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Why I Lied About My Pregnancy

2/29/2012 8:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Snooki was LYING FOR TWO when she denied pregnancy rumors earlier this month ... but sources tell TMZ the "Jersey Shore" star had a damn good reason -- she didn't want to jinx herself.

Sources close to the MTV star tell us ... Snooks WAS already pregnant when she went on Sirius/XM radio on Feb. 1st and told everyone she was OUTRAGED by the suggestion that she had preggo belly.

But we're told Snooki is taking the situation very seriously ... especially the taboo about revealing the pregnancy before the 3rd month.

Now, it seems Snooki has crossed the 3-month threshold ... and an official announcement could come any moment.



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Your Mother Fan    

Why post the most unflattering pics of this poor girl. She is going to be a great mom and I wish her all the best. Alittle guido or guidette - awwww I can't wait. Too cute

973 days ago


wheres the father??? oh, let me guess, in jail, at the bank, dying cause he slept with you, or feeding off of raccoons?

haha,why am i here? i have homework but ended up staring at the face that is snooki.

GOD help America. :)

973 days ago


Everyone bashing Snooki is stupid. So she drank and had fun. she was in her early 20's during all the jersey shore seasons. I don't hear anyone bashing 20-something year old college students who all go out and drink and party all the time. HELLO PEOPLE, Snooki WENT TO COLLEGE. to be a Veterinarian. She's educated and obviously has the money to take care of a child. She may act ditzy on the show for ratings, but truth is, she made something of her life before the show and now she's moving on with her life after the show. Grow up people and stop talking ****. You don't even ****ing know her. She's beyond in love with the guy. She's adorable and kind-hearted, she talks the least **** of everyone on the show and she'll be a fine mother. Let her live her life. There are far far far worse people out there in the world having children. P.S. to the people who say she does drugs, where the **** do you get off saying stupid **** like that...and for people saying her child will come out messed up, that's the most horrible thing you can say to or about someone. That's beyond ****ed up and all i can say to you people is Karma is a bitch. Peace out bitches.

973 days ago


People need to stop saying **** about her. She's pregnant! Being pregnant and bringing a baby into the world is an absolutely amazing thing and to all you people talking **** about her, just remember when it's you that's pregnant, KARMA IS A BITCH. You should never ever talk bad about or treat a pregnant women bad no matter how much you dislike them. I always grew up being told that you DO NOT under NO cir***stances talk bad about a pregnant women or her baby because it is bad luck on you and your baby when you are pregnant. Even if you hate someone, as soon as they are going to have a baby you should never say another bad word about them (not that you should ever say anything bad about someone to begin with, but especially not when they are pregnant). If you do then it's bad luck and you will have a hard pregnancy. Just saying, remember Karma when you're saying all the things you people are saying about her.....

973 days ago


Snooki, when they call you pint size, don't take it as a complement. They mean short, round, orange pumpkin. Far from petite. If you are hiding a pregnancy, you are as shallow as everyone thinks. What you going to do about all that partying? Hope it's not too late for defects.

973 days ago


uhgg ugliest thing ive seen in awhile JEEZUS (i think i need to sleep with the lights on)

973 days ago


she might be skank and everything else in the book but don't judge/talk about an innocent baby coming into this world. its not the baby's fault, he/she didn't ask for Snooki to be their mother. You people are ****ing sick

973 days ago


I guess im not understanding as to why people feel throwing the most negative comments out about her.. The only things that makes her different is because not only do the people in a small town know about her, but everyone in the World will know about this news.. So Judge her? Of course you will.. Shame on you.. If she is pregnant, let the woman be. A child can change people for the better, I always look at it ''things happen for a reason''.. It might just be a step for her to slow down the partying, and acting in her wild ways.. Never Judge a book by its cover.. Give it a rest.. She is a freaking single person who is young, and living Life to her fullest.. Like you didn't do the same.. I am not judging her, but I def know a thing or two about having a child, and having turning points in Life.. so Snooki, go ahead. Never be ashamed about your child, if you are pregnant. :))

973 days ago


yall are *******s !!! dont u know shes getting paid to act like that on tv and calling her a whore really im sure yall aint perfect.. Like omg grow up and learn how not to talk **** on someone u dont even know personaly... smh... god damn

973 days ago


to all you people talking bad about NICHOLE being pregnant ...your effing nutts. okay yeah she drank on the jshore show but now shes a soon to be mother.... what in ur dumb minds think she will be drinking while shes pregnant...u guys are unreal and need to shut ur mouths when it comes to a mother and baby. i was 17 when i had my daughter and now im 19 and she is very smart. you dont think i was partying before her? PEOPLE CHANGE WHEN THEY HAVE CHILDREN NO MATTER HOW OLD YOU ARE 16...20..25...37. so please stop nagging on her..theres no reason for it..GOODLUCK SNOOKI

973 days ago


Why is everyone being so mean about this? You wouldn't like for someone to say all this **** about you and your unborn child so why say it about someone else? I think she'll be a great mom and Jionni will be a great dad. Rude.

973 days ago

Kailey Perez    

At least Situation isn't the baby daddy. What a relief.

973 days ago


Why do people seriously waste their time commenting nasty things on stories about celebs? It makes you all look like freakin jealous haters. Don't be so mad at your own life to try and hurt others,cause honestly i don't think snooki gives a flying f*ck what you all think.

972 days ago


Wonder if it is the Situations???? EEEWwwweeeee

972 days ago


MTV is going to the crapper, too bad Snooki is too old for Teen Mom. Maybe she can make a spin off on that show too.

972 days ago
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