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Davy Jones

The 911 Call

2/29/2012 3:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call placed moments after Davy Jones suffered an apparent heart attack and subsequently died.

You hear a frantic woman on the line -- presumably the ranch hand -- saying that they are getting Davy in a truck and driving to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead a short time later.

It's apparent from the call, Davy was in terrible shape when the woman phoned the 911 dispatcher.

Judging from the tape, it appears Davy may have been alive and died in the emergency room at the hospital.


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For God's sake, tmz, lay off the 911 tapes. I didn't listen and don't want to. Give people a little privacy. I'll be glad if and when they pass a law stopping this crap. The public doesn't need to know every frickin' thing.

969 days ago


Tell us again TMZ how you passed on the whitney houston death photo. You're such a classy ethical news site.

969 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

The Lilo H8rs & MJ lovers were too dumb too participate in Occupy Wall Street, so they decided to band together and bless us with their utter stupidity!!!

969 days ago


Terrible picture for your terrible headline. Why not run a music video of them instead of this?

969 days ago

the real diva    

so sad. may davy rest in peace. my condolences to his family and friends.

969 days ago


Come on, TMZ. Was it getting late in the afternoon and you just wanted to go home? While posting 911 calls are bad enough, this one was not "the 911 call". The first 19 seconds is the ranch-hand (I presume) talking about getting him to the hospital. The rest of the tape (the majority) is a call initiated by the Medical Examiner's office of the hospital calling the Sheriff's Office to report "an expiration" i.e. death, as required by law. Presumably of the aforementioned. If you're going to play the game, at least try to get some of the facts straight.

969 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

People, I'm a Chicago 911 dispatcher, and this is why you call 911 right away..they have the ability to start administering life saving techniques immediately and on the way, where when you drive yourself or someone else drives, you lose vary valuable and irreplaceable time. :( R I P

969 days ago


wow, can't stop thinking about being a 10 year old girl in 1965, mooning over Davey Jones. Me and my little friends had a fan club and saved our pennies to buy teen magazines with him on the front cover. He was as big a teen idol as Justin Bieber is now. And the Monkee's show was the beginning of an entire industry of music vidio's. I was shocked when they showed a photo of the very humble house he lived in and can't help but wonder if he made any money at all while he was a pre-fab Monkee. Love goes out to his daughters, wife and family. The world lost a true icon in Davey Jones of the Monkees.

969 days ago


Florida, the place your Govenour made his millions, yet people are starving, homeless, & hungry.
Yet he wants to drug test welfare recipients, Medicare ,eldery & Medicade people, who have NO OTHER OPTION.And lack of response to Davy,although sad,will be your norm.....
Wake up you *******s.

969 days ago


Of All Websites,no one bitched about Davy.
Just goes to show you,Good people DO FINISH LAST!.
RIP Mr.Jones,I'm sorry you didn't realize(& actually know) how loved you were.

969 days ago


"Harvey Levin: The 911 call!" Hope it never happens but if it does I'm sure your family will be happy to post it here for the entertainment of your public.

969 days ago


TMZ has just lost all my respect. This idiotic post from them is nothing short of media bull****.

969 days ago


R.I.P David Jones, I'll miss you I'll never for get when i was 9 yrs old and called you, and you wished me a Happy Birthday thanks sonia

969 days ago


How many people, not just celebs, will avoid using 911 when they should, for fear of having their call broadcast - for what amounts to entertainment?
Please TMZ rethink your policy on this. Your staffers are public figures, and they could be involved in a situation in which their lives are potentially at risk.
What would you do Harvey, if you were spending time in a celebrity friend's pad and they collapsed? You go to phone 911, and with their last breath they insist "don't phone 911, it'll end up on TMZ".

969 days ago


I have no interest in listening to these 911 calls that TMZ insist on publishing.

Some people clearly do listen to them otherwise i'm sure TMZ wouldn't bother uploading them, but i can't understand why anyone would want to hear people making frantic emergency calls during a celebrity's last moments.

Come on TMZ, stop these 911 calls. I'm sure no one would really complain if you did.

RIP Davey.

969 days ago
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