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Michael Jackson's Kid

They FAKED My Dad's Voice

on 'Michael' Album

2/29/2012 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's daughter Paris made a bombshell announcement to friends ... telling them the MJ album released in the wake of the singer's death did NOT contain MJ's actual voice ... it was an imposter.

TMZ has learned ... the announcement was made during an online video chat with several friends in 2010 ... just before the "Michael" album was released, which contains several previously unreleased tracks allegedly performed by Michael Jackson. 

The video chat was recorded ... and Paris joked about the footage eventually "leaking" to the Internet.

Paris had made the announcement in the midst of rumors that MJ's parts on the "Michael" album were REALLY performed by an MJ sound-alike named Jason Malachi ... but both Jason and Sony denied the allegations.

During the video chat, Paris played one of the songs from the album, "Hold My Hand" ... and one of her friends asks why the singer doesn't sound like MJ. 

Paris replied, "It's NOT him ... the whole album isn't even him!! Go online ... go on YouTube and look up Jason Malachi. That's him!!"

She continues, "I should know if it's him or not because he would sing to me all the time."

TMZ has learned a recording of Paris' video message is being shopped to various media outlets ... and we're told "Offers are on the table."



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I Was About To Say...: 8 hours ago
This bullschit that it was jason malachi got started by fans, and now, every mj album that comes out they will say it's faked. All because Katherine made that rediculous statement
I don't believe Jason Malachi sang on that album "Michael" because he is not that good of a singer. 'Hold my hand' and 'Best of Joy' and 'Behind the mask' and 'I like the way you love me' are my favorite songs on that album.

912 days ago


Jim: 6 hours ago
I wonder what kind of shape MJs body is in right now?
After he died MJ grew a pair of large wings on his back. He looks like an angel.

912 days ago


Paris Jackson is so naive. She does not know what she is talking about. She believes everything she hears people say about her father. Of course 'Hold my hand' is sang by MJ and Akon. That little girl needs to worry about doing her homeworks and she should spend less time online chatting with creepy strangers about her late father. All the songs on the album "Michael" were recorded by MJ.

912 days ago

who cares    

Sounds like a lawsuit to me selling a album as MJ singing it when it isn't him is called fraud. Much like these so called singers now days that can't sing but in a recording studio. So they go out and dance while lip syncing which I consider it to be a fraud to. It should be made clear if a singer is lip syncing or not before tickets go on sale. JUst as if it weren't MJ singing then it should have been clearly marked on the CD.

912 days ago


It is absolutely mind blowing that everyone is focused on whether or not the tracks were fake and if they were, which ones. HELLO!!! A teenage that is allegedly a "friend" of Paris sold TMZ this story and shopping around a video chat. Doesn't this bother anyone???????? If MJ was alive, paris would most definitely wouldn't be on twitter. Her so-called guardian is a total failure. Paris gets bullied every day. Couple of days ago, we had to report to twitter a user who asked her if she had sex with her father. He wrote "I'm rape you with a knife". No matter how strong she may be, she is just a kid. Paris seem to reveal too much of her private life online--as it is--now we hear, she carelessly video-chats and it's being shopped around the tabloids!!! This is a recipe for disaster! I wonder what other video chats with various contents will be shooped around in the future? What these children need a sensible guardian--not a senile mummy!!!!!! Paris is surrounded by vultures.

912 days ago


all of you who have been brainwashed by the media, may GOD bless you and keep you. if you ever want forgiveness for judging others, for casting the first stone, for acting like you are pure or that you saw something with your own eyes GOD wont hesitate to forgive you. and mj has already forgiven you. as much as i love GOD i'am the one who is having a problem with it. so all of you easily brainwashed , pure, without sin children of GOD. continue your reighn of judgement and terror until GOD has to let you know, ENOUGH ALREADY!! and believe me you dont want that!!! as millions do, I LOVE YOU MICHAEL, GOD bless you my friend.

912 days ago


This is abhorrent. Paris Jackson is A KID. Nothing she said should be for sale, is she a commodity already? And TMZ - it's below low to open up for attacks on a child like the ones we are seeing on this board. Be responsible for once and take this down. You should be sued for the insults hurled at a young girl on your website. Shame on you.

912 days ago


Paris is a beautiful young lady!

912 days ago


Thank you TMZ, thank you for another beautiful picture of MJ!
God bless!

912 days ago


I agree with the poster with the nic MICHAELJackson.

These children have been exposed way to much with little or no supervision. Although Paris does seem to have a very smart head on her young shoulders, she still needs guidance and protection from the sickos of the world.

Now as far as the tracks on the album, it is not true that the whole album was sung by an imposter, although there are 3 that I found to be questionable.

912 days ago


Snooki is so hot too. If MJ were still alive, he and snooki should have a baby. It would be the hottest baby ever!

Mimi, you are funny when you are serious!

912 days ago


uh oh..her grandma and grand dad wont like this.she will be punished by the money grubbers

912 days ago


music industry sells an album claiming it is MJ ripping you off it is perfectly fine..but dl the album and let them find out.they will **** bricks wanting you in jail for ripping them off.double standards

912 days ago


Why not a fake album? He was a FAKE FATHER. Those kids are not his. Their whole existence is a fake. Sperm donors, white men of course, and egg donors, white women, of course were bought and paid for, to create these kids in a lab. They will never know their mother or their real father. How fake is that??? Maybe Blanket will be able to find out who his real father, as he looks just like Marlon Brando's son, Miko, who was Jacko's best friend. So I guess he borrowed a cup of sperm. What are friends for???

912 days ago
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