in NYC cares what happends to anyone else. It is like a bunch of rats in a maze. The thing is, they all have to live together. If they all start randomly shooting each other, it will be mass chaos. Many people have had blacks demand money from them but handled it differently. I don't know that shooting them was the only way out of this.

If you are armed, you are supposed to give the suspects a chance to stop what they are doing. Did that happen here?

906 days ago

Tom Merritt    

Bernard Goetz - American Hero. We love you Bernie!

906 days ago


It's too bad some people cannot express their opinions without using such foul language. I mean really, do you speak like that to your parents, family, and co-workers. Just because the web gives you anonymity doesn’t mean you have to act like a fool. Be an adult for goodness sake. Be coherent and get point your across without being a foul-mouth heathen.

906 days ago


I'm not convinced it's him.

906 days ago


pretty lame article, if i do say so myself.

906 days ago


So, he went to jail for defending himself what a great legal system

906 days ago


EVERYBODY is mentioned in "We Didn't Start The Fire". Bad final line. Might as well say he's left handed. Quicker and only slightly more interesting.

906 days ago

There's a problem here    

The guy is a hero.

906 days ago

BB not bb    

@ 48, SIMFF, you tell a strange tale. This happened in NYC? Is it in a paper? I find your story very strange. For one thing, the waitress was maybe teasing or flirting with you but you called her a very dirty disrespectful name. Then you went on to seriously injure three people. I think you went over the top. You got away with it because of your connections but someone else wouldn't have.

If you are some great looking guy, what do you care about some silly remark from a waitress? Why did you have to beat up so many people after that? Do you think you might have a superiority complex? Can't even take a little joke from a little girl? What kind of tough guy are you anyway?

906 days ago


I once asked him for 10 dollars and he blew my kneecap off with his .45

906 days ago

BB not bb    

@50 SIMFF, yes I can imagine the situation but not your reaction and then getting away with it. That is a bit much. Yeah people do get in fights in bars, maybe in Applebee's even, but still, you would think people would be more mature than that.

If you listened to distastefull talk for 40 minutes, then you must have been participating in it. You could have just ignored them or moved your seat. Why you would argue with people you don't like for that long over next to nothing really makes no sense.

Also, I wasn't aware that they even had an Applebee's in Brooklyn. I think that is more of a nationwide commericialized chain than a local bar. Also, people say all kinds of provactive things in bars. If someone says your outfit looks gay, then what are you going to do, just start major fights all the time? You could have just said thanks for your input and ignored it. You chose to escalate it.

905 days ago


The pic from 87 looks like Ryan seacrest. Doppelgänger

905 days ago
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