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Michael Jackson's Kid

They FAKED My Dad's Voice

on 'Michael' Album

2/29/2012 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's daughter Paris made a bombshell announcement to friends ... telling them the MJ album released in the wake of the singer's death did NOT contain MJ's actual voice ... it was an imposter.

TMZ has learned ... the announcement was made during an online video chat with several friends in 2010 ... just before the "Michael" album was released, which contains several previously unreleased tracks allegedly performed by Michael Jackson. 

The video chat was recorded ... and Paris joked about the footage eventually "leaking" to the Internet.

Paris had made the announcement in the midst of rumors that MJ's parts on the "Michael" album were REALLY performed by an MJ sound-alike named Jason Malachi ... but both Jason and Sony denied the allegations.

During the video chat, Paris played one of the songs from the album, "Hold My Hand" ... and one of her friends asks why the singer doesn't sound like MJ. 

Paris replied, "It's NOT him ... the whole album isn't even him!! Go online ... go on YouTube and look up Jason Malachi. That's him!!"

She continues, "I should know if it's him or not because he would sing to me all the time."

TMZ has learned a recording of Paris' video message is being shopped to various media outlets ... and we're told "Offers are on the table."



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Paris Jackson Dismisses Album Impostor Story


Michael Jackson's daughter Paris has addressed reports suggesting a mimic was drafted in to sing tracks on her father's posthumous album, Michael, urging fans not to believe what they read in the media. reported Paris had told a friend the album was recorded by an impostor during an alleged video chat recorded in 2010 - a year after the King of Pop's untimely death.

The website reportedly obtained a clip from the chat, in which Paris played the song Hold My Hand and when asked by her friend why the tune doesn't sound like her father, she revealed, "It's not him... the whole album isn't even him!! Go online... go on YouTube and look up Jason Malachi. That's him!! I should know if it's him (Jackson) or not because he would sing to me all the time."

However, Paris took to on Wednesday to set the record straight and dismiss the story.

She wrote, "People should know by now not to believe the media when it comes down to Tmz talking about my family. Hold My Had (sic) IS my dad actually singing."

965 days ago


OMG It's MJ on the album it does NOT need any confirmation nor belied just by no one.....

965 days ago

Michael's Guardian Angel    

This story is missing some very key information. After Paris tweeted about the TMZ story she was asked the following question by @StopSony: @parisjackson But "Monster," "Keep Your Head Up" and "Breaking News" are clearly not. And moments later Paris responded "yes" She admitted that she believes the three Cascio tracks that were included on the "Michael" album are fake and they ARE. You won't see her reply on Twitter now because unfortunately it has been deleted. Someone forced her to delete that tweet. Possibly Michael's estate or Sony. If you go to @StopSony's Twitter he posted several screen caps of her reply to his question and I assure you those are real because I saw her reply to his tweet before she deleted it.

965 days ago


Paris will be damned if she does, and damned if she doesn't. On one side you have the media biting at the bit just waiting for 1 of these kids to do something crazy so they can report on it, or just report on anything and everything anyways just cause. Nothing like stalking 3 kids. And than on the other side you have the people who are against the Michael album biting at the bit bc (allegedly) she has that video out there stating its not Michael and has now recanted it. She is in a no win situation.

We all know 1 thing for certain. These kids are out in the social network way, way too much. Especially Paris. She will probably most likely find out the hard way about the media/tabloids trash and the not so nice people.

965 days ago

Michael's Guardian Angel    

This is a MUST READ!! The TRUTH!!

965 days ago


TMZ full of crap....Paris put out a statement saying this story is not true. Another TMZ lie, and I'm sure they wont' re-track the story.

965 days ago


I insist, this is just the consequences of those kids spending too much time in those computers without supervision. Paris is only 13 years old. She's way too young to have the malice to recognize the kind of predators she can find in any blog. Or to see beyond a smile. Those kids have been through a lot already, and they will never get over the death of their father. They need professional help. Specially Paris.

965 days ago


Ban, ban, ban!

Let's ban that stupid duidumdum!!!!

So stupid, he ends up postimg on the wrong board!!!


964 days ago


In my opinion, Paris Jackson does not look anything like Michael Jackson........................until she smiles! Paris has that large "ear-to-ear" grin that Michael had. Her smile and even her teeth are shaped like Michael's right down to the slight overbite.

964 days ago


Paris was just plain stupid - like MJ is still relevant in the news? Did what she said cause a storm in a tea cup? It only have less than 250 comments, and how many rabid fans responded to this story?

you care enough to keep flappin your claptrap nonstop about Michael and his family. less than 250 comments because this story is old from a year ago. getchowazz up off the're the joke on this one!!!!

964 days ago


duilama: 7 hours ago

In my opinion, Paris Jackson does not look anything like Michael Jackson........................


You would have been right, if you stopped there. I might add though, Paris looks a lot like snooki, especially with that sprayed tan thing going on and the hair highlight. All she needed was a pair of big earrings and the poof!
Paris looks like Debbie Rowe, Latoya, & Joe whether she smiles or not..................tanning spray??? most likely the spray was given to her from her aunt Latoya since their skin tones are..............."EXACTLY ALIKE"!!!!

964 days ago


Big difference right, a year later, where did all the rabids gone?

the joke is on me? Noway, the joke is on all the rabid who has gone to vegas to see that stupid show. Because "a fool and his/her money will soon part". yeah, I saw your response regarding you are planning to go back. I didn't mean to ignore you, but I was laughing so hard after reading that, I had to rush to the bathroom!

"A fool and his money are soon parted" is a proverb found in the poem "Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry" by Thomas Tusser.
Yes, I will be in Vegas for Michael's next wave of premieres.....and yes you are an empty twisted headed bird brain..........whom by your very own "PUBLIC" acknowledgement suffers with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) apologies to the employees and makers of EXlax, Preparation-H,etc as well as the sufferers of gastrointestinal disorders.

964 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Just be thankful she (and the others) don't look like a petri dish and a turkey baster.

MJ must have been a riot when he went to make his "donation".
"Mr. Jackson we have a selection of movies and magazines....
"No thanks, I have my own."
"Really, we have anything a man may find...."
"No you don't."

963 days ago



963 days ago


Yes Paris does look just like her daddy(Michael) when she smiles! The paternity issue is so old, it's fact that Michael is their biological father like it or not!

963 days ago
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